Saturday, November 08, 2008

Skinny Blogworld Saturday

Northern Downpour - Panic At The Disco

Your skin, the sight, taste, smell and texture of it - I miss it and the rest of you, oh so much, from and in all directions. Oh, you have no idea just how much I miss it. The mere memory of your aroma intoxicates me. W.H. Auden said it best in one of his poems, and his words ring true - at least for me. As do some of this song's lyrics. This song reminds me of you. So many things remind me of you. You're always in my thoughts.

Auden wrote great poetry, poetry that crunches my heart, soul and mind and leaves them raw and bleeding sometimes. But he didn't know crap about Blogworld Saturday. Here are just a few of the noteworthy posts and blogs I've enjoyed recently. I hope they make you think and/or smile, too.

World Blog Council. If you want a pithy appraisal of your blog, then go on over to the World Blog Council and mark your place in the review queue. The venerable Colonel and his cohorts (forgive them, they're British - though they have a so-called German contributor) can be crazy confusing. Rest assured you'll get an accurate (?) and fun (!) appraisal of your blog, if you discard the non sequitur part of the review. Their appraisal of this blog is in there somewhere.

Teaching . I paid tribute to earnest teachers in one of my earlier posts, and this post written by Aunty Helpful Dictator makes me wish I was under her tutelage when I was still in school. Aunty (no relation, smartasses, that's what she calls herself) lives in Ireland. Her post expresses the passion and enjoyment she derives from teaching. Aunty, the world needs more of your kind.

Dear Parents. The 2008 US elections spawned quite a few thought-provoking posts all over blogworld. But regardless of political belief, one thing all parents share, I believe, is the desire to raise their children to become decent and kind adults. Kanani mentions kindness and civility in this awesome post; something that we all need to learn more about and practice on a daily basis.

Miss Earth Swimsuit Shoots in Palawan, Philippines. Gerald featured beautiful bikini-clad babes from all over the world, in one of the reputedly most beautiful places on Earth - found here in my home country. And that is Palawan, which I hope to be visiting soon. Yay! OK, I'll shut up now. Go look at the beautiful women representing their countries, and drool. Just come back here and give me a hug and kiss, though I'm nowhere near as gorgeous as they are and can't fill a bikini the way they do. OK?

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You're up early. Great post, I especially agree with your thoughts of the US election and how as parents it is all about our kids. Happy Weekend!!!

Photo Cache said...

I'm with bud, you're up early. It's still friday and i have two more boring hours to go before i clock out. You should have written a kilometric post so I can fill those two hours :)

Happy weekend.

Travis said...

There were so many great posts this week. It was just one of those weeks where there was so much to discuss.

The Colonel said...

Although we welcome publicity here at the WBC, inference that being British requires an apology is teetering on contradiction of regulation 46F(see subsection D paragraph 17).
Consider this a formal warning before your own approval is sent for review.
The Colonel.

Terra Shield said...

Quite an interesting week we've had. Have a great (or what's left of it, anyway) weekend :)

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I've been having a surreal day today, and this is adding to it. And its not over yet!

Lizza said...

Bud: Thanks, Bud. Hope you're having a blast.

Photo: I hope those two hours went by quickly!

Travis: Blogworld was especially lively this week because of the elections there.

Colonel: I have a predilection for teetering. Rest assured, I think the Brits are the bees' knees (is that an appropriate expression?) - I have a few lovely online buddies, like Penfold and DaddyPapersurfer. :-D

Terra: A most interesting week, indeed. Hope you're having a good weekend yourself.

Aunty: Ooooo, can't wait to hear about your surreal day! I hope it's surreal in a good way.

nursemyra said...

I love your blogworld saturday lizza! also love panic in the disco but my speakers are playing up and I can't hear the song today.

enjoy your weekend darlin'

Lizza said...

Thanks, gorgeous! Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sidney said...

Seems you are madly in love...

Where is Miss Philippines? All those girls looks pretty to me!

Lizza said...

I'm just mad, period. :-D

Click on the picture to enlarge, Sidney. You can see Miss Philippines better. And yes, they're all pretty. But of course my favorite is mine own countrywoman.