Monday, October 13, 2008

Manic Monday: Moon

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Come to my window
Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon
Come to my window
I'll be home soon

Sometimes, or more often than not recently, I feel like a part of me isn't where it should be. There's this restlessness, this feeling of discontent, of disconnection. I know I have many things to be thankful for: I and my kids are hale and hearty, there's a roof over my head, I can have beer and fried chicken whenever I want, my friends have my back. Still, I can't help feeling something's missing. And for me, it sometimes feels like a godawful waiting game.

Keeping my eyes open
I cannot afford to sleep
Giving away promises
I know that I can't keep
Nothing fills the blackness
That has seeped into my chest
I need you in my blood
I am forsaking all the rest
Just to reach you
Just to reach you
Ohhhh, to reach you...

The things we do to reach out for what we want, other people would laugh themselves silly. But, are we reaching out for the right things for us? Not content to wait, we do things at our own initiative. If the forces of the universe are receptive, then things are hunky dory. But if the idea (or person we're reaching out to) bombs - or worse - is indifferent or shown indifference to, then we're left with a deep and lonely pain that not even the most comforting and ethereally lovely moonlight can assuage. And we know just how breathtakingly beautiful moonlight can be, especially when it twinkles and sparkles on an ocean so deeply blue it looks almost inky black, on a cloudless night and with the sea breeze gently caressing your face.

Can you tell I'm longing to scrunch my toes in powdery white sand on the beach again? Will I find myself there? I don't know. What I do know is that I do so love the beach...even if I can't swim to save my life! Unless you call dog-paddling swimming.

Come to my window
Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon
Come to my window
I'll be home soon

A part of me is missing. I don't know where it is or where to find it. I hope it does come home soon. I miss it.

This song rocks big time, in my opinion.


Jamie said...

The really strange thing is that when you stop hunting and expecting, that missing piece turns up and you look at it overjoyed thinking, "I didn't know that this was what I needed."

anthonynorth said...

Often, we just need to realise the missing part is the real you you forgot while you were searching.

Desert Songbird said...

I often find a trip to the beach helps me put "me" back in focus again. Sadly, I live six hours from the beach.

Manic Monday - Moon

bv said...

I wish I could help you find that which you are missing or at least help you feel better. This is something satisfying about being complete. I do so hope that things resolve themself soon for you on the inside.

I am visiting your blog for the first time thanks to Mo and am in LOVE with the way you write! Happy MM!

PS - that is one killer song!!!

Terra Shield said...

We are always seeking something, and I can't say why except that maybe sometimes, it's just hard to be content... I hope you find what you're looking for... soon :)

Lizza said...

Jamie: I vaguely remember that feeling. I know it'll come again.

Anthony: Strange how one can forget part of one's self.

Desert: Beaches are nature's Prozac, I think.

bv: Thank you very much, both for visiting and your kind wishes and words. This is just one of life's little hiccups, I'm normally a happy-go-lucky type. :-)

Lizza said...

Terra: I guess everybody goes through periods of soul/self-searching. Maybe mine went window-shopping again without telling me.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

There are so many parts of me missing, I've given up worrying about it.
Anyway, I'll have a look round here to see if your missing bit is hidden under the sofa. I assume I'm looking for something with grains of sand on it, hanging on to a bottle opener?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

...... take this *hug* while I'm looking ..... [and stop nagging me to share as well - you're worserer than my mother waserer!]

Sidney said...

“Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment.”

Anonymous said...

chocolate and red wine... my perennial prescription.

ride it out darlin'.... things will pick up soon xx

earthlingorgeous said...

ah I understand what you mean in here, chin up! Happy Moon-ic Monday!

Villager said...

Happy MM! Your insights and willingness to share are remarkable. Stay strong. Every day provides us with another opportunity to find what we need...

I invite your blog readers to see my tribute to the Negro Space Program!

peace, Villager

~Just Me~ said...

Happy MM! Stay strong, very good post.

Ivanhoe said...

I hope that the special something (or someone) will come to your window soon :o)

Mimi Lenox said...

I so know the feeling at times, my friend.
I am sending you a hug.
I hope you feel it.

Photo Cache said...

you just got cyberhugged :D

and the song does rock, i agree. :D

Anonymous said...

I hope so too, Lizza. Take care.