Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Strange encounters

Strange things can happen in public places here, there, and everywhere: good strange and bad strange.

Take, for instance, something that a friend of mine experienced some time ago. He was waiting for the bus late at night after work, and someone came up to him and offered to pay him real money for "services" of an adult nature.

Good strange: My friend is no spring chicken, so it was somewhat flattering to be thought of as still desirable enough at his age by a stranger.

Bad strange: Being mistaken for a male prostitute doesn't exactly come across as a compliment.

Worse strange: He was offered just P500 (that's about USD10.50 at today's exchange rate).

According to something I saw over at PARLANCHEQ, my *ahem* services are worth more than the amount offered to my friend at that unexpected and unwelcome bus stop proposition. I admit this particular self-valuation method isn't perfect, but hey, nothing ever is.

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Anonymous said...

$10.50! That would hurt!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm just checking my wallet ... *rummage* *swots spider* *digs deep* - dammit!!!

Terra Shield said...

I got 1086. Not bad, me thinks :)

Ian said...

Hey! I'm worth $1102/hour too!

Wanna swap? *waggles eyebrows at you*

Mimi Lenox said...

What has the blogosphere come to?

Glamourpuss said...

Well, I guess there are worse ways to measure one's worth ;-)


Lizza said...

Citizen: Recession prices during a non-recession, ouch indeed!

DaddyP: Don't injure your fingers digging.

Terra: Not bad at all!

Ian: That's a very fair swap. *swaggles eyebrows right back*

Mimi: Uh-oh, hope this doesn't necessitate a trip to the dungeon!

Puss: Lots of ways to do that, indeed. :-)

Sidney said... are expensive! ;-)

lizza said...

Sidney: Indeed I am. :-)

Travis said...

I got $1132.