Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting physical

I need to get rid of a few kilos/pounds. But I can't (won't?) give up my beer.

I do tae bo, but not as often as I used to -- or not as often as I should be doing it now. Though I do recall with almost sentimental fondness the fact that there's nothing like the exhilaration of panting like a bitch in heat catching my breath because of physical exertion or feeling the sweat dripping every which way and where or grabbing the nearest thing within reach in tightly clenched fists until it turns purple, with me moaning and groaning from a leg cramp that, strangely, almost feels physically gratifying. And I don't even have to wear migraine-inducing, ewww-colored exercise attire to do that.

But, methinks a new physical fitness activity is presently called for. Just to diversify things a bit. Nothing too strenuous, though. My old bones can't take too much of a beating.

Perhaps...a pillow fight?


houseband00 said...

From now on, you shall be known as the Drunken Master. =)

ian said...

I understand you can burn a lot of calories during marathon lovemaking sessions. Time to invest in some fresh batteries, new toys, little blue pills, and cabana boys. :)


kyels said...

I second Houseband on that matter!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

And for goodness sake, don't give up the fags!!
[American readers are going to get confused by that I know ...... still there you go]

lizza said...

HB: Does that mean I earn the right to be called sensei? Oh, wait. Wrong country.

Ian: *cough cough* You just made me blush. I am such a prude. ;-)

Kyels: No, no, no. Drunken Master has already been taken. I'll be the Smashed Mistress or the Totally Wasted Damsel (who kicks butt).

DaddyP: *puff puff*
You were saying?

nursemyra said...

belly dancing is a fun exercise.... wish I lived closer and we could go to a class together. am sadly in need of motivation to sign up again myself

Mr R Rabbit said...

Fags help with diets, so you want to keep on them.

As for exercise, a regular pillow fight would probably work but I think wrestling in jelly would be better for all-round fitness.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I just got some bad memories of having to do tae bo in high school gym.

Laurzei, aka: Suzee Wong said...

Stick with the P's.

Pilates AND Pillow Fights.

Those will do the trick!

I'm so happy to be back on the planet with you, Lovely Lizza!


Suzee Wong

Suzee Wong said...


Did my comment make it through?

Christy said...

As soon as I read the title I immediately started singing! "Let's get physical, physical!"

After I had my son I lost all of the baby weight by doing DDR. Seems cheesy but it worked.

Glamourpuss said...

Try pole dancing - you can pant like a bitch on heat and look genuinely sexy. At least, that's what my students tell me...


lizza said...

Nursemyra: Now that sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I could go to bellydancing classes with you too.

Mr. R. Rabbit: Jelly wrestling, hmmmm. But wouldn't inadvertent ingestion of the jelly cause more caloric problems?

Thank you for stopping by. I'm off to visit your part of cyberspace too.

Silverneurotic: Oh no, I hope your tae bo experiences didn't scar you.

Suzee aka Laurz: Your comment made it through! So glad to be on the same planet with you again.

I've never tried Pilates, though I've heard nothing but good about it.

Christy: Hey, super blogger! I used to do DDR a long time ago with the kiddies. I think I might just take it up again (I do have a PS2).

Puss: You pole dancers are amazing creatures. Maybe you could make a video tutorial? :-) I'm scared of heights, though.

Kiyotoe said...

did somebody say belly dancing?

Yeah, belly dancing!!

Lizza said...

My belly dances every time I laugh. Is that good enough?

Travis said...

Have more sex.

Wait...did I say that out loud?

lizza said...

What's that, Trav? I didn't hear you. ;-D