Friday, October 19, 2007

Goddamn doors

Who knows why people do the things they do?

Long-time readers probably know I have a small part in the operation of a site called Expat Interviews. Some readers of that site have expressed outrage at the attitude exhibited by certain people who've moved to Third World countries.

It isn't my place or purpose now to judge these people's motives for their decision to relocate. I'm not even envisioning myself in that type of expat's shoes: a Caucasian with enough money to move to another country. No, I envision just myself. I'm narcissistic that way.

I don't really see myself living in another country. I love the one I was born and grew up in, for all its defects. Much has been said about how the Philippines is made up of 7,000+ islands and its numerous beaches (I've been to fewer than 20, don't hate me). I'm not knocking the beaches, heaven knows they're gorgeous. But there's more to home than just those beautiful stretches of sand and aquamarine waters. I won't delve into those things now, though.

But if I were to live someplace else, I always thought it would be Spain for some reason. I'm not really sure why, since I've never been there. My brothers have, though, and one of them told me that Sevilla is so me. But then he also told me I'd feel at home in Amsterdam in the Netherlands because practically the whole city smelled like m a r i j u a n a (hiding from the search engines here), so I'm thinking I should take his advice with a grain of salt, even though I thought he knew me inside out - because I am not a pothead! Truly. Cross my heart and all that jazz.

In any case, whatever decision I make, from deciding what color shoes to buy to deciding on whether to have a second serving at dinner to buying a Ferrari (hahahaha! Oh man, I kill myself sometimes) to perhaps moving to Spain, I'm not closing the goddamn door on numerous other possibilities. Including the possibility that the whole point of this post was to showcase a song I recently fell passionately in like with. Because I write sins, not tragedies. And because I can't work words like "sense of poise" and "rationality" into song lyrics. It just isn't what I do. Much as I like the song, I'm still not closing any goddamn doors. Well, not too many of them anyway.


houseband00 said...

One of my current clients is an expat from Australia and has been living in the Philippines for more than 15 years. During one impasse between meetings, I indulged him in some small talk and I asked him why he prefers to live here.

He told me, in perfect Tagalog:

"Kasi magaganda ang mga Pinay."
(Because Filipinas are Beautiful.)

I guess, Liz, that's the one perfect reason why I haven't hied away. =)

houseband00 said...

It goes without saying that you're one of them. =)

Suzee Wong said...

Lizza - you KILL me. I cannot believe I left blog world for so long and missed out on your sense of humor and words of pure wit.

I LOOOOVE this song. Even when mainstream radio killed it with editing and overplay.

Never shut doors. AMEN, sista!

Travis said...

Beware the closing sometimes closes on your fingers.

Huh? Sometimes my fingers just type stuff.

Terra Shield said...

You're back... yay :)

You kill me too with your entertaining posts :D

kyels said...

Liz, I agree with HB's client. He's right.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Doors are always slamming in my face - that's why I look like I do....... and don't forget Portugal and sunny England.

Wendz said...

Lovely song. Cool sentiment. I have closed too many doors in my life...and missed out on great things. I think I have learnt my lesson though.

Missed you Lizza..glad to see you are back.

nursemyra said...

hey Lizza, I've been thinking about spain too! a friend of mine suggested we go there for a holiday next year.

maybe we could meet up?

Glamourpuss said...

Personally, I think we should only close the doors when we've walked through them.


Natalia said...

I am an expat. I haven't been interviewed.

lizza said...

HB: Awww, shucks. :-)

And I'm so glad you're OK.

Suzee: Terrific song, innit?

"Killing" people can be a good thing sometimes. :-) I'm so glad you're writing again. I can relate to so many of your posts.

Trav: Don't shush those fingers! They do an awesome job.

Terra: It's been quite some time since we last interacted (hmmm, that sounds kinda dirty).

Great to see you again!

Kyels: Always brings a smile to my face remembering how you loved it here. Hope you make it back here soon.

DaddyP: So that explains the gurn. When I find myself in Europe, rest assured I won't miss sunny *cough* England and Portugal.

Wendz: I've missed you too. But I bet London is a better place because of your presence there. Gonna catch up on your adventures, sweet.

Nursemyra: They're having the Expo in Zaragoza, I think. Will you be there? I'd love to go and meet up with you.

The spirit is willing, but the bank account is weak.

Puss: Indeed. But sometimes great courage/willpower is needed to walk through doors...or to shut them.

lizza said...

Nat: Apologies. My oversight shall be remedied.

Bond said...

I have always thought somewhere in the Caribbean for me... but the thought of a m a r i j u a n a scented city also has it's allure...

Next time..just play the song... LOL DON'T YOU DARE.. you may not be able to word certain words into lyrics, but you certainly can work words into sentences...

Lizza said...

Scent can be so alluring. :-)

Kiyotoe said...

I would relocate to Spain in a heartbeat.

Or Las Vegas :-)

Gumby said...

Isn't it funny how we can want to live someplace we've never been to? I've always thought about Spain as well, and New Zealand, and have been to neither.

Lizza said...

And bella Italia for you too, Gumby.