Friday, August 10, 2007

Foxxyfyrre meme

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Foxxfyrre's: Things you Shouldn't Say Around [Blank]

Here are Frank's (Foxxyfyrre) rules:

Okay, it's a meme too. But it's a short and fun one to let your creative juices out and poke fun at your favorite [blank] thing. Rules are simply fill in the [blank] in "Foxxfyrre's: Things you shouldn't say around [Blank]", and write at least eight phrases you shouldn't say around your [blank]. To make it interesting, when you tag someone, go to their memes and add a phrase using their [blank] topic. Send your list of 5 tags back to the person that tagged you so they can follow and play with their [blank] topics also.

8 Things You Shouldn't Say Around (not to) a Woman with PMS

  • I didn't know she was pregnant. When's she due?
  • Acne at her age?!?
  • Something smells funny.
  • Good Lord, what did she sit on?
  • Someone's having a bad hair day.
  • I read somewhere that tampons can kill.
  • I can't wait to have sex tonight.
  • Only 20 more years until menopause!

I haven't tagged anyone in quite some time. So I tag:

Another meme, this time from Mimi Lenox, coming up in a few...


Dan said...


Diesel got tagged!!!!

Lizza said...

Yes, he did.

And so did you, m'boy (not by me, though!)


Photo Cache said...

funny...having one right now (pms) and i dont think i can go back to work (sssh, am at work right now) after reading this.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ah, the loony cycle - it explains so much and at the same time so little.
{You may quote me}

FoxxFyrre said...

After 29 years of marriage, I've got quite skilled at not saying anything around, near, in absentia, to,or even mentally leaking anything that might be picked up by LUPMR (Lola's Ultrasensative Pre-Menstral Radar).
---->Quick, hide the chocolate!

Lizza said...

Photo: Aha! Peeking at blogs while at work! I won't tell.

DaddyP: A little mystery is always good.

Frank: You are one wise man, my pal.

--->Grabs chocolate before Frank can hide it

PinB said...

uy day, kaka tag ko lang sayo!

FoxxFyrre said...

One more PMS Phrase

Tumahimik ka! Nakatulog na ba siya?


(David helped, but I didn't tell him what he was helping me with ggg)

Wendz said...

Hilarious - and so true.

here's another phrase not to say..
"Have you forgotten how to smile?"

Terra Shield said...

This is a very cute meme... I love the list! :D

ShadowFalcon said...

Never say the words "your being a bit emotional" that drives me to murder

Matt-Man said...

"Why am I craving a footlong chili dog?" Thanks for tagging me, really. Cheers!!

Glamourpuss said...

God, I prefer people not to say anything at all. Just stay away from me.

Very funny, Lizza.


Bond said...

I am smart enough to smile and walk away at times like this...

Nancy Standlee said...

Congratulations on your Bestest Blog of the Day and I like the joke. I've never made that cycle connection before.

CS said...

Once again, I'm taking a moment to be thankful that I have never had PMS, aside from a slightly elevated need for kids' cereals.

Tammie Jean said...

Ha! Cute comic and great list! How about "Haven't you had enough potato chips?"

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are REALLY too much. Always enjoy my trip around the world to you!

Lizza said...

PinB: Nakita ko, day! Ganda mo talaga. Gawin ko tag mo next week. Ciao!

Frank: Hahaha! That is so cool. I hope he's teaching you to say it right. Tell him: "Ayos lang!"

Wendz: I have heard that one quite a few times myself. The smile I come up with when I hear that is more like a grimace.

Terra: Thanks! Glad it made you smile.

Shadowfalcon: What you can do is fantasize how you'd like to torture or murder the person who says that to you.

Matt-man: It would be great to see what you come up with. Cheers!

Puss: You need to work more on your deadly PMS aura so people don't say anything.

CS: Lucky! My craving would be for either salty or sweet food - or both!

Tammie: Saying that would guarantee to make me want to eat even more.

Bud: Why thank you kindly. It's always a pleasure to have you here, my pal.

Lizza said...

Bond: Very smart move, hottie!

Nancy: Thank you very much for your comment and thanks for visiting. I'll visit your site too.

Diesel said...

Me and Mr. Fab, eh? Interesting.

I can dig this meme. Give me a few days...

lizza said...

Yay, Diesel!