Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still in a Funk

Still not feeling up to writing all that much.

Scott, I'll finish your meme, I just need to get some photos scanned before I can do the rest of the tag.

I wanted to do the audio post that Wendz suggested in her comment regarding an earlier entry, but my bloody microphone isn't working. I hope to get the problem resolved within the next few days.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of a gig that yours truly watched Saturday night. The type of music that some of the bands played wasn't really my cup of tea; nevertheless, I had great fun. It was a small-venue show that featured about ten up-and-coming groups. The place was really small; it was like they were performing in my living room. It's been quite some time since I last went to that kind of gig (the small, intimate kind as opposed to arena-type concerts) and I found that I missed it. It's the kind of event where you can't really tell if the pounding you hear and feel is the beating of your heart or the drums or the bass. Maybe being seated right in front of the speakers contributed to that sensation?


The lead vocalist of an alternative rock band called Agos. He's a cutie, believe you me. Besides the looks, he has an awesome voice. (Can you tell that I have a bit of a crush on him? Hehe)

A fun group known as Kiko Machine. Yes, Spiderman (wearing a cape???) is part of the entourage. Haha! Watching this energetic band perform was so enjoyable.

An all-woman ensemble called Matilda. The lead vocalist teaches Creative Writing at a prominent university here (some of her students were in attendance that night). The lady who plays the bass is an acquaintance of mine.

See you guys tomorrow! I'm really off to bed this time. Nighty-night. :-)


houseband00 said...

Maaaan, I really hate it when the stuff don't spew forth. Cheer up; your muse will come back. =)

One look at SuperSpidey over there is enough to fire up those brain cells. =)

Here's to hoping you snap out of it. =)

thethinker said...

I have never been to one of those concerts where you aren't separated from the stage by a sea of thousands of people. The last time I went to any concert, I came back unable to hear a thing.

I hope you get over your writer's block soon.

ian said...

I played a few gigs like that when I was in my band Freedom Toast a few years ago. Man, I miss doing that. I need to find another band. I need to find the time to be in another band.

Glad you had fun!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Don't let the bed bugs bite...

Julie said...

Thanks for the sweet b-day wishes Lizza! xoxoxo

zeroimpact said...

That must have been a great night
I miss the gigs too here and in Phils.
You're get back to it soon, no doubt about it here

kyels said...

I am sure inspiration and your muse will hit you soon; hakuna matata.


I miss gimmicks!

Dan said...

Everybody gets in a funk every now and then. Just ride it out. Hugs and kisses.

Natalia said...

Awww.. I hope you feel better :(


terra shield said...

I have never been to any of these types of concerts either... Me thinks I need to get out more.

Hope the bloggers block makes an exit soon!

Lizza said...

HB: Thanks! I'm sure I will, SuperSpidey or no SuperSpidey.

Thinker: It can be a pretty good experience; you might like to try going to something like that one of these days. But you'll still wind up temporarily deaf. :-)

Ian: I thought you must've done something like that because I knew you were in a band. Keep us posted if you do it again!

Bud: Haha! I won't. :-)

Julie: You're welcome. :-)

ZI: I'm sure I will. You should take a break too, get your mind off certain stuff. :-)

Kyels: Haha! Hakuna matata indeed. I'm sure you'll have some gimmick time soon. :-)

Dan: Hey, nice new pic! Thanks, that's what I'm doing. Hugs and kisses back.

Natalia: Yeah, I'm ok. Thanks!

Terra: Thanks. You should give it a try! Just something new to experience.

ShadowFalcon said...

Hey you could put up a post of you singing!

Matt-Man said...

De-Funkify Lizza!!

Lizza said...

Shadowfalcon: Good lord, you don't know what you're asking. Haha! I have a terrible singing voice and I kid you not.

Matt-man: I'm doing my best, WIR dude! :-)

Scott from Oregon said...

Well, don't get your funk on my meme!

Is it contagious?

Ink Wiring Mimes want to know...

Sanni said...

I hope you´ve had a nice loooong sleep =)

There´s a wltips post waiting for you. I hope you like it...

Anonymous said...
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Lizza said...

Scott: Nope, it ain't contagious. Will finish your meme!

Ink Wiring Mimes...damn, I don't have a witty rejoinder for that! You oughta join Mimi's Saturday Dating Profile Challenge!

Sanni: I've been doing a lot of sleeping lately, my sexy friend. That wltips.com post was just lovely. We do like it, and we appreciate your taking the time and effort to write it. Danke schön!

nunu's makulit mum said...

ooohhhh...nagpakita rin! yay!

Mabuhay si Lizza!!!


Lizza is sassy!!!

Natulog ka na ba?

Lizza said...

Haha! Eto, matutulog na. Sya, talk to you again soon. :-)

Odat said...

I love hearing music at these types of places....That lead singer is cute! (I think he may be too young for me huh?)

Lizza said...

Haha! Yep, he's cute. He looks young (I have no idea how old he really is, though).