Saturday, December 30, 2006

Winding Down/Up

Only a couple of days more before we say goodbye to 2006 and hello to 2007 with a bang. And I mean that literally; in many areas here in the Philippines you'll hear nothing but the booms, pops, and whistles of firecrackers especially in the hours between 10 PM of 31 December and 2 AM of 1 January. Seems like nearly everyone is out in the streets, lighting those firecracker fuses and/or watching the night sky light up in a million dazzling colors and patterns. Nothing like the ringing in one's ears and the acrid aroma of firecracker fumes (and the resulting jet-black detritus one digs out of one's nose the morning after) to welcome the birth of the New Year here.

Many of my online friends know that I spent the past two days with family at a hot springs resort. We had a great time: there was much singing, food, laughter, relaxation. I could write an analogy about the whole experience and life in general--it's been gestating in my mind, actually--but I won't! Well, not now anyway, because my Internet connection is crappy as a result of this. I'm unable to catch up on everyone's blog just now because everything is sooooo slooooow.

Let's just say that life is still good and beautiful, in spite of the headache that we get from soaking in scalding water, the tummyache that we suffer because of overindulgence, the aching armpit muscles from swimming, the sore throat from too much karaoke. There is still beauty and love all around.

And laughter. Never forget the laughter. It keeps us young, peaceful, ALIVE. May we all have much laughter in 2007--finding it in all things big and little.

This is from a list of karaoke songs. I'm Leeeeeee-byan on a jet plane/Don't know when I'll be back again just sounds odd. But maybe that's just me. :-)

And the muscles in my armpits are still sore. I hope 2007 doesn't take that against me.


Bond said...

LIZZA: Welcome home ... Libyan on a jet plane... bwahahahahahaahah how funny is that!
Glad you enjoyed your time with family.
Final post of the year is up at THE COUCH... Please be carful and do not hurt yourself while there.

it's the little things said...

Ha - Leaving on a jet plane is my dad's favorite song. Now I will hear it in a different light. Priceless!

Aisby said...

glad you're safe after the quake. Slow internet service is a bitch but a small price to pay for making it through a natural disaster.

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with your family. I would have loved a getaway myself.

Happy New Year to you (since yours will be almost a full day ahead of ours!)

Odat said...

Hey I wish I had aches and pains from so much fun!!! Glad you're ok...I was thinking of you when I heard that!......Welcome back..missed ya.

Dan said...

Lizza, nice post. Our conclusions regarding laughter are identical. :)

And we hear booms and pops between 10 PM of 2 AM but it's usually every day -- the drug dealers killing each other. (Just teasing, it's not that bad.)

Happy New Year!

mist1 said...

I love that song.

Happy New Year.

Kiyotoe said...

Happy New Year Lizza and i hope that internet connection gets better soon otherwise you'll miss the pic of myself that i allowed you to peer pressure me into posting.

Because it's coming down SOON.....


Scott from Oregon said...

Happy New Year and hope you enjoy the "year of Bond..."

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Libbyan on a Jet Plane doesn't sit well with me either. Clever but cutting--at least in Eastern Pennsylvania. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year, lizza. You have been such a blessing to me in 2006. Here's to another great year together in cyberspace.

H said...

Darling soulsis, okay, so here it comes...

thank you for all the love you've given.
thank you for the laughter you've brought.
thank you for showing up one day and never going away [i think I visited your blog first... but whatevah!]
thank you for always being the first to say the kind words you say.
thank you.

love you. even if I've known you only over the net. By the way, my sister reads you too [she's the silentest blog stalker ever!] and she really likes your blog. and I swelled up with pride and said... well! OBVIOUSLY!

love H.

SGT DUB said...

Glad you enjoyed your time with the family, that's important. have a wonderfully Happy New Year.

Gumby said...

Since you'll be there much ahead of me, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Michael C said...

Well, I bet George Bush doesn't sing that one very often. Doesn't anyone pruuuf reeeed anymore??
Happy New Year!!

Wendz said...

Hello lovely to see you had a good time..nothing like family, eh!

Do you know what? I haven't watched or read any news this week and I had no idea there was a quake...glad you are all okay!

Have a smashing New Year..mine will be very quiet but then hopefully my year will be less traumatic too..ha ha ha ha...not likely!


Natalia said...

ROTFL at the song book. Ummmm.... no I can't stop laughing.

Happy New Year!


zeroimpact said...

I've seen the song book before but did not check out that song
And yes, firecracker and stuff are all around even during christmas
Here's wishing you the best for the new year

nunu's mum said...

Hi Liz, just wanna wish you Manigong Bagong Taon!

Wishing you the most wonderful new year!

hugs hugs hugs!

Pakisindihan mo na rin ako ng watusi for the new year celebration, manila style! O kaya isang roll ng sinturon ni eba (or adan). Happy new year girl!

Lizza said...

Bond: Happy New Year to you too! Thanks very much for the mention. :-)

Marlayna: Ha! I couldn't believe it at first, but it turns out to be a parody of Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Aisby: Thanks! You're right, I shouldn't be complaining too much. Happy New Year to you too!

Odat: Thank you, it was fun. Maybe you would've liked the hot water too. :-)

Dan: Haha! Right, and your blog shows just how much you love to laugh and make other people laugh. Happy New Year!

mist1: Happy New Year to you too, you funny, crazy lady.

Kiyotoe: I saw it, I saw it! Thanks for showing us. Happy New Year!

Scott: Happy New Year to you too, and good luck! You can do it. But don't forget to take your vitamins. :-)

Gale: You are such an inspiration to me and many others, and your writing is a joy to read. Cheers to another fun-filled year together in the blogworld.

H: My dearest soul sister, you made me go all teary with that. The honor is all mine; thank you for sharing your thoughts, thank you for writing so beautifully, thank you for just being you. I'm so glad we came across each other's blogs. I used to not have a younger sister, I do now. Much love and many hugs to you.

And thank you, H's sister for visiting. You beat me at my own game, haha! Happy New Year to both of you.

Sgt Dub: Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and your family. :-)

Gumby: Happy New Year! Your blog never fails to make me smile, you hobbit-watcher you!

Michael: Aparentli nhot! :-D Happy New Year!

Wendz: Everything comes out fine for you in spite of the challenges you face. You're one tough cookie (and a sweet one too).

Natalia: Don't stop laughing, I'll laugh along with you. Happy New Year!

ZI: My ears were ringing from all those firecrackers earlier.

I googled the song and found out that it does exist, haha! That's so weird. Happy New Year to you.

NM: Manigong Bagong Taon din sa inyo! Keep that chin up, and hope to have a beer with you one day soon. *hugs*

Irene said...

Lovely Lizza, let me take this year-end opportunity to thank you for being one of my blog's staunch supporters. I really appreciate it! =)

Manigong Bagong Taon!!! Mwaaaah!

Lizza said...

Thank you, too, Iridescent Irene, for YOUR kind words and support.

Manigong Bagong Taon din sa iyo at sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. :-)