Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tuneful Tag

I got this meme from the blog of that wonderfully flaky (and I mean this in a good way) Brit blogger Ghost Rose. It's a musical meme. Hey, just because I can't sing to save my life doesn't mean I can't appreciate music!

Some of the songs are available on; I uploaded those that aren't onto

These are the rules:

If you want to play along with this, go ahead. It's surprising how fitting some of the answers are! Making up a soundtrack for the film of your life is such a great concept, especially when you leave it down to chance.

1. Open your library on your Zen or Ipod or other MP3 player
(since I don't have a portable MP3 player, I'll use my computer's playlist)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to a new question press the next button (actually you don't have to do that. You can listen to the whole song if you want).

Opening Credits: Windmills of Your Mind (Swing Out Sister version). Beautiful song. But I like the Colour Field version, too--and Sting's version.

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Waking up: Loosen Up My Buttons (The Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg). Rap isn't really my thing, but this one would get my booty shaking. (If only the aforementioned body part would cooperate!) Maybe with lots of beer it would. Haha!

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Falling in love: Truly, Madly, Deeply, by Savage Garden. Sappy, yeah. I have lots of sappy songs on my playlist. So sue me. (No, don't!)

Truly Madly Deeply
By Savage Garden


Fight song: My Friends, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It isn't really a fight song, but what the heck. It's the song that came up.

My Friends
By Red Hot Chili Peppers


Break up song: You'll Think of Me, by Keith Urban. I don't really like country music, but this one doesn't sound too country-ish. I just happen to like this one.

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Making Up: Savin' Me, by Nickelback. Nice song, this one. Plus, I like Chad Kroger's voice. It's so masculine.

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Life's Okay: You and Me, by Lifehouse. Life is okay--more than okay, actually--especially when you see and talk with the ones you love.

You And Me
By Lifehouse


Mental Breakdown: Mystify, by INXS. Loved Michael Hutchence, but I think JD Fortune is such pretty eye candy. But his good looks are fodder for another post. :-)



Driving: Tattooed on My Mind, by Sitti Navarro. Never mind that I don't drive, I still love this song. Sitti's a Filipina singer with a sweet, soothing voice. She does covers in addition to her own songs.

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Flashbacks: Un Giorno Per Noi, by Josh Groban. This was taken from "Romeo and Juliet." Very touching, and his voice is just awesome.

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Happy Dance: Just Like Heaven, by The Cure. Haha, this one is just sheer fun.

Just Like Heaven (Acoustic)
By The Cure


Regret: Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang, by Ogie Alcasid. A sappy Filipino love song. If you don't know yet by now, I like sappy.

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Final Battle: Layla, by Eric Clapton. Terrific song by a terrific musician. At least that's what I think.

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Death Scene: Onderweg, by Abel. This is a nice song that my friend Vic kindly shared with me. He's so kind to everybody. I like the melody--it's sort of haunting--even if I don't really understand the lyrics. Haha! Also, I can't quite get the accent, and I'm usually good at imitating accents.

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Final Credits: Thinking of You, by the Colour Field. I like this one. It's a good enough song for saying farewell, methinks.

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I'm tagging
Ian, Morgen, and Gale this time. :-) Happy New Year, my blog buddies.

I'll be leaving for a couple of days to soak up some hot water with family at a hot springs resort an hour or so away from Manila. The water comes straight from Mount Makiling (FYI, we have about a gazillion mountains here in the Philippines). I just looooove soaking in almost scalding water--perhaps even have a beer or two while I'm at it. I'll catch up when I get back.

Have fun, everybody!


Bond said...

Great list Lizza...

Looking forward to seeing you when you return.

Odat said...

very nice!! Thanks for sharing!
Happy New Year! I'll miss ya...
See ya when you come back and enjoy!

Natalia said...

Nice tunes. I love this one. And, dude, hot springs. That's just awesomeness.


Morgen said...

Hope you enjoy the hot springs, and avoid any tsunamis!
Okay, how do you play/answer this meme if you don't have any of those newfangled music player thingies???

Do I just pick music?
Let me know when you return from holiday.


Helen said...

Nice songs! And nice new layout, too. I hope you have a good trip away, and a happy new year.

Michael C said...

What a cool game. I knew I'd regret loading my MP3 player with the Ray Conniff orchestra and chorus sooner or later. No, really ;-)

Have a hot time at the old spa ;-)

ian said...

Oh, I'll do this Thursday night. But how do you do the Best Audio Codes so it doesn't automatically start playing? Or am I just not paying attention to the coding?


Aisby said...

Have a good trip Lizza.

Good songs!

H said...

Lizzzzzzz! have a super brilliant time girl! lots of love to ya!

Lizza said...

Bond: Thank you very much! And thanks for teaching me how to stop BestAudioCodes songs from playing automatically. :-)

Odat: Thanks! I missed reading your fun, zesty blog.

Natalia: Thanks! I see Ian tagged you, too. And yes, the water was just awesome.

Morgen: Yes, he's going to play along! Thanks. :-) You really don't have to put music; you can just list the songs and artists. But you can also go to, the audio codes section, and see if the songs you come up with are available there. Click on a song's 'generate codes' button and copy the code onto your blog entry's HTML window.

If you don't want the song to play automatically, find the part of the code that says 'autostart='true' and replace 'true' with '0' (that's zero). Thank Bond for the tip. :-)

Happy New Year, Mo!

Helen: Thank you very much! I need to check up on what you've been writing about, you terrific young writer.

Michael: I like Ray Conniff songs. We had all the Christmas LPs when we were kids. Haha! Hope your Christmas and birthday were great.

Ian: You did it! Great selection, and wonderful commentary. Happy New Year!

Aisby: Thank you! I hope you're having a great holiday season :-)

H: It was marvelous, thanks! Lots of love right back at ya.

Anonymous said...

guess you had a great time in LB, huh? wish i could soak in one of those hot springs these days coz it's freaking cold here ngayon. miss my college days too! i tried your meme and some of the songs were so apt but some are like, wtf?! :-)
manigong bagong taon!


Lizza said...

Had a good time there, GG. Kailan ka ba kasi uuwi? :-)

Manigong Bagong Taon!

GhostRose said...

FLAKY? Me? Ok, I suppose I am... David Tennant, Muse, Kasabian, Not keeping up with my blogger statement and NOT writing. Yeah...I am flaky. Yay! I am actually Phoebe from Friends!

But I am back, indefinately, from Wednesday 3rd of January 2007 (February, £13,000 a year job, rock on!! And soon, I am going to be French, not British. Well, sometime in 2008, hopefully...

Happy 2007, Lizza, and family. Keep on going, star girl blogger!

Lizza said...

Haha, Phoebe's a cool gal. Flaky but cool--and so are you.

Happy 2007, and an even happier 2008, Ghostrose!