Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Here's something from one of the webcomics I visit: xkcd.com

I hope everyone got presents that they like, or that they're enjoying the company they're spending time with during this holiday season--or both!


Kiyotoe said...

Thanks Lizza and hopefully your day was filled with all the good stuff you deserve.

sweet creampuff????

there goes my image.

Dan said...

Lizza, Merry Christmas! Cool new profile photo! Thanks for being a blogger pal this year! Hugs and kisses.

Natalia said...

Oh that is so awesome :)

Have a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

Maligayang Pasko! Miss ko paskong pinoy and our parties in your house :)

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: I hope yours went well, too, you big creampuff. ;-)

Dan: Hey, you have a nice new pic too! Happy holidays!

Natalia: Hope you're having a great holiday as well. :-)

GG: Maligayang Pasko din sa iyo! We had another one a couple of weeks ago, padala ko sa iyo mga pics.

Odat said...

Hope your holiday was filled with love! Very good comic..hahahah!

lizza said...

I hope yours was too. :-) Enjoy the rest of the season, you fun-loving person!

gem said...

Very cute! I'm all for making out (as you know) and everything it leads to. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, lizza.

Lizza said...

Hi, Gale! Yes, you've told me that before and I think you're so cool (not just because of that, mind you).

I'm having a wonderful holiday, I hope you and yours are, too!

The Lone Beader said...

That's a funny comic strip.

Also, thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Please stop by anytime=:)

Michael C said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Lizza said...

It was great, Michael. Thanks! Hope you had a wonderful one too. :-)