Monday, January 01, 2007

And to All a Good 2007

Some parts of 2006 were good--awesome even, while some were not quite so hot. Well, they were, weren't they?

Here, then, are my wishes for us all in 2007 (I suck big time at keeping New Year's resolutions, so I won't even try and make them):

May the moments that were good in 2006 be even better in 2007.

May the not-so-good moments be not quite as bad as they were last year (and may we have the strength and courage to deal with them).

May we all be enveloped in the love of friends and family.

May our diversity cause unity instead of division.

May we strengthen old friendships and make new ones.

May we never fail to see the beauty in the people and things around us, even if that beauty is hard to find sometimes.

May we never fail to hear the music.

May we never feel too old to play.

May we never run out of things to talk about.

May we never run out of things to laugh about.

May we never forget to laugh.

May the beer never stop flowing.

Wishing everyone a joyous, safe, peaceful, love-filled, and enriching 2007. Happy New Year!


GhostRose said...

Wow, I love the new look, Lizza! And you got the muse from me, instead of the other way around for a change! Yay!

Kudos on Loosen up my Buttons ny the Pussycat Dolls, and on Savin' Me by Nickelback, anyone who likes Muse, Nickelback and the Foo Fighters ROCKS! Like I said, isn;t it cool, how the songs actually fit sometimes? (new years resolution, stop putting a ; instead of a ', Rose)

Happy new year, Lizza! Mwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! May 2007 be not nearly as good as as 2008.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Happy New Year Lizza!

May the most you hope for be the least you get!

Your bud in the bogosphere-


Gumby said...

All great wishes for a great new year!

thethinker said...

And, most importantly, may we have beautiful words like those to get us through the year.

Happy New Year!

Scott from Oregon said...

Crap. You had to mention the beer, didn't you?


zeroimpact said...

Happy new year Lizza and yay, San Mig Light is great and I miss it already
May the new year brings you more joy and happiness and everything nice

Aisby said...

Sounds wonderful. Beautifully written.

Sanni said...

Happy New Year to you and yours from Duisburg, Germany! Have a blast - wishing all the best for you in 2007, my friend!

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Happy New Year to you too, Lizza. I haven't found the time to blog lately what with Prom coming home & all that ;-)

Lizza said...

Ghostrose: Thanks, and thanks for the meme. :-) Your plans for 2008 sure sound exciting. Best of luck!!!

Bud: What a great sentiment. Cheers!

Gumby: Best wishes to you and Pokey and the adorable Anna!

Thinker: With writers like you around, we'll never have a shortage of beautiful words.

Scott: Beeeeeeer, mmmmmm.
Kidding! But an occasional beer won't hurt your efforts. ;-)

ZI: We could all talk over a beer the next time you and kyels come visit. Wishing you all that's nice too. :-)

Aisby: Thanks, and I mean every word--especially the beer part, haha! Cheers.

Sanni: Wishing you and yours nothing but good things in 2007, my lovely friend in Duisburg!

Julia: You and Prometheus have met? Woo hoo hoo! You guys must be having fun. Tell the fire thief to be a good boy, and Happy New Year to the two of you.

gem said...

Thanks for your warm words of wisdom. I particularly liked the line about seeing the beauty around us. I give you lots of credit, Lizza. You do that very well. Maybe that's one reason you have so many people who love your blog.

Bond said...

LIZZA..well you are certainly a reason to smile about 2006. What a wonderful thing meeting you has been. Your words always touch me in some way. Thank you. Happy New Year and may all your desires become reality.

Odat said...

Live, love, laugh, play, dance, (and drink?) lol.....Thanks for your blog always put a smile on my face.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza - One of my most awesome blessings of 2006: finding you.
I love your spirit and authenticity. Never change. You are truly one-of-a-kind and I am proud to call you my friend.

Lizza said...

Gale: Thank you, you are too kind. You're such an inspiration to many of us. You write so well and I ♥ you to bits.

Bond: Thank you. More and more people are finding that spending a few minutes on the Couch is a fine thing to do. :-)

Odat: Just as you do on mine, my fun and sunny friend.

Mimi: You're a go-getter, you've influenced so many people. It's always great to read your blog. It's my honor to call you a friend.

Wendz said...

Hi Lizza

I hope you celebrated in style...and had a wonderful NY Eve...and NY Day

I hope those things you wrote will be like that - none of it is impossible, really, is it!

Have a good year. A happy, peaceful one.


nunu's mum said...

Hi Lizza! Happy New Year! naglinis ka na ba ng ilong? he he...

I was explaining to BB kase kanina how incredible New Year's eve is in Manila since he's never experienced it. There's nowhere else qute like it. I told him if u stick your finger up your nose, it would come out soot-black because of the fireworks... I SORELY miss it ~sigh~...I'm sure it was a blast for all of you out there last night.

I wish for ALL OF THE ABOVE too. Thank you for putting it into words for me. All the best to you this year.

Lizza said...

Wendz: Yes, I believe they aren't impossible at all! Have a wonderful year too.

NM: Surprisingly, hindi na siya ganun kaitim this year as in previous years. But it was still a lot of fun: very noisy, very colorful, nakakabingi. I hope BB can experience one of our New Year celebrations here one day.

All the best to you too! Tsup. :-D
And happy birthday!!!!! Saan ang inuman?

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

happy new year lizza !

mahal kita babe *big hugs*

Aileen said...

Happy New Year!

Beautiful post. Hope all of your wishes come true :)

Michael C said...

Happy New Year!

iz said...

That's probably the most profound wish I've ever heard of. have a gorgeous new year Lizza!

iz said...

That's probably the most profound wish I've ever heard of. have a gorgeous new year Lizza!

Lizza said...

Deb: Happy New Year! Mahal din kita! :-)

Aileen: Happy New Year to you, and may your 2007 be great.

Michael: Happy New Year to you too.

Iz: Thank you, and you have a wonderful one.

Kyels said...

May all the wishes come true!


Himali said...

Lizza... and may you write lots and lots more brilliant stories that will SEE THE LIGHT OF BLOG/ DAY in the coming year and then on...

You writing is moving. truly. share it with us.


Anonymous said...

yikes. I don't know how that got posted under my name. strange. but you know WHO!!! ha! this is so bizarre!

Lizza said...

Haha, H! Well, we'll see about the stories seeing the light of blog/day someday. :-D

Anon, hahahahaha! Yes, I do know. ;-)

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Thanks Lizza, I‘ll pass on your wishes to Prom. The fire thief is a good boy. I have discovered he-who-claims-to-be-lord-and-master is only a baby. But I love it!

Lizza said...

Awwww, he's just a baby underneath all that bluster and bravado? That is so cute!