Friday, December 08, 2006

Fullness of the moon

The italicized text is taken from parts of the lyrics of the song "Kabilugan ng Buwan" by the APO Hiking Society, a Filipino musical trio. These dudes rock! Translation was done by yours truly, pardon me if they suck. Translation isn't my forte. Fellow Filipino bloggers, feel free to suggest other (better) translations.

"Kapanahunan na naman ng paglalambingan" (Once again, it's the time for romance)

Is there really any specific time for romance? Candlelit dinners, flowers and chocolate, sure, they can bring on a romantic moment. I think those are a tad bland, though. A stroll along the beach under the stars, whispering and laughing at sweet nothings...those sound better. An unfathomable look that makes you feel all hot and cold at the same time can be more than enough to set off a romantic moment. And the last three things that I mentioned don't even cost any money.

"Kabilugan ng buwan, at ang hangin ay may kalamigan" (The moon is full, and the breeze is a bit chilly)

The full moon and cold weather have been blamed, perhaps unfairly, for the impetuous things that people do. Maybe because there's something so enigmatic about the sight of the full moon. Maybe people do things that are out of character for them and blame them on the full moon's unexplainable mystique.

When it's cold, one sometimes drinks. And when one drinks too much, one is apt to do things that he or she wouldn't usually do--and then blame the consequences on alcohol. Wuss.

"Aakapin kita, mahal ko, sa buong magdamag" (I'll hold you in my arms, my love, the whole night through)

Cuddling is nice, but certainly not all night, every night! In a romantic moment it can be heavenly...until it leads to something else...then you rest by cuddling again...then start Round Two after a while. Or not. Either you go to sleep or get a pizza.

Pagmamahalan lang naman ang mararanasan/Sa sariling mundo, tayo lang ang may alam" (Loving each other is just what we'll experience/In our own world, that only the two of us know about)

Isn't that one of the thrilling moments of being in love? The two of you can enter your own little world at any time of the day or night. Again, even the most innocuous things can set this off. Like saying or hearing words like "whisper" or "bastard"--which might mean nothing special at all to other people, but which strike a resounding chord within the two of you. Or (again) a certain look that surpasses all that words can ever say can be all that it takes, and absolutely nothing else exists during that moment--just the two of you in your own world, oblivious to everything else.

"Lapit na, ohh, lapit pa" (Come closer, closer still)

The feeling of closeness, of intimacy, isn't limited by physical proximity. But that's important, too, of course (how can the two of you shag hold each other close if you're in North America and he/she is in Burkina Faso?). However, the marriage of true minds admits no impediments. It transcends geographical and physical boundaries. As does romance. And sometimes, the fullness of the moon.


Odat said...

Simply beautiful....I'm playing it now at work...dreaming of full moon and err, some other things ;-0
Damn, I gotta get back to work...I'll save the rest for

Lizza said...

Haha! Thanks, Odat. Enjoy the song --or the thought behind it, at least--if you don't understand the lyrics, later when you aren't working.

Prometheus said...

Yo. Is that 'Romance a la Lizza' or are ya pissed off, girl. Dunno any Tagalog asides from Kamusta Ka, so lemme try Chinese: Sum Ting Wong?

Lizza said...

Well, it's about time you came around to visiting. I've seen your comments on every other blog except mine. Hmpf.

Kamusta ka na? Nah, I ain't pissed off and nuh-ting's wong. Maybe the time of the moon is coming...or is that too much info? Haha!

Matt-Man said...

A full moon on a crystal clear night is wonderful, unless of course, one is a werewolf like me, and then people just want to track you down and kill you.

Lizza said...

Haha! Then there should be a moratorium on silver bullets whenever the moon is full.

Prometheus said...

Aww Liz, now ya shud know Prometheus is a GUY. When's the last century a guy ever did sum ting right. Shucks, guys can come up with audacious excuses, eh? Sorry mon ami. A million apologies. Pwomise wont do it again. Peace? No.. no, now put that chainsaw away. Nice wolfie, down girl.

NanNan said...

I looooovve it!! Music is the universal language- and these guys are fantastic, no matter what they're saying, it sounds romantic to me---thanks for sharing this, maybe i'll even learn a little tagasomething---

houseband00 said...

Relaxing song, Liz. =)

Pero hindi ko ata naabutan yan. =) Panahon ko sina Andrew E kasi e.

Michael C said...

I have felt an intimate connection with my BBQ before. It left my hand very hot, then cold at the same time. It also left a huge blister...I think it's called a 3rd degree burn??

Sidney said...

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”
-Amanda Cross-

kyels said...

The song is nice! I'm not sure what they're singing about but it's beautiful!


Bond said...

OOOO Nice song Lizza.

Set the code to 'autostart'='0' *(that is a zero) then it will not autostart

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

rofl i like your take on the lyrics as per your personality.

very skeptical indeed.

Lizza said...

Nannan: Glad you liked it! You're going to learn some Tagalog, HB and I will see to it. :-)

HB: Yes it is.

Sige na nga, pagbigyan na, magpapasko naman eh. :-) Andrew E ha? Huwag ka lang hahanap ng panget ha? Haha!

Michael: Now THAT'S weirdly romantic. Haha!

Sidney: Thanks for the quote. Strange how romance can distort(?) reality sometimes. :-)

Kyels: Yes, it's a very nice song. It's an old one, though.

Bond: Thanks, and thanks for the tip! I'll make the change.

Deb: Asininely skeptical, haha!

Lizza said...

Prometheus: Oops, was my chainsaw showing? There, I've put it away now. You be nice!

chandra said...


Wonderful post.

I think, we need to be 'romantics 24/7 / 365'.... spreading in words and in deeds, laughter, joy, happiness, peace , kindness and compassion..

and we must 'dream'.... dream and contemplate on all that is beautiful.

come, lets meet at my place:

warm wishes


Julia Scissor ;-) said...

Funny, my latest post too is somewhat about the moon.

ShadowFalcon said...

Romance? umm I personally think its dead. itsn't that terrible.

I think I'd rather howl at the moon life a wolf

Sanni said...

Wonderful post and a great song. Lizza! I could listen to it over and over again =)

Enjoy your weekend!

it's the little things said...

National Geographic had a great article on the physiological changes that we undergo when we are in 'love'.
It was fascinating.
Most worth noting is that the changes end, because it would simply be unsustainable to walk around in love all the time as mankind wouldn't be able to survive in that state.

Natalia said...

Oh I love to hear music from different places. Thanks!


Steven Novak said...

Entering each others own little world is nice and all...

Sometimes though, I think my wife is kind of scared to enter my world...

You know...because of the vampires and stuff. ;)


marinamode said...

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Marina (from France)

Natalie said...

I'm all about romance and love (duh). I even like holding close all night (puke). The bad thing about that is when someone wakes upand has to pee. What do you do?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Alcohol effective folks behavior? I have never heard of such a thing. Love the post.

Rob said...

It certainly is relaxing... though, it'd be helpful if I understood evena single word of it. :)

H said...



this is so farkin' pertinent to my head right now. struggling in words on text and email. trying to understand... what I don't know. if it's possible or not. how do you give up on the idea of lost love... if you do at all.


this is terrible.

Lizza said...

Chandra: Thank you very much! I've been to your site, and I think you're very talented. But I just have to see what new artwork you've come up with recently.

Julia: And a very enlightening post it is! I enjoyed it very much.

Shadowfalcon: No, say it isn't so! I get skeptical about it sometimes, but I believe it's always there. Howling at the moon sounds like fun. :-)

Sanni: Glad you liked them. Have a great weekend too!

Marlayna: Really? Sounds like the person who wrote it was high on something. Love, maybe? Haha! "Changes end"--how sad that sounds, though.

Natalia: You're welcome. It's a great song. I'm pleased you liked it.

Steve: Aren't you supposed to protect her from the vampires, even if they're in your own little world? Or maybe you're the head vampire? ;-)

Marinamode: Thanks for visiting, I'll visit your blog too.

Natalie: Do it as quickly as possible, then jump right back in and recapture the moment. :-)

Bud: Thanks! Have a great weekend, too. Cheers!

Rob: Yes, it is. I don't dare do a full translation because I might mangle the song's meaning. Something gets lost in translation. :-) Thanks for visiting! Hope you drop by again.

Aaiiiiitchh: I have a feeling that I know what you're going through right now. I've experienced that in my life.

You know, you and I should really get together and talk sometime. It should be interesting; I have a feeling we think very similarly about many things. Or maybe we'll just drive each other even crazier. Either way, it'll be fun!

H said...

Lizzaaaa! that's exaclty what I've thought for a while too dahling.

We have to have to meet... And i think [i have this feeling] it will happen.

amen to that.

Lizza said...

Amen! We can go all maudlin and giggly and introspective together.

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