Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

A big welcome back to Natalia and Aisby! Natalia flew from the USA to Ireland, where she had a smashing time with her boyfriend. She kindly gave us a rundown on what she did there; she posted some pictures, too.

Aisby has had to take a short respite from blogging to finish school work. And she's done it! I'm glad to read her posts again.

A huge welcome back, too, to Prometheus, the Man Whose Moving (Middle) Finger Writes. This guy is one of my earliest and bestest blog buddies. His posts are witty, funny, and smart! Sometimes, people like him will inspire admiration or stir up jealousy. He's done both.

Wendz has a wonderful post about living. Not existing. Living.

Romance is in the air! Itisha's post about just how much she loves her husband had me in stitches and going "awwwww" in the end. It's full of little hearts. :-)

What is it about the moon that's affecting some bloggers these days? *ahem* H's post about the (possible) burgeoning of a long-distance romance had me all thrilled and giggly. The moon makes a cameo appearance in this sigh-inspiring post. Some men scratch their heads in puzzlement at the thought of grown women getting all "wiggly and giggly" like teenagers over something. Guys, just accept it.

Julia Scissor talks about stars and the moon in a very enlightening post. Learning a bit about Indian lore is very interesting. For instance, I was tickled pink to know that in Indian mythology, the moon is a lecherous, philandering male! That kind of moon isn't too romantic, I guess.

Insidious advertising and marketing campaigns. They mess with our minds and our wallets. Michael C's post about cookie-scented bus stops is alluring, though. (But his next post about farting in airplanes isn't. Haha!)

Many of you follow blog post themes during certain days. Bond puts a nice twist to Wordless Wednesdays over at the Big Leather Couch. He puts up a tune and readers try to guess the name of the song, the name of the band, the names of the band members, and the name of the album on which the song appeared. I've had no success so far.

Sanni, who lives in Germany, is a kindred spirit in terms of loving coffee. It's always nice to read about what she's up to over there, her quirks, and to look at the pictures she posts regularly. Her Homer Simpson quotes are good for a laugh, too!

Sidney has a black & white photo series showing scenes in public school classrooms here in the Philippines. I like the way Sidney showcases what he sees and experiences in my country: they're not always pretty, but his photos draw me in.

Yaxlich was troubled over something he came across at the BBC website: an implication that there's such a thing as an international standard when it comes to penis winky size. Or maybe that was just his interpretation of the whole thing. Yaxlich can be weird sometimes, but enjoyably so.

I won't be able to go online much this weekend; I'll catch up on all your blogs next week. Have fun, everyone!


Michael C said...

Lizza, thank's so much for the shout out! One good and one bad, the post did smell ;-)

Have a great weekend!!

Odat said...'re a good woman for doing this...thanks for all the referrals once again!!!! Have a wonderful weekend....Look out for that moon!

Emma said...

Romance is in the air... it's because it's Christmas. :D

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

True, the Indian moon is a moral leper while the European one is an 'inconstant female'. (with due credit to Shakespeare.)
I am truly honoured to be mentioned in BS.
Astronomically yours,
Julia Scissor

H said...

Lizza, aaah you're the sweeetest doll. to sanctify our lunacy in your posts.


Julia... Eliot too. oh yes. ELiot too. [and I sound like an orgasming bastard with a kink for Eliot... gross].

Prometheus said...

Awrite now Liz, Prometheus did say he was sorry. Talk to Prometheus, girl.

And isspeshul thanks to Jules and H for makin Prometheus feel so un-well read and all.

Sanni said...

Aaaaaah! I love your Blogworld Saturday anyway... but this shoutout makes me so proud *blushing*!
Thanks a lot and enjoy your weekend, Lizza =)

kyels said...

Have a nice Sunday Lizza!


Natalia said...

Awww thanks! It's good to be back in some ways! :)


Lizza said...

Michael: Smelliness aside, they were both enjoyable. :-)

Odat: The moon is hiding its face now. It's raining! :-)

Emma: Could that be it? Hmmmm...we'll see. Your Liverpool did well last night, I'm sure you're pleased to know.

Julia: A moral leper or an inconstant female. Poor moon--but I still love it so. And haha at BS! ;-)

H: Lunacy deserves no less (our brand of lunacy, that is). You're an orgasming bastard? Hahaha! You're so lovable.

Prometheus: My oversight will be immediately rectified. How remiss of me; my apologies, mon ami. And stop that false modesty, if you're un-well read then I'm totally illiterate!

Sanni: I hope your weekend is going well. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog, it's so uplifting!

Kyels: Have a great Sunday too! :-)

Natalia: But not in other ways? ;-) It's great to see you back.

Little Miss Kylie said...


This is the first time I've read your blog and I think it's fabulous.

If you don't mind, I'd like to link you to mine.

I'll definitely be back.


Lizza said...

Thank you very much, Kye! I'm glad you like my blog. I'll go visit yours, too.

iz said...

I owe you one girl. I am honoured.

Lizza said...

Iz, you don't owe me anything girl. I enjoy reading your posts. I am feeling so appreciative of my blog buddies, you included. It's my honor to read and learn from you guys.

Aisby said...

And I'm glad to be back!! Thanks!

Lizza said...

So glad you're back!

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Bond said...

LIZZA.. way behind on my travels.. thanks so much for the SHOUT-OUT... You really are sweet ot do so.