Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

It's the first weekend of November and it's raining where I am. November rain. Not too bad...good, in fact. The sound of raindrops pattering softly on the roof is soothing; the breeze coming in through the window cools my skin. All is well. I'm happy.

Here are just a few of the many blogs I've read over the past week. Thanks for the fun guys! (Yes, it's already early Saturday morning where I am...sorry for any confusion.)

1. Shadowfalcon's rants about the stupidity of some TV commercials today. But thanks to the very same post, I got to know about three super cool adverts featuring that great comedian Jerry Seinfeld along with Superman! Hilarious.

2. Parlanche's series about her trip to New York City includes some very interesting pictures (her commentary is entertaining too). The pictures don't show the typical touristy things in the Big Apple, they show a lot more personality. I especially liked the graffiti pics.

3. Wisdom and forethought can come at an early age; The Thinker (a.k.a. Julia) is living proof of this. I very much enjoyed her post on why she blogs. It's also her 100th post, by the way.

4. My North American blogger buddies (located there or elsewhere in the world) dedicated a post or two to the phenomenon that is Halloween. One of them, Michael C, took a humorous look at Halloween then and now. This guy is funny.

5. Wendy, whose blog I learned about through Matt-Man's Bagwine Ruminations, writes about the joys and tribulations of living in France. Her photo post about how not to wash a cushion just made me chuckle. Merde indeed!

6. Steve's hilarious account of some of the things he went through as a kid probably contributed to his present state of mind (kooky). Parents with young kids, have your bedroom walls reinforced!

7. I was pleasantly surprised and honored at being asked by Bobby Griffin to fill in for Morgen (who will be focusing on NaNoWriMo this month) as guest writer over at Bestest Blog of All Time. My first post there will be on Monday. Thanks again, Bobby!

8. Dona Nobis Pacem (which is how the ancient Romans used to say "Give Us Peace") is Marvelous Mimi's way of encouraging us bloggers (yes, that includes YOU) to express our desire for this one thing that the world sorely needs: PEACE. If you'd like to be part of Mimi's initiative, save the Peace Globe image at the above link, write your name on it, and send it to Mimi (mimiwrites2005 [at] yahoo [dot] com). It will be included in the Peace Globe Gallery, which was set up by Frank Sirianni. By the way, Frank also made a great album that features some of the Peace Globes already in the gallery.

Here's to a spankin' good weekend! Cheers.


Matt-Man said...

Oh Yeah...Nothing like a good spankin' on the weekend...Enjoy yours, Lizza...Cheers!!

Steven Novak said...

Did you just call me kooky?

If so...

THANKS!! I always wanted to be called KOOKY!

Most people tend to go the idiot, weirdo, spaz, or annoying sack of crap route.

Kooky I can live with. ;)


zeroimpact said...

A great list and have a great weekend!

Lizza said...

Matt: Haha! Thanks, and have a great one yourself.

Steve: Well, you're all those of course. Just add King of Kooky or Kooky Cookie to the list. :-D

ZI: Thanks! You too. :-)

Wendz said...

Oh you're on Saturday already..Im still thinking about trying to get the kids into bed...:o(

Have a good one!!

Lovely list btw - I cracked up at Steve's post.

Odat said...

Thanks again for feeding me this week with blog drugs.

Mimi Lenox said...

You guys are so silly. Lovable and silly. And speaking of is Miss Lizza on this fine Saturday morning? Thanks for mentioning Dona Nobis Pacem. I can't wait to see all those little globes peacefully humming along on Tuesday.

Sony said...

It's finally Saturday here in Ohio -- and it's cold. And I have a cold. Make the sneezing stop.

Okay... done whining. Thanks for another fun blog world saturday to keep me sane while I fight off this cold.

Lizza said...

Wendz: Haha, now I'm even further ahead of you guys because of daylight saving time. Yep, that Steve is a kook. His posts are a lot of fun.

Odat: Glad to help feed your addiction. :-D

Mimi: I'm doing ok, O Marvelous One. I look forward to Tuesday too!

Sony: Oh, you poor guy. Drink lots of fluids and keep warm. And go blog surfing. :-) I hope you feel better soon!

Michael C said...

Looks like it was a great week in blogsville! Thanks for mentioning me and giving me some of the week's best reads!!! Have a great weekend!

Lizza said...

You're welcome, Michael. And thanks! I hope your weekend is going great too.


Thanks for the mention. :) It's an honor to be listed along with all those other great blogs.

Lizza said...

I enjoy your blog, parlancheq. I'm glad to share it with others.

Mimi Lenox said...

Hello, my friend. I've included your beautiful globe in my post today. I hope you don't mind. Have a grand Sunday....or whatever day it is in your part of the universe. As Gale says, you are "far-flung friend." Ha!
And I mean that in the kindest regard.

Lizza said...

Thank you, Mimi. It's a beautiful thing you're doing. A far-flung friend, ha! I like that. :-)

ShadowFalcon said...

Thank you, is very sweet of you to mention my ranting and raving :-)

R2K said...

: )

Lizza said...

shadowfalcon: I liked that post, just like I like your blog. :-)

r2k: :-) to you too!