Monday, October 09, 2006


Just a little announcement for those who think otherwise...

I'm still NOT back at full speed.
I'm still on dial-up.
And it's still driving me insane.

I did the last few posts at an Internet cafe here.



Anonymous said...

Well, THAT'S no fun! I wish there were someway for me to donate bandwidth as well as money.

Andrew said...

Hi Lizza,
We all miss you over at my site. Hope you are back up to speed soon (literally). Oh, and you also missed my interview at Basil's Blog. I left a link at my site if you're interested.

Hope you're back on your ... um, modem soon! :o)


Michael C. said...

I am so sorry to hear that. Hang in there and you know we all support you!!

zeroimpact said...

I know how it feels
Dialup is just so slow once you have engaged in broadband
I hope you get full speed soon
I can't live without internet or slow speed internet nowadays too
Take care there!

Lizza said...

Justin: Thanks for the lovely and generous thoughts! They're much appreciated.

Dr. Andrew: Long time no see! Yep, I sure have missed a lot. I will visit your blog (and your interview) soon.

Michael: I'm hangin'! Thanks, my pal.

zeroimpact: Oh, thanks! I look forward to the day I get my high-speed I can go read your blog at length. :-)