Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Using talent to touch others

This video clip of a woman making "sand art" filled me with wonder. The accompanying music is sublime, too! Seeing the beauty that another person creates with his or her talent is always amazing, I think.

Sometimes we may find ourselves reluctant to show what we do best -- for fear of being ridiculed or looked down upon by others. But in the greater scheme of things, so what? If there's something that you really love doing, something you are really good at -- then does it really matter that there's a possibility other people won't like it? Not all people will find another person's artwork a sight for sore eyes, or another person's songs music to their ears, but we really can't please everybody all at the same time anyway. So why not just please ourselves first and find satisfaction in what we do best? (Providing that no harm is done to others, of course.)

Besides, if you love whatever it is you do best, in all likelihood there will be people out there who will recognize your talent and skill, and appreciate it. I think that if what a person does can make another person smile, if his or her special talent can create a good memory for others, if their craft affects fellow humans in a positive way -- touches them inside, even just for a moment...then that makes everything all the more worthwhile.

A person's talent doesn't have to be a big moneymaker (but wouldn't it be sweet if it did?) or an award-winner. Just imagine. We can touch other people's lives, whether we're great at flower-arranging, cooking, developing computer programs, or drawing pictures with sand.


Reeholio said...

Wow, that's some great artwork she's doing there. Nice story too Lizza

Lizza said...

Thanks, Rhys. And yes, her artwork is great.

Corky said...

Hi Lizza,

From the more selfish side of the universe:

Who cares if you're good at it or not? If you love doing it - do it! No one has to appreciate whatever it is that you do, except you. Thats the difference between being passionate about something, and doing it for show.

Something to think about. As always, I love your articles.



Sony said...

Very well said.

I agree that whether other people like what you create is irrelevant as long as what you created means something to you.

But like you said, Lizza, there are those out there who will appreciate your art (or cooking, or developing computer programs) because there's real passion behind it.

Some of the best (and admittedly, some of the worst) things in this world are a result of someone else's passion -- a painting, a poem, a symphony, that dessert in that little hole-in-the-wall cafe in Paris, even each of us, or the garden of roses down the street...

I'm rambling.

This post about passion and doing the things in life that satisfy us reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

Follow your heart; it knows where it's going.

Mike said...

Well said! I also feel it's very important to pursue those 'tangents' that we sometimes feel we're not talented or creative enough at for somebody elses taste... As I get older I realize that following up on those little creative urges are not only important for ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but for others as well. I'm glad I read your post today, Lizza! :-)

(as a timely example, my next-big-internet-meme is just days from completion and although I realize it's not nearly as funny as I had originally thought it would be, I sure have enjoyed the work I put into it and once again learned a little something along the way)

Mike said...

I'd seen the sand art clip before, but watching it again just reminded me of another benefit of trying to be creative regardless of how talented you are, or what other people think: there's no better way to truly appreciate someone elses skill than to try to do the same thing yourself!

Lizza said...

Hey, thanks a lot! Every person views "beauty" or "skill" differently. If another person appreciates what you're great at...that's fantastic! If they don't...that's that. But at least you found satisfaction in a job well done, and that's more than good enough.

Corky...I agree. But I also think that everyone likes a little show of appreciation from other people, especially if the opinions of those persons matter to him/her. Problem is, some people focus more on that than on feeling good about what they supposedly "love" to do. I've just discovered your other blog, btw. Grrr.

Sony...I love that saying. But sometimes I find my brain has a shitty tendency to rain on my heart's parade. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more of your thoughtful and interesting blog entries. A poetic soul, you seem to have.

Mike...Spreading one's wings to try out new things, to enter virgin territory, always has an element of excitement - and there's always the chance you'll enrich your life even more through the experience and through the new people you meet along the way. And hurry up with that meme already, okay? :-D Your bear victim pic freaks me out, btw. Haha!

dirty joke sir said...

Very cool

Richard said...

Wow, wow and wow again. The sand art is fantastic and your thoughts on making money from doing what we love is what I'm searching for... My search brought me here and with the poetic way you write your thoughts I'm planning on staying and reading more too. Funny, down to earth and inspirational. Thanks Lizza.

Mike said...

Yeah, sorry about the graphic pics and all...they were kinda grrross! lol Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Corky said...

Hi Lizza,

There's a cliche out there that says something like "If your happiness depends on other people, then you'll never be happy." There's another cliche which adds to this "But if your happiness depends only on yourself...".

You're very right, a bit of appreciation is much wanted - but not always necessary. It really depends on what. For my martial arts practice for example, no one ever has to say "ooohh... aaahh!" It only has to work when needed (then I appreciate it).

We are all works in progress, so whats the big deal? Not everyone wins a Palanca on his/her first attempt.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. The very first. Whats with the "grrr" tho for? Too long? Haha!

have a nice day! :D