Thursday, August 10, 2006

Elbow room

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What a nightmarish image.

I like a bit of elbow room...actually, a LOT of elbow room. Generally speaking, I don't like crowded places - although I can brave the hordes from time to time if I really want to go to a certain place or see an event that I know will have lots of other people there.

I'd rather eat broken glass, however, than jump into a pool like the one in the picture. For one thing, I'm sure to injure somebody if I do something really stupid like jump into that can of sardines. Second, why do the swimmers have floaters? The pool is too jampacked for anybody to have enough space to actually drown in! Also, that pool must have been one heck of a big, warm spot...if you know what I mean. Shudder, shudder, and shudder again. Hand me some broken glass, please.

My preference for solitude and space is one of the reasons I've never really enjoyed going to popular beaches. The most popular ones here are beautiful, I'll give them that. But they're not my thing, really. Good thing there are so many other beaches here that remain relatively "undiscovered."

My own personal, physical space. I hold it sacred and inviolate. Any person who enters it unbidden runs the risk of experiencing indescribable pain and trauma (or a head butt at the very least).

Unless it's someone I love and trust, of course.


Hitori said...

Pretty interesting blog. Will try and drop by more often.

Lizza said...

Thank you, Hitori.

You're welcome here.

Mike said...

Just popping in to say hello!

Jessica said...

This is really funny! I actually tried to go to a waterpark and it looked kind of like this! Not this bad of course, but bad enough that there was no way I was staying!

Lizza said...

I hope I never find myself in such a pool, lol.

Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

Penrick said...

I would love to yell something like "is this sh*t floating in here?", just to get everyone out!

Lizza said...

Haha! Just make sure you're a safe distance away...or else risk being injured in a stampede!

Winz said...

oh my god is that for real?????? #eyes popping out#

shittt. im claustrophobic, so ill get a heart attack just by looking at that image!

nice blog :)

Lizza said...

Hi Winz,

I have absolutely no idea if this pic is for real...and I have no intention of personally finding out, LOL. Scary, ain't it?

Thanks for stopping by.