Friday, August 11, 2006

ISI:Blogspot Update...c/o Andrew

Andrew, the relationship guru extraordinaire who answers questions and dispenses advice to all who care to ask him over at his blog To Love, Honor and Dismay, has posted his response to my blog entry of a few days ago. It made me laugh!

Thanks, Andrew! I hope you learned some other useful stuff from CSI -such as if blunt force trauma can cause men to forget things like birthdays and anniversaries, or if extreme frustration can cause an artery to rupture. :-)


Photo Cache said...

passing thru'.....have a great weekend :)

Penrick said...

Andrew is my new hero - doesn't he rock.

I like your site. I will be back often

Lizza said...

Thanks! Hope your weekend was good.

Andrew does rock, I agree. :-) Thanks for stopping by...I like your site too!