Monday, August 21, 2006

Saint Tom's Mental Diner

First off, if this guy really did do what they say he did, then his huevos should be sliced clean off and stuffed down his throat. I'm willing to lend the authorities my machete for that purpose. He admits to having had a hand in JonBenet's ("accidental," he says) death, but people are saying that his confession seems to have inconsistencies with what really happened. One of the things that disturbs me about this thing is that the guy was a primary school teacher in Thailand before he was arrested there, for crying out loud! It's like getting a wolf to watch over the lambs. Child abuse is one of the worst evils in this world, in my opinion.

I think it was Thomas Aquinas who said something
like when you get to the heart of evil, you'll find nothing there. Or that evil can indicate the lack of good, BUT that not every absence of good is necessarily evil. For example, having a good singing voice is good. I, however, can't sing to save my life. That doesn't make me evil, does it? Good old Saint Tom. His philosophies mess up my head sometimes, and I'm not even Catholic!

But there's one saying attributed to him that I like: "It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes." In other wo
rds, take some time out to relax and have fun, baby!

So I'm stealing borrowing an art idea from Mike...just for fun.

By the way, I never realized that some of the world's greatest artists drew dirty pictures.


renoir woman with catpierre bonnard woman with cat

COCKS IN ARTgerome cockfightgauguin chickens
And for me, a thought-provoking one by Vermeer:

vermeer procuress
I also wanted to include van Gogh's Starry Night and Monet's Water Lilies: Green Harmony, but I couldn't come up with anything dirty to associate them with.


Mike said...

wow - I never realized how sexually charged these paintings were either! lol

I agree 100,000% about those sick, perverted sonofab*tches who molest our children - they are the only kind of people I've never yet been able to find forgiveness for in my heart... BUT, we haven't heard the whole story from this guy, so who knows what involvement he did or didn't have.....

I used to work for a man of Scandinavian/Norwegian descent (real live Vikings were his ancestors, he said) - he told me how his people used to deal with molesters and rapists: they would hang the men by their wrists in like the town square, and then in front of the whole town, they would be skinned alive like an animal from their wrists all the way down to their feet, then left there alive to hang until they finally died...they didn't have much of a problem with rape, as you can imagine!

On that cheery note - good morning, Lizza! lol Have yourself a great day.....

Lizza said...

Wow, Mike! The Scandinavians of old sure didn't fool around, did they?

Yeah, we'll have to see how this turns out. Fact is, somebody did kill that little girl, and if this guy didn't, I hope they finally find the one who did it.

Sexually charged paintings, these are...oh, yes indeed. Haha! Have a good week ahead of you, Mike!

pissedpoet said...

This guy is sick which ever way you look at it. If he committed the crime or if he wants his 15 minutes from putting his hand up he needs help big time.
Now to the important part of your post Ü if you sing in public yes your are evil. Beware the KTV bar. And yes I have always had a soft spot for Vermeer. Ü

Prometheus said...

Sexually charged paintings? I feel they were 'tasteful nudity', the kind that doesn't send you to the [put preferred place here] to shag.

Fashion these days? Now that's sexually charged. I'm sure it ain't art to have an evening dress that leaves one boobie hanging out.

As regards pedos and rapists, nobody beats the hell outta them like Mumbai cops. They hang them up and (I wouldn't know the method employed to) give them a hard on. Then, there's this lovely cricket bat that goes Wham! and a clean drive through the cover boundary for a four. Erm.. make that Eight runs. Hey, TWO balls went outta the boundary didn't they?

Cricket is our national sport. Vive la cricket.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...


i need a cold shower. wanna join me ;)

Lizza said...

That's why I NEVER do karaoke. :-D And Vermeer's art is great, I think. I make up all sorts of scenarios in my head about what his subjects might be thinking about at the moment.

Tasteful nudity...hell, yes. It's just dirty-minded people like me who see other things in artwork like the ones in my post, lol. Nice technique the Mumbai cops use - incorporating sports in the administration of justice!

You're a perfect example of another dirty-minded person. But you're smart and witty too, so that makes it okay. ;-D

Lizza said...
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Prometheus said...

Universe showin off her legs (okay ONE leg). Now THAT's a work of art. Wotsay Liz?

Guess I beat ya to the dirty mind sweepstakes.. Nyah na nyah na nyah na. ;-)

Lizza said...

Where is Universe showing off her leg? She showed a frigging zit!

Show me a man's stubble. Now THAT is sexy!

Lizza said...

P.S. Prometheus,
And I'm referring to the stubble on a man's jaw. Just making that clear. :-D

Reeholio said...

haha, very clever Lizza!

Lizza said...

Thanks, Rhys! :-)