Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

I have been having Internet access problems the past few days (either my connection was choppy or it went kaput altogether). Me going through Web addiction withdrawal symptoms is NOT a pretty sight. So I had to zip through the blogs in my Fave Weblogs list and feed list in case I lost my connection again, instead of going through my usual practice of leisurely(?) reading and re-reading each new entry and comment. By the way, I'm usually a fast reader (for which I'm eminently grateful...otherwise I wouldn't be able to read all these great blogs regularly and still find time to work).

Some of the things I learned this week from a number of the blogs that I visit regularly:

1. Yaxlich is in danger of suffering an evacuation problem of catastrophic proportions. Looking at his Clenchometer (an invention that's potentially as useful as the Richter scale) makes me nervous for him. I hope Pant Aid has raised enough funds for you, Yaxlich.

2. Prometheus is beloved by Darth Vader. And that his Medusa looks like an 80's-era cartoon character. Does she speak Latin too?

3. Tainted is standing up for the rights of non-spellers in her usual, feisty way. And that some doctors in Dubai give their patients some strange medicine.

4. Justin speaks French. He had fun on a recent visit to Prague (in spite of the fact that he had to maim his Prada wallet just to board the plane). He has just made his 100th blog post. Yay!

5. Humvees remind Gumby of bananas somewhat. Or more specifically, the act of eating a banana. He's also taking a weekend trip to Kentucky with a friend.

6. Sony is also traveling. He and his friends are on a road trip to Texas. His description of the sights they've been seeing along the way makes me want to sing "Country roooaaad...take me hooooome..."

7. Doc is having salivary gland problems from thinking about how she'll be pigging out when she goes home for a visit. Also, her B&B in France is off to a good start.

8. Rhys is learning a hell of a damn lot about blogging -- more than I could ever learn. I also found out that he flies airplanes in his offline life.

9. Last life in my universe is having a skin problem that might have been caused by eating durians. Also, that she's a shaved, self-taught artist.

10. Mike has an aunt who's pretty well-respected in the art world. Maybe someday his videos will command the same prices that his aunt's work is being sold for.

11. Sir Dirty Joke is a man who loves sex and women. How can anyone who goes to his site miss that fact? Alert: he has an adult-oriented site.

12. Lest it be said that I take but do not give, here's a little factoid about me. I can be an unreasonably jealous bitch sometimes, especially when it comes to the people who matter to me. It can be over things like a friend talking to somebody else, not me (pathetic, I know). It can also be over something very trivial (when we were kids, I used to get jealous when my younger brother got more Christmas presents than I did). Other than this, I'm pretty harmless...I think.

Have a good weekend, everyone. :-)


Mike said...

I'm discovering all kinds of interesting people through posts like this!

I used to be rather bad about jealousy myself - I can think of far too many times I've completely stopped talking to people (usually of the "female" or "non-balled" pursuasion :-P ) and ended all contact simply because they were talking to somebody else...hmm, can't imagine why I didn't get married 'til I was 27 years old???

lol I wish I was still using my old icon when I commented in yesterday's post - my icon used to be a little bitty baby (me) hatched out of an eggshell on a blanket...

Prometheus said...

Jeez, Liz, me Medusa ain't so cutiepie at all. I did say 'Evil Lyn on steroid' but hey, forgive the lapse. She's more like... Herbert Hoover?

Latin? She speaks speaks a dozen languages and talks like a fisherwoman.

Yaxlich said...

Lizza will be pleased to hear that even as Yaxlich types, the Peruvian and Yaxlich's flatmate are preparing to go out for the evening and the Clenchometer will return to Green status within the next 30 minutes.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

lol i love you lizza *hugs*

Lizza said...

My Medusa speaks pig Latin with a British accent.

Whew! That's great news. Wouldn't want the turtle's head to come out inconveniently. Maybe it'll help if you concentrate on Snow White next time your sphincter starts to act up.

A sweet, smart, and funny young lady...that's you!

Lizza said...

I still see a baby on a blanket. :-D

dirty joke sir said...

Lizza, how did you figure out that tidbit about me?! lol

Lizza said...

DJ Sir,

It was hard, but I finally figured it out. LOL!

dirty joke sir said...

It is hard indeed baby! lol

Lizza said...

DJ Sir,
ROFL! You bad boy you!

Reeholio said...

Thanks for the mention Lizza. It is great to have a job where the view from the office window is forever changing and always fantastic ;-) Rhys

Lizza said...

I can't stand heights, but it must be a fantastic job for you, Rhys. Getting to travel and all that. :-)

Rainlander said...

Hi Lizza!

That's a very good idea! Blogworld Saturday! and I enjoyed your site! Thanks for being sincere ;)


Lexa Roséan said...

I'm jealous that you're not reading my blog. :)