Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not Your Usual Boy Band

I am so pathetically behind the times when it comes to most new singers in today's music scene. That's probably why I never heard any of the songs of the quartet Il Divo before today (and they've been around for two years already!).

Boy bands have been around for a long time. And while their songs may be popular and are generally chart-toppers, it's not the type of music I enjoy listening to. But I think Il Divo is a boy band I can like, even if it was created by Simon Cowell (infamous judge at American Idol, a show that I loathe).

My friend LAR (she's a good person) let me hear a copy of their album Ancora, and I really liked it. They're kind of like the Three Tenors, only younger (and plus one, of course). They're also cute, but not really my type.

My taste in music encompasses a very wide range, and the music of this tenor quartet fits neatly into that niche in my musical preference for Italian and Spanish love songs (case in point: Josh Groban's Si Volvieras a Mi and Per Te). I don't care much for some of the "crossover" songs on the album, but Si Tu Me Amas tugs at my heartstrings. It's a sad, sad love song; it's just beautiful. And Senza Catene, their version of the Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody, makes me want to take up pottery-making.

I remember the movie A Fish Called Wanda, where Jamie Lee Curtis' character is reduced to a mass of quivering, horny female flesh whenever Kevin Kline's character would speak a foreign language. I can identify with Jamie Lee somewhat in this sense. What is it about European accents that's so damn sexy?


Massive Delts said...

That's a novel idea. Form a boy band with guys that can actually sing.

Mike said...

Je parle un petit Francais, mademoiselle et jolie femme! le hint,le hint ;-)

Lizza said...

Hi Delts,
Man, can they sing! You having cat again tonight?

Je parle français un peu aussi. Hahaha! But do you have ze French accent? That's important, n'est-ce pas? :-D

Prometheus said...

Just great. Prometheus NEVER gets any recognition. Je parle un per le francais and Sprechen sie Deutsche, and Espanol and manage Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, Nee Hao, not to say anything of Latin. Plus, arabesque Arabic these days. And lovely ladies STILL mistake moi for chopped liver. And I TOLD mikey to leave dat Jolie femme outta this. All my cunning-linguistics and she still gets hitched to the Pitt.

Ah woe is me. Out, damn Solitude. O Maker of Mine, here I cometh. [Commits hara kiri with a light saber]

Lizza said...

Ohh, Prometheus! Maybe you should set up a podcast so that the ladies can hear you parlez-ing and habla-ing and spreche-ing and what have you. I'll contribute and count up to ten in my best Jack Sparrow accent (arrr!)

That Jolie femme is damn sexy, if I may say so myself...but I find her overly collagen-ed lips a bit off-putting (guys like that sort of stuff, though). I have a certain homme, uomo, HOMBRE!!! in mind, a very sexy one IMO, but I'll save him for another post. Yummy-licious, he is. LOL!

Cunning-linguistics? LOL LOL LOL
Now, THAT is sexy! ;-D

Gumby said...

As I love all things Italian, I have been enamored of Il Divo for some time.
Being a homo, I have been enamored of Il Divo for some time.

Quelli ragazzi sono caldi!

Lizza said...

LOL Gumby!

Delectable antipasti for you, eh?

Gumby said...


Anonymous said...

I have an album of Il Divo too. On a personal note, aside from them looking very yummy, the group's biggest asset is their distinct rendition of the songs. It's like multiplying Josh Groban four times and I agree with you that one of the best cuts from Josh's Closer album is Si Volvieras A Mi (I even downloaded the English interpretation of that song).

Hmmmm, by the way...is somebody's kid nicknamed Josh? :)


Lizza said...


Mine. And Kris Aquino's. But my Josh came first. :-D