Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Youth is wasted on the young...

...or so they say (who is they, anyway? How come they seem to know everything -- even without the benefit of hindsight?)

Justin's post sometime ago about beerpong reminded me of
something some folks and I used to do when we were in college -- Depth Charge! Basically, you just drop a full shot glass of tequila in a stein of beer -- and drink bottoms up as fast as you can! The folks who introduced me to this drinking game were going to another university, and since I was the only one from my own university at that time and place who could "compete" (because the GF of the host had chicken pox, and I being a girl at that) I had a lot of support -- even from members of the other university. "Go, U.P.!" were the cheers I heard from the others. Shit, isn't that pathetic, when the only thing for which you could represent your school is an informal drinking contest? :-D

Here are some pictures of me and my best college buds. We didn't do Depth Charge during the evening the pictures were taken, though. Two of these people were the ones who taught me how to smoke; the funny thing is that both of them have
quit smoking a long time ago -- and here I am still puffing away like a chimney.

These pics bring a smile to my face...perfect examples of carefree youth -- when even just dancing in the rain could bring so much fun. Keep in mind that these photos were taken half my lifetime ago: in the late 1980s. So pardon the qu

My friends are dancing in the rain

The guy swigging the vodka is a teacher. No wonder we never learned anything from him! LOL

I DON'T do karaoke. But when others look just as stupid, I can belt along with the best (or worst) of them. Besides, a combination of Stoli and San Miguel frees me from accountability for my actions. :-) The girl towering above some of 'em (2nd from left is me, btw). Drunken jerks, all of us.

In Baguio a year or so before the Big Earthquake. I've never been back since then. I've been told that the view behind us in this pic (that's me, 2nd from right) isn't of a mountain anymore, but of houses. Baguio is in the mountains, so it's cooler than it is in Manila. You can see that I'm not too cold-weather-proof. LOL

Yeah, that's me in my dorm room. I think I was wishing I didn't have to read the stack of books on my table...that I could go drinking and dancing in the rain instead.

Ye gods, how the ghosts of yesteryears can haunt us...especially the ghosts of weird haircuts.


Photo Cache said...

walk down memory years was fun for me too...minus the drinking, a pity really because alcohol did not appeal to me then. i have since acquired the taste for them. nice post. great photos.

Gumby said...

Several thoughts:
1) thanks for sharing the memories and the photos!
2) Dancing in the rain - can there be anything better? I never use an umbrella, ever, unless it's an absolute downpour. I love the feeling of rain.
3) An intelligent woman such as yourself smokes?!?!? Consider your wrist virtually slapped. In Christian love of course.

Justin said...

Too fun!

1) I wouldn't be a very good doctor if I didn't remind you of the dangers of smoking, mostly emphysema and significantly increased likelihood of cancer (a real risk, not like the "everything gives you cancer" level risk). Maybe we can be your pillar of support and accountability should you decide to stop?

2) I have to try Depth Charge now! We did the same with sake (Sake Bombs) and vodka (fire in the hole).

3) Karaoke is fun. I don't know what about it just gets people open and excited.

Lizza said...

Here's a recent pic of me doing the Bad Deed. Yeah, I know it's a filthy habit. I'll quit...someday.

Yes, it was a great trip down my memory lane. Those days were fun.

LOL! I'm more of a dumbass than intelligent most of the time. And yes, getting soaked in the rain is divine...if you don't think about acid rain, that is.

Thanks for the support! I'll let you guys know when I FINALLY decide to quit for good. Fire in the hole sounds interesting - I've never tried that one. I like listening to other people do karaoke; I just don't like doing it myself. :-)

Prometheus said...

At a pub called NASA (yeah, theme pub shaped like a shuttle and staff in Air Force uniforms) in Bangalore, some of us put together a double tot of whiskey and a dash of bitters to a mug of draught. Voila, the Photon Torpedo. Brought it back to Mumbai (then Bombay) and it was the rage for sometime.

A cheapo college-time cocktail was the Shandy, beer with equal amount of lime soda. Use cola instead and you get a Muddy Shandy.

Lizza said...

Photon Torpedo...LOL! Sounds lethal. Shandy is for wusses. :-)

Anonymous said...

Blogs, blogs, blogs! I like blogs myself but I don't keep one. I do read some of the blogs online, especially Lizza's but I never write comments, even once. But I won't pass this chance to say something about this f@#% ing beautiful blog! Have you ever seen how Lizza sings her heart out when she's drunk? Woww! I hear her sing a couple of notes once in a while but I would REALLY, REALLY like to hear her voice when she's drunk. Lol! And look at how this
beautiful lady thinks of beers and liquors instead of doing her assignments! But now she's one hell of a writer... an excellent one! (not to mention wacky and gross sometimes!) :-D Definitely a lady of beauty and brains!

To Lizza... CHEERS! :-D

Lizza said...


You hear me sing a couple of notes once in a while? I don't sing, I chant! LOL

Who art thou? Reveal thine identity!

And I do my assignments...I do, I do, I do!

Mike said...

Vous etes tres bien raison to show zeez fotos - bello, Senorita! I hope I say zeez words in ze korrect manner to you.....

My little brother came for a visit yesterday, so I was taking a trip down memory lane myself!

You know, you looked way too young to be a college student in that bottom photo - were you some kind of child prodigy or something? (like me was)

You look very cool with the cig, but I was quite surprised to learn that you smoke.....

Prometheus said...

"But now she's one hell of a writer... an excellent one! Definitely a lady of beauty and brains!"

"Vous etes tres bien raison to show zeez fotos - bello, Senorita! I hope I say zeez words in ze korrect manner to you....."

Awrighty pardners, dat makes the three of us. And ah don't like no mangy critturs on me ranch. So yuh guys gitcho busted ass outta here or my Smith & Wesson's gonna do all dat talkin. Yer gonner be so fulla bullets, folks are a gonna mine yer graves for lead. [spits out a cigarillo]

Lizza, marry me. O thou shining example of perfect genetics, give me thine heart to cherish. Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but earth hath no fool like a knight smitten. Aye, verily smitten is this knight of thine. Dragons of Mike, I shall slay and the Tusks of the Anonymous One I shall shear off with Anduril. He who hath conquered the worlds, boweth before the damsel fair, seeketh her hand (and the rest of her) in the name of love.

Sir Prometheus of the Triangular Table.

GhostRose said...

Drinking and dancing in the rain is sooo the best! :-) What's raelly fun is when me and my friends go for a picnic (beer, crisps, sandwiches) and it starts raining. We don't go hime - we just stay out there and get wet and have a lot of fun!

Which book is Pennywise the Clown in? I don't think I've read that one.

dirty joke sir said...

"They" dont know as much as "they" pretend they do!

starbender said...

Just surfed in and thought---
HEY- I've played that drinking game before!
I Luv'd it!

Lizza said...

Me was no wunderkind like you was lol. I think I was 18 or so in that pic.

Sir Prometheus,
Alas! The calloused hand of this maiden (and the rest of her) is spoken for. Never fear, oh most valiant knight! Thou wilt find the lady who will hold thee in her heart as well.

Just make sure to return Anduril to its rightful owner over at Minas Tirith, if that's still his abode. Chicks don't like guys who use other guys' things, ya know? :-D

Oohh, that's fun! Yes it is, yes it is. Ah, the carefree nature of the young. :-) (Btw, Pennywise was in It - it's the SK book that scared me the most.)

DJ Sir,
Well, give 'em the finger for me, if you please. :-)

That drinking game was fun, lol!
Thanks for stopping by!

Prometheus said...

Udder guys things? M'lady is it not enough travesty of justice that thou have givest your heart already? Is it not torment enough that thine knight has his heart shatter'd. (oh well, where's that umpteenth bottle of glue. gotta go piece those pieces together). If thou gains pleasure by belittleing him that has received Anduril, submitted by Elessar 'pon bended knee, so be it. 'tleast this knight's burdens are eased for having proferr'd mirth, if not love, to the damsel fair.

Thish world.. ish a ba (hic) bad place.. Bring on an (hic) nudder gallon. I'm not ash think ash you drunk I am.

Lizza said...

For shame, Sir Prometheus! Never would I make light of thine professions of l'amour.

Hand me some of that brew, will you?

Anonymous said...

Aww c'mon! You have a nice voice. Whether you sing or chant, I still want to hear your voice when you're drunk! Mwaa haa haa! And I know you always do your assignments... with quality! (no doubt about that).

Enow that thy identity remain unknown!

Fare thee well, My Lady!

Corky said...

Hi Lizza,

Okay, okay... Its probably no big surprise for you that I'd say I instantly recognized Kibonks in three of the photos... right?

Did she teach you how to smoke & drink? I did neither til I met her. Hahaha! I've managed to drop the drinking but not the smoking.

Dancing in the rain? Never thought of that (in college). Cool. I love the rain. It makes every motorbike ride even more enjoyable, especially on long out-of-town trips.



Lizza said...

Hi Corky,
No, she didn't. LOL

Happy to see you drop by again!

Winz said...

ive wondered that myself - i think i mentioned that on my blog as well - wondering who the hell THEY are and howcome THEY know everything. hahahaha
*high 5*

Lizza said...

Hi Winz!

As long as THEY play nice, then everything's A-OK. ;-D