Friday, August 04, 2006

Of unorthodox women in politics

Politics, no matter what country you're in, can be a godawful circus at times. Women in politics are a minority -- but they do dominate the news once in a while, and not always in a good way. Take for instance former Dutch legislator Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who was accused of falsifying information in her application for Dutch citizenship.

Then there's Melody Damayo, a.k.a. Mimi Miyagi. Born in Davao, the Philippines, she moved with her family to the USA when she was still a child. She is presently running for governor of the state of Nevada. Behold her official campaign ad:

Mimi4Governor? Holy silicone implants!

"Mimi Miyagi" is the pseudonym that this Republican gubernatorial candidate used during her years as an international porn star (or as a worker in the adult film industry, as some so delicately put it). To raise campaign funds, she holds pajama parties and other activities with the help of her "Campaign Cuties." She has no political background; to help her prepare for possible election she reads things like "The Complete Idiot's Guide to American Government" -- although an article by
A. Lin Neumann in The Asia Sentinel says that "she's no slouch at politics."

Her platform includes the following:
  1. Decriminalization of marijuana
  2. Reduce waiting time processing police reports for victims of crime
  3. Tougher laws on domestic violence abusers
  4. Remove newly added business tax laws on entertainers
  5. Legalizing strip clubs in hotels
  6. Against political corruption
  7. Against judicial activism
  8. For Free Speech
  9. For reducing prices at the pump
  10. For reducing youth gang violence
  11. Remove newly added business tax/license laws on charitable organizations
  12. Anti-stalking legislature enforcement
As you can probably imagine, she has her detractors and supporters. Some people say she would be a "breath of fresh air" and that she should be "given a chance." After all, if former prostitute Nicole Castioni was able to become a respected Swiss legislator, why shouldn't Mimi? On the other hand, aspersions have been cast on her family history, her earlier use of drugs, and of course, her choice of careers. She's been called a disgrace to women, to her race, etc.

Even if Mimi doesn't take the gubernatorial spot, she isn't giving up on the possibility of holding public office in the future. In fact, she's considering running for mayor of Las Vegas in 2007. If she still doesn't win that one, I guess she could always become a political advertising consultant. :-D

Oh, and she plans to tone down those 36DD's someday, too.


MD said...

oh. my. god.

looool...what is the world coming to. i need a time machine back to the good ol days - whenever that be!

Lizza said...


The world has always been a crazy place. It's just that we're finding out about the good and the bad a lot faster because of the Internet.

Corky said...


Hahaha! That's a great take on this political candidate. You have any invites to her pajama parties? (I know what you're think: ooh! MEN!)

Politics. Its obiquitous. :D

Corky said...

Sorry for that... what happened to my "ing"? Wasn't thinking! Was distracted by a few 36DD's (there you go again with "MEN!").

Lizza said...

Hahaha Corky!

Go on over to Nevada and show her some support. With her 36 DD's I'm sure her back needs all the support it can get. ;-)

Corky said...

Hi Lizza,

Do you think they would have any job openings there? I could definitely provide support... but not for her back. :D

Hahaha! ;)