Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

I heard someone say something like this: "Optimist drowns in half-full bathtub." For some reason, that sent me into gales of laughter.

Okay, no more non sequiturs -- at least for now.

Every Friday Saturday I'll mention something new I've learned about the bloggers I come across in this Web thingy. This time I'll dwell not on the places where they live, not their places of work -- but on certain things I've discovered about them (or those which they choose to reveal in their blogs. Or maybe things that I've inferred -- rightly or wrongly -- about them).

This week, I learned that:

1. Yaxlich suffers from a medical condition called Betty Swollocks (an unusual malady caused by the recent freaky heat wave in Western Europe). And that this person is "in lust" with Britney Spears (Lisa Simpson I can understand...but Britney?!?);

2. Justin hates wine connoisseurs. That he goofs off in the university lab when he should be doing Something Else -- something related to why he's there in the first place;

3. Gumby's penis name is Squirmin' Herman the One-Eyed German. That he really, REALLY loves Pokey's chocolate gelato;

4. The Happy Housewife is having a frigging good time when it comes to keeping house and all matters domestic;(Edit: A GRAPHIC ADULT-ORIENTED BLOG)

5. Robert is a veritable wiz when it comes to accounting in Argentina. That hail enthralls him;

6. Tainted is never too sick to write about the issues that move her. That, by her own admission, she can't spell;

7. Freedom Glutton is not afraid to reveal her deepest -- and shallowest! -- thoughts to the people who read her blog;

8. Corky will brave any kind of weather to indulge his addiction to RC'ing -- and that we are all never too old to find time to play;

9. Zoe is addicted to the TV program "24." That the Twat finds weird-looking animals funny (maybe he likes Barney too?);

10. There are dear friends who have blogs but don't want me talking about them. And that there are some other wonderful individuals who don't have blogs (but I'm still finding out new things about them in unexpected ways every now and then...lovely!)


Photo Cache said...

nice observations. little request tho'...what about a tiny tid bit about your self to go with this?

Lizza said...

Haha Photo,

I don't want to scare off the people who stumble onto this blog. :-)

Gumby said...

thanks for the mention! I visit your blog every day.

Mike said...

I Am Man, See Me Comment! :-) Very interesting blog you have's always fascinating to read blogs from all over the world, people like you are so interesting! I will come back and visit soon.....

Lizza said...

I visit your blog every day too. :-)

Mike Man,
Thank you! I agree, it's great to learn a bit about what people in other countries are thinking. Sometimes you learn, sometimes you just laugh -- more often than not, I find myself doing both when I read other people's blogs. :-D

MD said...

smart idea! i never jotted these down; i just make a mental note of what new things i've learnt about a blogger :)

btw i love ur quote, i'm sure a vengeful pessimist wrote that ;)

Reeholio said...

Hi Lizza,

I just had to comment on the power of linking. I thought I'd come and check out what you'd written recently and then clicked over to Gumby's blog. Had quite a laugh there, but got a surprise when I then clicked to the happy housewife. Wasn't expecting to see Hermit with his Harry and the Hendersons in full view. But, very funny though.

With some inspiration from Yaxlich, yourself, Gumby and a few others, I have decided to change my home blog to the normal backwards bottom-to-top right-brained style common to blogging. I tried to keep to my left-brained logical, organised top down style, but have recently found the directories don't like it when you try to list your blog there. It will take a couple of days of my spare time to change it over, but please do pay me a visit later.


Lizza said...

The quote tickled me pink! Glad you liked the idea. I'm having loads of fun with it. I visit your blog too, you know.

I'll visit your new blog (I wander over to your home blog to marvel at your gorgeous New Zealand pics). Damn, I keep forgetting to warn people about the adult nature of the Happy Housewife's blog.

Justin said...

Heh heh; I really don't goof off THAT often in lab ... okay, maybe I do.

Lizza said...

Haha Justin,
Confession is good for the soul. :)

Corky said...

Hi Lizza,

You may be surprised to find out that among my circle of friends - I am the youngest at 36. Most buddies of mine in this hobby are at least 50. Few younger folk can afford it. It is a huge drain on resources (oh my aching wallet).

Besides, when you love something - you will weather anything. Agree? :D

Youth is in the soul! Hahaha!