Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happily ever after and all that shit

Technology is so amazing. It can bring back to life moments so truly wonderful -- even if I had been there to witness and feel the experience firsthand in all its sweaty, exhilaratory glory.

And I WAS there. But seeing it online again is a pleasure I can immerse myself in over and over again.

They didn't show this song in the television network telecast a few weeks after the show took place. It was understandable having the network forgo showing the band's performance of their groundbreaking song "Pare Ko," since it includes lyrics that some might think of as profane. (Personally, I think the "profanity" is not at all out of context. I, for one, have thought at least once that being in a fool  in love is a son of a bitch. That's what the band said in the song.)

What I didn't like about the TV network's telecast was that they left out a lot of the band's songs. Songs that weren't hits in their eyes. I'm so glad someone put up great-quality clips of the less popularly known Eraserheads songs that I love.

I wish I could go back to those fairy book tales
Forget the real world awhile and seek the seas of the talking whales

Where everything starts out once upon a time long, long ago
And ends happily ever after

Or so the uncommercially-popular song I love goes. It hits a sensitive spot, strangely.

Someone point me to the place of wishing wells and magic spells? :-D


Matt-Man said...

Wishing wells are too often filled with tears, my friend. So...simply make your own magic. Cheers Lizza!!

Travis said...

Of course the important thing is that you were there and they can't take that away.