Monday, April 20, 2009

It's raining men...oh no!

What does one do when she is in need of some ha-ha-ha moments? She goes to, of course. You lovely males can have fun there, too.

What I did was enter my birthdate, and they came up with several male celebrities I'm most compatible with, according to their biorhythm computations.

Ergo, my results.

I live under a rock (or its metaphorical equivalent) so I have absolutely no freakin' idea who these men are. But hey, they're supposed to be the best men out there for me -- and they're celebrities to boot (though I'd never heard of them), so the least I could do was to check them out.

Celebrity Match #1: FERNANDO COLUNGA

Jeezus on a rusty bicycle. This is the man that thinks is my best bet??? Can I just pass Go and collect $200? Notwithstanding the impressive bulge in his swimsuit, he just isn't the type of guy who I'd invite to warm my waffles. No offense to bodybuilders, but Terminator-type men leave me cold. proclaims Colunga and me to be 100% physically compatible. (That does sounds promising.) Emotionally, he and I are supposed to be 94% compatible. (He's as much of an emotional basket case as I am?) We do even better intellectually, at 98%. (Maybe he's even more of an infuriating smartass than I am!)

The other men I'm supposedly compatible with:

Celebrity Match #2: JASON O'MARA

Not bad, but the milk-and-cookies guy isn't my type either.

Celebrity Match #3: MATTHEW LILLARD

See comment above.

Celebrity Match #4: JASON KIDD

OMG. Please, oh please, all the powers that be, I'll do anything, just please, spare me!

Celebrity Match #5: SCOTT SPEEDMAN

He kinda looks like the venerable JC, doesn't he?. Maybe if I pray to him, I'd be spared from someone like Celebrity Match #4.

These are the men who I'm biorhythmically compatible with? If so, shower me with the damn hellfire & brimstone now because I am doomed I tell you, doomed! (And so are they, if each of these men's significant other is someone like me.)

I also did a search on one of my ultimate celebrity crushes, and this is what CelebMatch said:

I'm probably too dumb for Ryan Reynolds, but physically and emotionally, he and I are a match! Yeah, right, in my dreams. Doesn't seem like he's classic Oscar Award material, but I don't care. I still think he's way yummy-licious. More importantly, he never fails to make me laugh, especially during his deadpan moments.

Oh, Wade! Prolly my favorite male mutant after Logan.


Terra Shield said...

LOL! (Though I think Mr. Speedman ain't too bad)

This is what I got:
Ben Barnes
Jerry O Connell
Bryan White
Ashton Kutcher
Kyle Cook

You're right... sure provides very ha ha moments :D

Mimi Lenox said...

You said "warm my waffles".
That was hysterical.

I think you shouldn't argue with technology. Any (or all) of these are perfect for waffle warming.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I put in my real date of birth and the results were all soooooooo old - might try cheating ...... tee hee.

I'll never look at a waffle iron the same way now BTW .....

Mike said...

Very funny today Lizza :-) I cracked up when I saw your match #4.....

My matches were all beautiful women I'd never heard of before - and having just met them, I was a little put off by the one who seems to enjoy being naked alot. (quite naked, quite alot lol).

Sure were alot of pop-ups at that site. (ads, I mean)

Mike said...

On a totally unrelated note... You're probably the only person I know who can answer this question for me: Why is Filipino spelled with an F, but Philippines with a Ph? (I was watching a PBS film about Imelda Marcos last nite, and just wondered why the spelling was different.....)

Lizza said...

Terra: I agree, Mr. Speedman was the best of the lot.

I don't think I know any of the ones you got either, except for Mr. Kutcher.

Mimi: I tend not to argue with technology. Question it, ignore it, bless it, curse it sometimes, yes, but argue, nooooo.

My waffles are sacred. :-D

DaddyP: I wonder how you fared with Uma in this one.

Mike: I thought guys like chicks who like going naked? :-D

Hmm, Filipino and Philippines. The Spanish colonists named country las islas Filipinas, after Spain's King Philip (or Felipe). Originally, the term Filipino was used to refer to a Spaniard who was born in the Philippines; the natives they referred to by another term: indios. (Kinda like how the first colonists in America called the Native Americans "Indians.")

The Anglicized version of Filipinas (or Pilipinas in our language) is Philippines, but for some reason, Philippino or Philippina just looks weird to us. So don't use those two terms; use Filipino or Filipina (or Pilipino or Pilipina or even Pinoy/Pinay) instead.

Now back to our regular programming. :-D

marathoner81 said...

hmmm...I did this and got Clay Aiken for one of my best matches...looks like I'm screwed..oh wait, I guess screwed isn't the BEST word to used...I'm out of's a no go!

Mike said...

Thanks for clearing that up!

Photo Cache said...

this looks like so much fun; i'll do this later.

hey matthew lillard is not a milk and cookies guy; far from it; i hate him in all the movies i saw him on.

Mike said...

Where are you buddy? You know I need your constant approval of everything I do in my blog - I can't continue until you're back! besides, isn't it my job to disappear for days on end?