Thursday, December 06, 2007


I have such lovely blog buddies, you all know that, don't you? Thank you for the emails and the we-miss-you comments. I've missed reading you guys too. I hope all is well. I will catch up!

I'm so sorry. I know I've been such a crappy blog buddy in return, I probably deserve a spanking. I've been a tad busy, but I won't bore you with the details.

Now, what can I share that's happened recently that's good for public consumption? Let's see.

I went with the girlfriends to a nearby province last Sunday. One of the things we did was go to a butterfly garden. The butterflies were charming, flitting hither and thither. We saw a few of them engaged in the act of procreation, and I tell you, if reincarnation is real I don't want to be reborn as a butterfly. Yeah, they're pretty and all. But maaaan, butterfly sex sure is boring! I mean, they just sit there, hardly moving at all. I was drumming my fingers (figuratively speaking), saying "Come onnnn! Get with the action already." Maybe in the butterfly world, that's already hot stuff. But perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh on the poor things. Maybe if aliens or higher beings look at humans having hot sex, they're also saying "Is that it? Come onnnn! Get with the action already!"

Butterflies are beautiful - though the way they have sex is snoozeville - and it makes me wonder if the sex lives of beautiful people are just as boring. Well anyway, if I get a stab at being reincarnated as an animal, maybe I'd like to come back as a pig. I won't tell you why, figure it out. :-)

Oh, had a drink (and by "a drink" I really mean more than one or three) recently with two good friends. Great conversation and lots of laughs in the coolness of the night wind, under the light of a bright moon's ass. The moon was hanging low, its top half hidden behind the clouds, its beams reflected in the water below. Beautiful sight, beautiful evening.

Tonight it's raining though. So no moon or stars to behold. But it feels nice and cool.

Makes me hungry for chocolate.

Or for a cucumber.

But since I have neither right now, methinks I'll settle for "a beer." Cheers!


Bond said...

Chocolate and cucumbers...a girls best friends... hehehehehehe

Lizza said...

Whaaaat? I'm thinking of a nice cucumber salad. ;-)

Turnbaby said...

Good to see you sugar!!!

MMmmmmm chocolate, spanking mmmmmmm

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza! You have resurfaced. I was about to send the palace guards to find you. Sounds like you've been up to lovely mischief. Welcome back.

Lizza said...

Turnbaby: Don't let Bond hear you about spanking. High five on the chocolate though!

Mims: Mischief, hmmmm. I hope the palace guards come bearing chocolate.

Kiyotoe said...

well at least we know you're okay young lady.

I used to get grounded for disappearing like that without calling.

shame on you....

RED MOJO said...

This is so weird, I just did a post myself on butterfly sex, cucumbers and the moon's ass! I was drunk too.
Since this is my first visit to your blog, I haven't missed you while you were gone, and you may not know I'm just kidding about the post.
I followed your link from Diesel's blog. Nice to meetcha.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Yay! Lizza posted!

Maybe the whole deal with butterfly sex is that they do all the moving on the inside. You know, like when the butterfly chick takes a thick butterfly cock all the way up and then she starts doing Kegels until the butterfly stud cums like a butterfly pornstar. You know, one of these drills: "Don't move...stay right there..."

Damn. Butterflies are getting lots more action than some of us these days.


kyels said...

WTF ... Cucumber?!

Really, that's friggin' hilarious Lizza. Welcome back and you were sorely missed, honestly!


Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: I know, I've been a bad girl. A thousand pardons, dear dragon. Now sheathe those claws.

Red Mojo: Welcome! You were kidding about the post? Damn. Interesting handle. I wonder what color my mojo is?

Ian: You just made me snort coffee up my nose. Butterfly cock? Butterfly cum? Butterfly Kegels? Hilarious!

Kyels: Glad to see you too. Hey, don't you be knocking the cucumber. It's really quite good! ;-)

Glamourpuss said...

Good to have you back, petal.

Yes, I think beautiful people do have crap sex.


Odat said...

I just saw your face over at Ian's and came to see if you're alive!!!
and you are!! Buttlerfly sex, cucumbers and all...missed ya!
(LOL at Ian's comments).

Photo Cache said...

nice to see you're back; which parallel universe did you hide?


Matt-Man said...

Welcome Back Lizza. And if you truly feel that you need to be spanked, I would like to publicly volunteer to administer such a punishment to you. Cheers!!

penfold said...

Hey your loverliness. Nice to see you out and about in your blog frock again. I'm not sure I can agree with Ian. Those butterflies aren't getting all tantric... Mr Butterfly is hung like a teeny gnat and Mrs Butterfly is reading Hello mag wishing he'd get on with it...
I'll join you in the pig pen! Oh and if you're pouring drinks - you know what mine is...

Tammie Jean said...

Welcome back!! You've been missed, but you know that :)
LMAO @ Ian!!

Travis said...

It's good to see words here again. Love the description of the bright moon's ass.

Missed ya!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

It's about time. Do you how much you worried my mother and me? Evereday it was, "Lizza return yet?" "Nope." "She must be havinf a REALLY good time..."

Did ya miss us??

Gumby said...

Yea! You're back!

As far as the spanking.... Count me in!

Witness Street said...

WOW! Good to see you back, Lizza. Here's to welcome you; to conversations under the night sky; and to all-we-can-drink celebrations this season!

Christy said...

But pigs are so dirty rolling around in the mud and such..


Burton said...

Lizza, hey... glad to see you posting again. I've been just as busy, but I'm trying a resurgence with Thwarting Complacency. I think complacency had drugged me for a while, but I'm all better now.

Funny post. Hope you found some chocolate. :)

Lizza said...

Puss: Thanks, luv. But,'re a beautiful person. And I refuse to believe you have crap sex.

Odat: Thanks! I still haven't caught up, but glad to see you here!

Photo: Just my bed. Hahahaaa...

Matt: Promises, promises. Cheers!

Penfold: Maybe they have different butterflies in Colorado.

Oink oink! *handing you your snifter*

Tammie Jean: Thanks! I've missed you too.

Trav: I didn't realize the moon had such a gorgeous ass. Missed ya too!

Bud: Awwww, that's so sweet! Give Mom a hug and a kiss for me. And yes, you know I missed you guys.

Gumby: Why am I not surprised you're a spanking fan?

Migs: Thanks! Every season is SMB season here. We need to get together for a drink sometime.

Christy: Uh oh, now you've given someone a mud wrestling image. Oink! :-D

Burton: Ohh, I've missed you! Damn complacency, it should be classified as a controlled substance. And no, I didn't find quite the exact kind of chocolate I had a hankering for at the time of this post. ;-)

it's the little things... said...

Glad you're back. I was worried!

eastcoastdweller said...

Another reason not to be a butterfly: They derive moisture and mineral salts from whatever source they can find, from fermented fruit (You would be okay with that) to fresh cow patties. (You probably would not be okay with that).