Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The (Middle) Name Game

Lizza Lizza bo Lizza, bonana fana fo Lizza...etc. Now let's do Buck!

First, an update. My dearly beloved soul sister H, who shares her breathtaking prose over at Shout, loves the color (colour?) pink. I normally like pink too, even though I'm not a big fan, but right now I'm tired of it. Because there's a pink eye epidemic here at home. My littlest one had it first last week for a day or so; now her older sister and brother have it. Even my mom has it. I don't have it, though -- even though I don't hold back from touching, kissing, and hugging my offspring. Kind of strange isn't matter how much you're in the presence of someone, that special something they have doesn't rub off on you -- which can be good or bad. Depends on what you want to "catch" from that person.


The bubbly and effervescent (effervescenza?) Sognatrice, who writes about her dolce vita in bella Italia over at Bleeding Espresso, hit me with the Middle Name tag. Sognatrice is an American who lives in Calabria. Check out her blog. She writes descriptively and she has super-cool pictures. I can almost imagine myself in Italy when I read her posts.

And. I. Really. WILL. Go. To. Italy. Someday.

Middle names in the Philippines aren't really viewed the same way as they are in the West. Here one's middle name is his or her mother's maiden surname. For example: if Juana de la Cruz's parents are Miguel de la Cruz and Paraluman Basangkiki, her full name would be Juana Basangkiki de la Cruz -- Basangkiki being her middle name. But, for the purposes of this tag, let's stick with Western-style middle names. Which brings me to another fun aspect of names here in the Philippines.

It isn't uncommon for people here to have two or more middle names (Western style, and then some). For instance:

Godofredo Raymundo Rodolfo (nickname: Rudy)
María Estela Rhodora (nickname: Dodi)
Tamara Rose Sabrina (nickname: Bri)
María Josefina Adela Rosario (nickname: Joy)

Keep in mind that surnames aren't included in the above examples. Another humorous example of names: I knew someone whose surname is Desierto (desert). Her first name? Sahara. Her sister's name is Gobi. My children should thank the stars they weren't named after beer (well, one of them was, kinda. Tee hee.)

The names I mentioned above are lovely, but hellish when you're learning to write! I don't have multiple names (thank heavens!) but I do have a middle name (in the Western sense): Melizza, from which Lizza was derived. Now, I have to cite a word for each letter of that name and relate it to something about me.

M - Merry. It doesn't take much to make me laugh. Black clouds of depression may make my day seem overcast, but a thoughtful gesture or word from someone I care about can usually disperse the gloom and bring out my sunny disposition again.

E - Evident. I'm no good at hiding my feelings -- from the people who know me. They can tell that something's bothering me though I try to look and sound cheerful.

L - Lewd. Well, I am. But discreetly so. I 'd be discussing innocuous things with a man; but inside I'd be picturing him nekkid and wondering if he's hung like a horse and if he'd be great in the sack. Whaaat? Don't be so shocked. Admit it, you do that too. (Unless you're a straight man or a lesbian, then you'd be imagining the same thing -- but with a woman. Though the thought of a woman who's hung like a horse is perturbing.)

I - Insecure. I have lots of hang-ups, which I won't go into here. I've been told it's a shame I have such low self-esteem. That made me tear up. *sniffle*

Z - Zzzzzzzz. My sleeping hours have been irregular for so many years now. I'm usually awake from 11PM to 5 or 6AM, then sleep until 11AM to 1PM. Yep, most unhealthy, I know. But that's how my body clock functions.

Z - Zen. Such a short word, but one that encompasses concepts like enlightenment, serenity, inner peace. Will I ever achieve them? *crosses fingers and breathes deeply*

A - Amicable. I'm usually nice, and I'm terrible at insults. So when someone recently called me a stupid moron and a motherfucking wanker all in one breath, I was immensely amused. Said insults came from a dear friend and were made in an unhostile context, so I didn't take offense. He's such a smartass, but I love him dearly. Retaliating with Shakespearean-inspired epithets would've been futile, so I did the next best thing: I sent this friend a voice clip of me singing part of that Thompson Twins' oldie "Doctor Doctor." I hope he gets nightmares from it. That'll learn him. Hah!

That's it, I'm done. Grazie mille to the splendid sognatrice. Enjoy some gelato for me, will you?


Turnbaby said...

Ooo the 'L' word--YUP--*giggling

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Ugh, I hate pink eye.

ian said...

This is a great description of you, Lizza - and from what I've seen in your blog, entirely accurate. :)

*horse snort*


CS said...

Good meme. And it suddenly explains why you post comments at odd hours.

Sidney said...

That is quite a confession.
Not sure I would want to meet with you and discuss innocuous things... ;-)

kyels said...

Lewd; never knew you were!

Joke! I guess all of us have that in us, diba?


DaddyP said...

What about hung like a really really small pony?
I'm asking for a friend.

sognatrice said...

Love the explanation of the role of middle names in the Philippines; they're really not used very often in Italy either so on a lot of the forms here, they really don't know what to do with my "Ann" in the middle. Too funny.

Love the list, and I have to say that your sleeping schedule, with a tiny adjustment, makes you a perfect candidate for some Mediterranean living ;)

houseband00 said...

Somehow Zzzz and Zen are correlated. =)

Bond said...

As I am sitting here at 4 AM the first Zzzzzzzzzzzz is relevant to me


H said...

pink eye you say? poor poor babies.

Lovely lovely Lewd [oooo I wish I could say it with as much elan] Lizza, for a moment you had me there with the offensive your friend launched. I was all frothing and ready to dive in with some A-grade vitriolica.

Lizza said...

TB: I just knew you'd like that. ;-)

silverneurotic: Not the most fun thing to have around. I'm just glad it isn't anything worse.

Ian: Horse snort? Hahaaa...

CS: Thanks! I like the wee hours, when everything's quiet.

Sidney: We can always talk about sinful chocolate and beer!

Kyels: Exactly!

Sognatrice: Ah, the famous laid-back Mediterranean style of living. Sounds absolutely yummy.

HB: Maybe. But what if it isn't? What if.... wala lang.

Bond: Et tu? Hope you get lots of quality sleep soon!

H: I just knew you'd have my back. But I think even grade-A vitriolic from you would sound so elegant.

Petra basangkiki said...


Day, sold na sold saken tong post mo na to.

Endearing ka naman talaga day.

Lamo, I've never had a pink eye myself! ~knocks on wood~, altho' I've had the lot - beke, tigdas, bulutong tubig! too much info i know but I'm good at that! (sharing surplus info)

My middle name is gross. I'll tell you someday, pag nalasing moko.

Lizza said...

DaddyP: Awww, that sounds so cute. Like a little bunny rabbit.

Petra: Hoy, magpunas ka inday! Ako din naman, di kagandahan ang middle name ko. Sige, swap tayo pag nagkalasingan.

Glamourpuss said...

I love your effervescence...

However you want to spell it.


Kiyotoe said...

Sorry, but "L" is for Lovely.

Period ;)

Mimi Lenox said...

Quite revealing, my dear. Melizza is lovely.

Debo Blue said...

This is cool! The Phillipine middle name is similar to my Mexican friends in that their middle names are usually their mother's last name.

Odat said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for the lewd lizza!

Ritardo "Gar the Conqueror" said...

i always feel as though my middle name is wasted so maybe today i will take it for a walk.