Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Grey thoughts

I have this habit of talking to myself in the mirror. Quite a few scintillating conversations I've had that way. But today was different somehow. There I was, combing my hair, arguing with the four-eyed critter in front of me about pros and cons of getting a perm, when the sight of something glinting made me stop in mid-sentence.

Grey hair.

I've had a strand or two of grey hair in the past, nothing that made me worry. All I did was to have someone else pluck them out and everything was back to the familiar and normal. But today there's more than just one or two. It's a whole frigging colony up there! How did it happen? I swear most of them weren't there yesterday. But they're there now whether I agree or not.

After the initial shock, I got to wondering why the discovery of grey hair is so anathema to many people. Is it an issue of vanity? Or is it an uncomfortable indication of mortality, a not-so-subtle reminder that I'm one step closer to the grave? Morbid thoughts, I know. At my age (36) I would hope I still have years and kilometers (or miles) to go before I call it a night forever.

P.G. Wodehouse said that the only cure for grey hair is the guillotine. That's a rather extreme solution. I think I'll accept mine with good grace, though I hope they don't outnumber the black strands any day soon. One thing's for sure, unlike other people, I won't be looking for grey or white hair elsewhere!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I had a friend that began going gray when he was nearly twenty years younger than you...that had to be a bit of a blow to his self esteem, I mean, how many high school students are walking around with gray hair already sprouting.

Personally, I think that gray hair is a sign of must be getting smarter in your years. ;) And hey, there's always hair dye.

houseband00 said...

Don't sweat the grey stuff, Liz.

Tanggapin mo na lang na matanda ka na rin. =)

We either fret about aging's inevitability or we just deal with it gracefully.

ian said...

I'm getting more and more gray on the sides of my head. I find it's harder for ME to see it if I keep the sides cut close, but the white fuckers are overachievers and grow MUCH faster than their brown cousins. I'm sure that could be construed as some kind of commentary on the explosive growth of Europeans throughout the world in the 15th and 16th Centuries but really, I didn't intend as such.

I got gray in my goatee too. I'd shave it but my chin is UUUUUUUUGLY.


Travis said...

I'm enjoying my gray hair - it's nicely frosting the sides and starting to wave through the top.

It isn't a headlight yet - not a full head of gray hair. It's just encroaching slowly.

kyels said...

Don't sweat it. You're still young at that age. It's better than having a load of gray hairs when a person's just in his/her early twenties.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

"Grey is a sign of Wisdom" - ha ha - I must be really really wise.

You'll always be lovely Lizza even when you are a grey haired, toothless old hag that cackles and drools and repeats yourself and repeats yourself. You must have at least of couple of years left I would have thought.

H said...


just two or three strands of grey and you're sweating?!!! I have TONS. hmmm.

But, you really are my sister.
Damn, with all this mirror talk and all, I miss my mirror already.

nursemyra said...

lizza you're always going to be gorgeous no matter how much moonglow is in your hair

Bond said...

ummmm mine began at here and there...never did it go on the sides as it happens for most...and you know dear Lizza..if you pluck two more come you see the pics...the silver has won....

Odat said...

Well I had a patch of grey in my hair forever...was kinda cool when I was young, it was in the front..I used to tell people I highlighted my hair. But now, I have no qualms about covering the gray...I have thick, wild, curly hair and salt and pepper "wild" hair is not such a cool look! Peace

Tammie Jean said...

I used to always wear my hair straight, but when little grays started poking through I found that they are better hidden in curly hair. Now I occassionally have to resort to salon visits to take care of the invaders.

Kiyotoe said...

Grey hair can be sexy when embraced. I have one that pops up in my goatee in the exact same place every time.

I'm ready for 'em, make them work in my favor.

In a few more years ;)

Maryanne Moll said...

I have 126. Yes, I had the maid count them all. I am trying to keep an inventory, and will fine any new gray hair that sprouts, so that I can be a millionnaire by the time I am 35.

Natalia said...

I found my first one just short of my thirtieth b-day. It was odd. Surreal.


Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

well I started going grey when I was 19. And while its all very well to say that there's nothing wrong with grey hair - and there isn't - I personally don't feel old enough to have any still (I'm 28 now)!!

If you're the kind of person that can make it work - good for you. Some people look great with it. I, however, happily embrace the chemicals and dye my hair every four weeks.

I think you're right that grey hair makes us think of aging, but more of decay than demise. When we are children we think of our parents as being old, and anyone with grey hair as being coffin-dodgers. So it is a little bit of a shock to us...

I was always bitter than I started to go grey before I got my wisdom teeth... as though my body was falling apart before it had even developed fully. At this stage most people I know have some greys. All the same I'm glad of modern developments in hair dying!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Bet there are a few more today! - tee hee

Anonymous said...

oh boy. Greys. Personally I like grey and silver hair. I have a friend who went silver at 30. She looks amazing.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Bah, you are not getting older, you are getting better.

Well, you ARE getting older. But you are still getting better.

Where was I?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

4 more - just round the back where you can't quite see them.

Sanni said...

Long time, no see - I´m sorry.

3 gray hairs and counting on my head. Wear them with garce, sweets =D

Lizza said...

Thank you to everyone for your comments.

Yes, Sanni dear, I'll try to wear them with grace.

DaddyP, I appreciate the strand count. I'd reciprocate, but I get all cross-eyed and dizzy when I try to count them. And please don't limit me to just a couple of years! I still need to get there and bug the heck out of you.

Mr. Fab, sometimes I wish I could do it like you do!

My reflecting pool, thanks for stopping by. I can only hope they'll look as good on me as they do on your friend.

Aunty! So good to see you again. You hit the nail on the head; it's too early for the beginning of the end.

Natalia, the little buggers have a propensity for multiplying.

Maryanne, your maid is awesome. I'd contribute my grey strands to you if it'd help with your goal.

Dragon, you can make anything work for you.

Tammie Jean, I'm still considering a perm, even more so now if there's a chance I'll look as good as you.

Odat, you don't fool me because the way you describe it sounds cool indeed.

Bond, the fuckers multiply when they're plucked? Jeez. Thanks for the info.

Nursemyra, moonglow...I like that. Thanks, you're such a sweetheart.

H, you've been neglecting the mirror? Bad girl. Go catch up on missed conversations and tell us about them.

Kyels, I'm not sweating it...much. :-D

Trav, slow encroachment is ok. Much better than a full frontal assault, which seems to have happened to me.

Ian, correlation between the invasion of the greys and the Middle Age Europeans, interesting. But what the hell is an ugly chin? I can't imagine you with one.

HB, ano pa nga ba. Tumatanda na talaga ako. But I do accept it and look forward (really?) to my dotage.

Silverneurotic, I see the grey hair, but not the wisdom. :-D Yep, a bit of color won't hurt -- a good friend of mine can give me a henna treatment.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

see, theres a perfectly good reason why i avoid looking into the mirror. i like the way i look - in my mind.

Turnbaby said...


I am lucky in that department and have very few grey hanging out amongst the blonde--I do get my hair highlighted so that kind of takes care of them.

And as for other parts--well---I just got rid of the carpet ;-)

Smooches sugar--I understand totally about my vida loca messing with my blogging and my blog buddies--isn't Google reader marvelous?

lizza said...

Deb: Mirror or no mirror, you're beautiful. I hate you. (nah, just kidding!)

Turnbaby: Google Reader is definitely marvelous.

But the image of you sans carpet...TMI!!!! :-D