Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hair color & breakfast talk

I spent some time last night talking to some people, including a wonderful married couple I'll call JW and AW. They're both in their early thirties. JW is an actor, and he's crazy. AW is a singer, and she's crazy as well. They're my kind of crazy...and they're good folks as well.

Anyhow, JW told me a story that had me wondering why people talk about the craziest things during meals -- not just over breakfast -- especially people who have been living together for quite some time. Sometimes the topics can be gross, but they can be riotously fun as well. :-)

This was one of the stories that JW told last night. According to him, it started one morning when he was sitting at the table, about to have breakfast. Then AW came and joined him, and he noticed she had tears in her eyes.

JW: What's wrong?
AW: I was in the bathroom doing my thing, and I saw a white pubic hair.
JW: Eeewwwww!
AW: I plucked it. Wanna see?

I have no idea whether JW did get to see the offending hair; I was too busy laughing at his facial expressions as he told the story and from seeing AW laughing at the memory of that conversation with her husband.

I myself have been seeing a few white hairs on my head recently. But unlike AW, I have no plans of looking south to check if the carpeting is starting to change its color.



INAMINI said...

lizza- what is south stays south- at least that's how I deal with aging.

ian said...

Every once in awhile I find a white hair on my head - and it's always like an inch longer than all the others. What, it's got something to prove? white hairs are OVERACHIEVERS!

And I have this funny line of gray right across my chin on my goatee.

No, I don't know if I'm going gray anywhere else. It's called, um, manscaping. :)


Michael C said...

Well, as the wise philosopher Elvis once said, Hair today- Gone tomorrow.

Because I make fun of them so much, I'll be stricken with a comb over one day. I'm sure it'll be the bad Donald Trump type. I guess I deserve it.

Lizza said...

Inamini, good philosophy on aging. What's in the south should stay there indeed!

Ian, oohh, that's a good word. I like that. Manscaping. :-D

Michael, but if you become as rich as Trump, would having a comb over matter? lol

Prometheus said...

Awrite now. You've put images inta my innocent li'll head about Southern Gray.

Lizza said...

You? Innocent head??? Yeah, right. And pigs fly. :-D

Prometheus said...

Well, dunno about them piggies, but back on Olympus, we had flyin horses. And nice gods like mineself shouldn't officially go about visualizing southern territories of people.

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich feels for AW. His mutant eyebrows are causing him great concern and stress but that would be nothing if he were to find his Beefy McManstick surrounded by white pubies.

Lizza said...

Prometheus, yes, you do seem to be a very nice god. Could you do us mortals a favor and kick the derrieres of some of the other gods and goddesses on Olympus? They act worse than children a lot of times.

Ye gods, Yaxlich! I'd suggest he shave the damn eyebrows, but BBG might think him even weirder if she sees him eyebrow-less. I do hope his Beefy McManstick region remains unaffected by the invasion of the mutant white hairies.

Doc said...

I agree with inamini--what's south stay south...unfortunately for me, things that are north have been heading south for a while. What can't things north stay north? ugh!

Lizza said...

Hi Doc!
Perhaps gravity is the culprit? I'm NOT looking south, that's for sure. lol

Lovely to see you here. I hope the house stops giving you trouble soon.

Haute Girl said...


Morgen said...

I'm with Ian -- my chromatically-challenged head-hair seems to grow longer, faster & wirier than my normally-colored hair. And now these white wiry wonders have also taken to sprouting in my goatee, and then just yesterday I found a white hair on my chest !!! --- so I have no proof (I ain't lookin' that close, 'cuz I guess I'm too old to manscape) but if the southern migration keeps goin' it's gonna look like arctic wasteland down there, too.
Don't worry, though, this will NOT be a breakfast topic in my house!!!

Lizza said...

Haute, lol!

Hey Mo! Glad to hear pubes won't be a topic at your place. That aspect of southern migration leading to an arctic wasteland sounds like a good backdrop for a sci-fi piece, haha!

H said...

It does. oh it does. even at 29 it does.


shuddersome sigh.

and we marvel.

Lizza said...

H, it's true at 29??? Holy hirsute hades. I do NOT want to know if it's true at 35.

H said...

ha ha ha

LOVE 'holy hirsute hades'. so perfect lah!

damn. [expression rearranged from ha ha to melancholy defeat]


yes. it's true.

blame it on stress, i say.