Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chopped mojo

I feel like chopped liver. Other than that, everything is just hunky-dory. I know I've been a bad blogger friend lately; haven't been able to get around much to visiting your blogs, and for this I apologize most profusely. Those of you who want to can take turns spanking me. (Oooooooo, baby!)

My mojo seems to have gone up in flames. I don't know how it happened -- probably from playing too much with matches. Would that it were a phoenix that rises from the bitter ashes.

Or maybe I could use the ashes for facial powder. Maybe it's good for the complexion. Did you ever get asked about the things you'd save first if your house caught fire? Aside from pets and family, of course. Well, my friends Marnie and Rudy wouldn't be caught dead without their face powder within arm's reach. And the sight of a camera has them whipping out their face powder thingies faster than Superman can say "cheese."

I need a makeover; a friend suggested I get a perm and streaks. He might have something there, he's such a smartass. He's right most of the time, which is why I'm so tempted to give him a roundhouse kick somewhere in the region of his buns. Would that (the hair makeover, not kicking him in the butt) resurrect my mojo? Dunno, but the idea sure is intriguing. One of these days you might just be able to call me Curly Streaks. I just hope it doesn't make me feel any more like chopped liver.


Photo Cache said...

the best funk buster for me? chocolate mousse...well, ogling Wentworth Miller works too.

hope you shrug it off soon. cyber hug.

Lizza said...

Ogling, hmmm. Great idea. I think I'm going to go ogle Raoul Bova. Thanks, Photo!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I think I would have to save my mp3 to save the tunes!

Odat said...

I go thru phases like that too...and yes a change may help lift the spirits or mojo....I've change my hair color a few times and never regretted it...and I have naturally curly hair so I'm always doing e'thing I can to straighten Oh and a new pair of shoes always helps...and maybe some new clothes...and yes makeup......
ok i'm done!
Here's to finding you mojo!

ian said...

Take up a new, dangerous hobby, like racing cars or outrunning police dogs or podcasting, maybe.

Maybe spend a day paying someone else to totally pamper you at a spa.

Or book a plane ticket to visit your bloggy friends.

Hang in there - mojo comes back, but sometimes even it needs a vacation.


Sunrunner said...

Your mojo will come back, I promise!! I've been bad too. I haven't been visiting blogs like I should. I hope you feel better soon! Read Ian's book, it'll make you laugh!

H said...

when I read the title, I went OUCHIE.

But chopped liver is probably more painful. Not sure yet.

1.) that's an absolutely PRICELESS picture.

2.) I think curls and streaks might just hasten the chopping... so I'd say don't go there. You have lovely straight hair. Unless I've gone slightly wrong in my perception [of what/where you said ;-)].

3.) "A roundhouse kick "is SUCH a wholesome sounding whole-body-exercising flinging singing thing! fantastic phrase.

4.) Now now, laaavely, why are we feeling so bleh?

5.) regardless, here's a BIG BIG BIG HUG [I had typed big big BOG hug]


7.) if it makes you feel better, it's raining here. It sort of doesn't-yet-does make me feel better. Sending you a light drizzle.

Michael C said...

I just try using a different deodorant when I feel like that ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

OK I'll spank you, but in a fatherly fashion of course.
You'll probably find your mojo in the chest of drawers to the left of the window, second drawer down and tucked in at the back. If you need any more help, just ask.
P.S. Spookily your blog makes nonsense of my blog today! Let's hope no one notices.......shhhhh

houseband00 said...

Liz, you got tons of mojo! =)

Anyone who says it's all burnt up deserves the spanking.

Do a makeover if you feel you need one. Personally, you're da bomb! =)

(bayaran mo ako para dito ha! hahaha!)

Madame H. Lecter said...

Chopped liver? ~slurp slurp slurp~ goes well with Chianti...yummmm...(incidentally, that's my last foodblog post! - nag-plugging pa talaga no?)

Wazzamatter shweetart? Na-depress ka ba ng husto nung makita mo pagmumukha ko sa webcam???

I have to second the motion of H re curly streaks... DON'T GO THERE. That's so japayuki 80s look.

Pa-make over ka na lang kay HB.Itsura ni Fanny at Ricky sa kanya!

Ubos na ba yung lambanog?
eto, may isang bote pa ko ng ouzo. tagay kita pag naabutan sa msn.

iz said...

Aww. Just take a break. It usually helps. Hope you feel better soon.

Lizza said...

silverneurotic: I would save my computer. I'm so attached to it. :-D

Odat: Retail therapy...good idea! Hope your ankle mends real soon. Your not being able to dance is so not you.

Ian: The only race car driving I do is when I play video games. But outrunning police idea! So is visiting my bloggy friends.

Sunrunner: Thanks for the encouraging words. I will get a copy of The Milkman, I will!

H: Thanks for the drizzle, I just received it. The BOG hug is also much appreciated. :-D

Michael: But my deodorant will feel so betrayed if I change it.

DaddyP: I looked; it isn't there. It probably got swallowed up by the same black hole that gobbles up socks.
P.S. I won't tell if you won't.

HB: I'm the one who says it's all burnt up, so maybe I really deserve the spanking. Kelan ba tayo kakain ng pho?

(iisyuhan kita ng cheke, haha!)

Misis ni Hannibal: Natawa ako sa idea of HB giving me a makeover. Parang bagay sa kanya no?

At bakit naman ako made-depress sa itsura mo, yang ganda mong yan? Dapat ngang ma-insecure sa iyo si Greta kasi beauty and brains ka. Sige, tagayan mo ako ng ouzo, ubos na lambanog eh.

Lizza said...

Iz: This too shall pass, I know. :-) Thanks!

houseband00 said...

Sige, halika Liz.

Gawin kitang espasol de kabuki. =)

it's the little things... said...

Makeovers are good for the soul!

Aisby said...

I wouldn't go so far as to getting a perm, but some new clothes and new makeup may just do the trick.

Natalia said...

I am planning a pampering day. I was thinking it would just be massage and what not but I am thinking of adding hair stuff.


Lizza said...

HB: Pahiramin mo din ako ng kimono ha. :-D

Marlayna: Ahh, great stuff for the soul that we women can get!

Aisby: Or perhaps a couple of new books. Hmmm...

Natalia: That sounds so lazy and luxurious...which is good!

Tammie Jean said...

When I'm feeling *blah* I usually like to take a walk (to get some fresh air) or a drive (blast the tunes). If all else fails, go shopping :)

Feel better!

Travis said...

I actually had to think about that when I was in SoCal. Big bad fire came with a mile of my house - if it wasn't for the I5 freeway and hard working fire crews it would have swept right on through the neighborhood.

I had my vehicle packed with photo albums, baseball cards, and as much artwork as I could fit. Plus my clothes. I was unhappy about the possibility of losing the Sports Illustrated collection, but 20 years worth of magazines wouldn't fit in the car!

I did save room in the front seat for Mr Tucker and his cat carrier.