Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

My week went well, thank you. I finished episode #10 (I think) of Heroes on DVD, the episode titled "Six Months Ago" -- or something like that. I'm totally giddy. Going to watch a few more episodes bed in a bit, though.

How was your week?

Papersurfer. He goes into a good bollocking session with his employees when it's warranted. But this week it was all just group hugs and lots of lovey-dovey for him and his workers. I wish he'd been my boss when I was still gainfully(?) employed.

Mist1. Playing Scrabble is so cool. I sure would like to play a round with Mist1 and her mother. I'm sure I'd learn a few choice words from them.

Bud. Women rock! Well, so do men, but in his post, Bud lists the best female rockers according to him. I love the song made popular by his top choice (but I must confess I prefer George Michael's cover version).

Silverneurotic. If you have a brother or a sister, or both, chances are you've clashed with them. She did, and this reinforces my feelings that siblings, as much as we love them, should be shipped off to somewhere out of sight (like Pluto) for a few days every now and then.

CS. She lives with somethingone who's predisposed to moving suddenly and whose meals sometimes probably consist of things that are still alive. But her sinuous, slithery housemate is also a kickass fashion accessory!

Burton. Otherwise known as Sony. I'm a long-time fan of his; I so enjoy reading his blog. His way with words conjures up the most delicious images in my mind, even when he posts about sad things or even when he rambles. And he put up a video blog post! It is such a treat to see and hear my blog buddies, and to get a glimpse of their parts of the world.

Migs. He had a mid-young-life crisis of sorts recently. Thankfully, it's all behind him and he's now on high (and dry) ground. Hope it doesn't happen anytime again soon, Migs. A bit too early for a golden years dry run. [the lame puns here make me want to kill myself]

H. Another person whose way with words just captivates me. I'd hate her if I didn't already love her so much already. I, too, have my stress points, when I am weighed down by angst, but I can never write about those moments the way she does.

Probably the RHCP song I like best. I used to have this one in my *sob* phone. Along with a host of others I used to drink beer to. Phone's dead. Songs live on, though.

I hope everyone has a bollocks-free, word-worthy, rocking, respectful, fashionable (but comfortable), visually vivid, continent, and gravitas-free weekend. See you in a few days. [Hiro, here I come!]


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Oh, I love "Otherside"...then again, I love that entire album it's on.

My ex once made me a mix cd of certain songs that had "significant" meaning to our relationship and "Otherside" was one of them because while we were dating...whenever we were going anywhere in his car that song would play at least once on the radio.

penfold said...

Thanks hun. I love it when you give me a right good linking!!

ian said...


I'm about to have a great and incredibly busy weekend. If you know about Monday, then you know why...

Heroes rocks.


Travis said...

Enjoy some more Heroes! I'm buying and installing curtains this weekend.

Terra Shield said...

Oh Lizza! Heroes is awesome... and the cast are all pretty good looking too! Enjoy your weekend!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You wouldn't want Penfold as a boss - I've worked for him and he's very bossy [surprisingly he paid quite well though].

Witness Street said...


Much as I'm flattered by the link, what the puns symbolized made me want to kill myself too.

Cheers! :)

Turnbaby said...

I love your Saturday posts!! It's so fun to go read 'em cause you and I think so much alike.

If you get a chance come flying by my blog--I snuck and bought Ian's book early--it's a GREAT read!!

H said...

Liz darling thank you! Though I'm not sure I'm happy about you thinking you'd hate me.

But this Migs. Now I've been meaning to write him a long long long one. About many things. Because he's just so... I don't know, that boy makes me want to do something, I'm not quite sure yet what.

See, that's it, he defies description. I'm in awe of this amazing writer, and I can't ever seem to be able to say it.

mist1 said...

You can play Scrabble with us anytime. Also, I am really good at Uno.

ShadowFalcon said...

I love you blogworld its like the highlights of blogger :-)

lizza said...

Silverneurotic: Awww, that was a sweet thing for him to do.

Penny: You're welcome. ;-)

Ian: Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. All your hard work has paid off.

Trav: Finally finished season 1. Woo hoo! Hope your curtain installation project went well.

Terra: Thanks! Hope your weekend went well.

DaddyP: Surprisingly? Is paying well out of character for him?

Migs: Haha! Oh noooo.

Turnbaby: I saw your post about Ian's book. Looks terrific! Awaiting your review.

H: No, don't think about my hating you. It won't happen.

And I agree with you about Migs.

Mist1: Scrabble while drinking and listening to your bawdy stories. Cool!

Shadowfalcon: Glad you enjoy it. :-)

Matt-Man said...

Hi Lizza....just trying to catch up with all of my blogger friends. I hope all is well and Cheers!!

Natalia said...

I wish I had a bollosck-free life!


Lizza said...

Matt: All is well. I can see you're still kicking ass!

Natalia: No, you wouldn't want that. Life would less exciting. ;-)

CS said...

This one came out just as I was leaving for the beach, so belatedly, thanks!!