Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fish 'n Shit*

The kind of fish swimming in the deepest depths of the ocean are strange creatures indeed. They not only look weird, they're built weirdly as well (though I know the term "weird" is relative). They probably won't win any beauty contests, but who cares? There's no light down there and nobody to admire their looks anyway. Their prey sure as hell don't care!

Thing is, living kilometers and miles and fathoms deep beneath the sea's surface is one of their prerequisites for life. They not only thrive under tons and pounds of pressure, they actually need it to live.

Bring the bastards to the surface, where there's considerably less pressure, and they die.

Do you see where I'm headed with this? Good. Please tell me.

All I know is it's nearly 5AM here and I haven't done doodly squat nearly all night. Staring blankly at the screen, knowing I have lots of writing to do (for sites I ♥ to bits and pieces, both old and new) but the damned words won't flow! They're all chasing each other, having a rapturous orgy in the grey matter up there. And they won't let me in on the fun. Bastards.

Leaving me like a fish floundering out of the water, flopping here and there, eyes staring into nothing, lips smacking pitifully, in sync with each rise and fall of a chest gasping for breath.

Too much pressure? Or a lack of it?

Suddenly, I'm hungry for seafood.

*Borrowing Odat's 'n shit phrase. (She loves monkeys, by the way.)


nursemyra said...

I've been having some days like that lately. c'mon over, I'll throw another shrimp on the barbie and we'll do some word wrestling

houseband00 said...

O sya dampa tayo, Liz! =)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

5 o'clock in the morning! You are feeling the pressure.
Take up Nursemyra's offer; although why you would want to throw young children at dolls, I have no idea.

nursemyra said...

DaddyP: again, we meet on someone else's blog :-)

you need a couple of lessons in speaking australian. why don't you take a holiday from that gated community, drop by Manila, scoop up Lizza and we'll hit the nightlife in sydney or "rock out with your cock out" as they say over here

Matt-Man said...

Since I left my job and have this new found freedom, I have no pressure, and the words are hard to come by. Ironic. Now pass the crab cakes. Cheers!!

kyels said...

0500 hours; I know what this hour can do to a person.


Em said...

5AM?!?! Take a nap...then see if the words come more easily!

H said...

so i just typed in a long, very uneleoquent comment, that so disgusted my comp that it ate it all up.

But I so know what you're talking about Lizza.

I do.


I do.

[the original comment was nearly less eloquent, but I think Ive managed to recreate it quite closely].

Pass me some of the seafood, laaaavly lizza, when you get to it.

FoxxFyrre said...

Actually, it is our interpretation of a very delayed reaction. When we think the words are up there avoiding us and doing the naughty-naughty, they were actually finished a while ago and are now lazing around having their after-dance cigarettes. You see (and excuse this pun) words tend to come easier when in full frolic mode, so what's needed is a mental aphrodisiac to stir things up again. To my knowledge, there is only one substance known that can mimic a mental orgasm, and that is chocolate. So, have a double-dip chocolate fudge sundae--they will come.

Have a great day Lizza, I'm going to Dairy Queen!

Lizza said...

Nursemyra: That sounds so goooood...

HB: Kain! Este, lamon pala. Lika.

DaddyP: Haha! Now that isn't a not too bad idea. :-D

Nursemyra: Oh, I'd love to see you do phallomancy research. But the thought of rocking that way with DaddyP in your city is perturbing.

Matt: No cakes, but I'm crabby.

Kyels: Hugs back. :-)

Em: I actually "work" during the wee hours of the morning. When I don't have this damn writer's block, that is.

H: It doesn't come as a surprise that you understand. And I'm so glad you do. :-D

Frank: Are you advocating mentalbation???

Oh, good. I have got to stock up on chocolate.

Travis said...

Oh chasing the words - I'm so with you on that.

But sometimes the chase bears fruit.

lizza said...

Yes, and that makes it worth all the hair-pulling frustration. :-)