Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

You know what glee is? For me, it can be draining what I thought was my last bottle of beer, only to find that there's one more bottle in the fridge! Woo hoo hoo! Yeah, shallow I know. Still made me grin like an idiot, though.

These blog posts, however, are in no way idiotic by any stretch of the imagination.

H. It's no secret that I adore this young woman's writing. She has a way with words that enthralls me; perhaps because she writes so eloquently and so beautifully about stuff that I identify with, but don't have the ability to write about. Not the way she does, anyway. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: when I grow up, I want to be as a good a writer as she is.

Natalia. She is not only a smart cookie, but one forceful writer. Her post about what she perceives to be the American attitude when it comes to s-e-x is food for thought. It is sooo worth reading (as are her other posts).

Scott. His photos of from the past. The post, it's ghostly in a way, and I don't mean that negatively. I can't explain it, but it reminded me of a scene in the movie Dead Poets' Society. Tangible images from moments that have long been dead, though the subject is still alive. Haunting. I don't have anything like that. I want one.

Ian. Seeing something that was so important in one's formative years reduced to a caricature of what it once was can be a heart-wrenching experience. I could almost feel Ian's deep sadness and nostalgia in this post about his elementary school. Another ghost story, but not in a scary kind of way.

Natalie. Drawing the line between the right to privacy and culpability can be tricky indeed. Where should the line be drawn, and where should it stop?

Prometheus. He wrote just a few words beneath the picture. On one hand, I understand the thought behind the ad; on the other hand, it seems kind of an underhanded way to attract customers. Ah, well. Such is life sometimes.

The Dragon. A picture can say a multitude of things, but with the Dragon about 50-100 words can imply a lot more. It's simple: he posts a picture and writes a caption underneath it; a very, very short story if you will, about circumstances that could have led to what the picture shows -- or what could happen during or after the scene shown. Creative stuff from a creative guy. He welcomes input from all of us. (His other blog is here.)

World Blog Council. I will toot my own horn here and proclaim that I am the first recipient of anything from this recently-formed body of blog universe observers. To wit:

The Council has taken upon itself the task of perusing blogs and has reviewed several noteworthy blogs to date. However, Council members have been whining pitifully about the, erm, age bracket of the earliest writers (venerable they may be) to submit their blogs for review. So if you're the young-ish type who wouldn't mind a pithy and (gently) deprecatory evaluation of your blog by a Limey or two, leave your blog's URl here. [I give in, Penfold World Blog Council! I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm opening myself up for review. Be gentle.]

Just like me. I can come across as a bitch sometimes to some people, especially when the bastards are being stubborn and hardheaded and don't stay put when they should. But that don't mean I don't care. Because I do. I'm gentle in a mean sort of way sometimes. Get used to it. So just shut up and get well.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!


World Blog Council said...

If you are requesting a membership review then you'll have to make an application through the proper channels.
Application dept.

There will be no special treatment.
(Even if you are lovely)

Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE

houseband00 said...

H is my favorite, too, Liz.

Glad you featured her again.


houseband00 said...

Love the song, too. =)

nursemyra said...

I LOVE your blogworld saturday Lizza!

and thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Dragon

Photo Cache said...

Yo Lizza, happy weekend to you too. Is it raining yet?

Scott from Oregon said...

Tee hee! You said woo hoo hoo...

CS said...

Thanks again for these - our blogworlds are increasingly overlapping, because most were already on my list!

Natalia said...

Awww I am so happy you enjoyed the post :) Yaay you for being the best shouter outer :)


lizza said...

Col. Arse: A thousand apologies. I shall post my application as soon as I muster enough courage.

HB: About time our dear sis was writing again.

Nursemyra: Thanks! Glad you like the Dragon. He's a cool cat.

Photo: Yes, we've been having rain. But not on a daily basis yet. Have a great weekend!

Scott: Yes I did. Woo hoo hoo! :-D

CS: We do have lots of blog pals in common. :-D

Natalia: Not just that post, you know. :-D

Kiyotoe said...

thanks for the always appreciated but probably undeserving endorsement.

by the way.....has someone else taken to using my nickname for you?

Sidney said...

You must visit a lot of blogs...

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: Aww, you're too modest.

Weeelll, not exactly. :-)

Sidney: Not as much as I used to. I look at your pictures regularly, though.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Be very wary of the Colonel Lizza. The promises I had to make to get an appraisal!
Still, it is thoroughly worthless and beautiful Goddesses make better companions than codger bloggers.

Wendz said...

Just home from my travels and wanted to pop in and say hello - wish I could have a nice cold beer later - its gonna be a HOT day...but I am driving...*sigh* water it shall be.

Matt-Man said...

Be rough with me Lizza, be rough!!

Turnbaby said...

I love your blogworld posts--you always send me to the coolest places.


H said...

Thankeee liz! am blushing like a thousand lactating cows. You are too kind and generous [and too horribly modest] with your appreciation.

but, I do love this very insane family of surfers you've found. They are an absolute delight. like very very nawstily terribly horrendously wicked and equally fun.

Am so glad they've started the World Blog council. Col Arse seems just like my kinda guy.


lizza said...

DaddyP: The Colonel hasn't asked for anything so far. Hey, did you just call me worthless? :-D

Wendz: Welcome back! I enjoyed your London posts.

Matt: Alrighty, gonna get that ball gag now...

Turnbaby: Only because you are so cool yourself!

H: Welcome back! I've missed you.

That's a great thought to have in mind when consuming dairy products.

Yes, they're a blast, aren't they? :-)