Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm back.

(That's me in the blue shirt. The other girl is my dear, dear friend Marnie)

After spending a few days with friends here:

and here:

Beautiful locations, memorable experiences. I had a very good time. Made some new, good acquaintances -- thanks to them I revised my initial opinion of a certain place, after looking at it through their eyes.

More later, people. Evidently the white, ultra-fine, powdery sand I shook off from between my toes is still with me -- coating my mind.

(first, third and fourth photos courtesy of my friend LAR)


nunu's mum said...

Lizza long legs!!!

Nice pins girl!

Glad you had a good time...

nice to have you back...=)

Mimi Lenox said...

Welcome back bathing beauty.

We missed you.

Natalie said...

Welcome back. Looks fantastic!

BeckEye said...

Must've been hard to come back from that!!

Sanni said...

WOW! Glad you´re back and even more glad you´ve had a great time!

Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures, Lizza! Just WOW!

houseband00 said...

Tama si NM. Ganda ng long-legged mo! =)

Welcome back, Liz! =)

Pasalubong ko? =)

NanNan said...

I'm so jealous--- what a beautiful place--- the only ultra fine white stuff around here is snow!!! It looks like paradise--

Matt-Man said...

Y'know Lizza I am soooo tired of this "maybe I'll give ya a bikini shot". Damn it Strip!!

ian said...

Matt-Man is getting all hot and bothered over there. But it's easy to see why. You look great!

Welcome back; we missed you.


zeroimpact said...

Very nice place
Very beautiful too
Now I feel like going to the beach
Sandy sandy beach
Watery watery beach

Terra Shield said...

Wow Lizza... the pics are gorgoeus :) It's great that you're back

Daddy papersurfer said...

Good you're back, about time too. Now...... the problems with my family........................oh,I'll leave it for now and let you readjust. [ By the way, is that a cigarette you're holding in the long-legged photo.......I hope so as I'm always in trouble with the TG about my cigars]

Lizza said...

NM: Thanks, girl! Sorry kagabi, naputol connection ko. :-(

Mimi: Thanks. :-)

Natalie: Thanks, it was.

Beckeye: The good thing is those islands (and more) are just a 45-minute plane ride away. We can go back. Come with us!

Sanni: Thanks! The pictures don't do justice to the places at all.

HB: Nasa tiyan ko na. :-) Natikman mo na ang mangga ng Guimaras? Panalo!

Nan: It does look like that, doesn't it? Come on over. :-)

Matt: Haha! I can show you a pic of me talking to a girl in a bikini. Best thing I can show you, I'm afraid. :-D

Ian: Aw, shucks. Thanks! :-D

ZI: When you come again for a visit, don't miss the beaches.

Terra: Thanks! They look even better in person.

Lizza said...

DaddyP: You snuck in on me there. :-) Oohh, how can I help? [And yes, that's a cigarette. My, what sharp eyes you have. TG is right, it's a terrible habit. :-)]

H said...

Gorgeous Liz is back. with fine sand in her toes and head. sigh. And my envy knows no bound. Lars is a creep for taking these photos, and you a sadist for posting them!

But yum. looks like you had a beautiful time!

jbwritergirl said...

I want to be there! NOW!!!! YESTERDAY!!!!

Natalia said...

OMG that is just bloody gorgeous.


kyels said...

Kamusta po kayo?

You really, really had fun, tama ba ako?! Hehehe!

Honestly, I miss Pinas ... Like sooo much!


Photo Cache said...

welcome back, but ka pa naka pag unwind na. saan ba yan?

Debo Blue said...

Great pics. Good thing I don't like the beach and sand, otherwise I'd be jealous.

Glad you had a great time!

it's the little things... said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself!
Send some white sand and turquoise water over here girl!

Turnbaby said...

Just fabulous sugar--I can never have enough beauty--those ocean shots are nice too!


christine said...

The place looks beautiful! Welcome back. :)

Kiyotoe said...

the Dragon is officially jealous of the beautiful locale.

You have to take me. ;)

iz said...

You look fabulous! And what a glorious place you went to. Nothing like sharing a slice of paradise with girlfriends.

meredic said...

Meanwhile the other side of the world. That looks like a great holiday you had there.

Bond said...

Now i am even more jealous.... that is beautiful

CS said...

Welcome back. It's not often that I get jealous, but I am insanely jealous now. I am dying to get to a beack, am am counting down the days (50 to be exact).

SGT DUB said...

glad you had fun, wanna trade? figured not, but welcome back.

Lizza said...

Thanks, everyone! I have so much catching up to do.

H, there are a few more photos I'm going to post. Bear with the sadist, ok? :-D

JBwritergirl, come on over! :-)

Natalia, you're bloody right!

Kyels, tama ka. Halika na, balik na ulit!

Photo, these were in Guimaras and Boracay. Uwi na!

Debo, you are an unusual bird. :-) Thanks!

Marlayna, I would if I could. So I'll just send them virtually. :-)

Turnbaby, why thanks! *grin* You simply are too sweet.

Christine, I want to go back and want to explore our country more. Buti ka pa, dami nang napuntahan. :-)

Kiyotoe, you know, there are many, many other places in my country that are even more breathtaking. Just tell me when you're visiting and I'll have them roll out the red carpet. :-)

Iz, thank you. :-) You are absolutely right. We had lots of fun.

Meredic, wow, that sure looks like a nice beach. We did have fun, thanks.

Bond, 'twas really pretty there.

CS, that's less than 2 months away. I know you love the sea too, so I understand your excitement.

Sgt Dub, hehe. I'm sending you some turquoise water and white sand virtually as well. :-)