Monday, April 16, 2007

Manic Monday #10: Tax

Tax is this week's theme word for Morgen's Manic Monday. If you're playing, you can use the theme word (or any of its variations) any way you want to. It's all in the name of fun and creativity.


People who earn money honestly, through their own hard work, are understandably grumpy whenever the tax season arrives. One can practically hear the collective mental scream of anguish almost everywhere: "No, no! Don't take my money!" To add insult to injury, doing the paperwork can be boring as hell.

Here in the Philippines, personal income tax can range from five to thirty-two percent. That's really, really low when you compare it to personal income tax rates in certain developed countries. According to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Taxing Wages report, the top three countries where the average worker (single and childless) takes home less than half his salary or cost of employment in 2006 were Belgium (55.4%), Germany (52.5%) and Hungary (51%). Turkey, Poland, and France were the countries imposing the highest taxes on single-earner, dual-child married couples with average incomes. It isn't only income tax that's depressing. You also have to factor in everyday things like value-added tax, sales tax, service tax, etc. The good thing is that citizens of such countries can avail themselves of benefits and services like state-sponsored education and health care, which are funded from taxation.

Still, everyone moans and groans at the prospect of filing taxes. It's a fact of life for many people and it seems it will stay that way even if we all went riding naked on horseback in the streets (like legend says Lady Godiva did to protest against the heavy taxes levied on her husband's workers).

Hmmm. But that would be one hell of a street party, wouldn't it?


Odat said...

What a great ending! I'd do it!!!

Congrats on your well deserved "Post of the Day" award!!


houseband00 said...

I had to wait 2 solid hours at the bank just to file mine.


Sana may Godiva dun. =)

Jamie said...

Where's my horse? :-)

zeroimpact said...

And I remember someone named Tom in that event too
Tax is taxing

Morgen said...

I love Godiva chocolates, and I knew she rode around nekkid, but I never knew there was a tax-related reason behind Lady Godiva's au nauturel ride.
Thanks for the history lesson!

Comedy + said...

I keep telling myself that if you're paying taxes then you have money. still sucks. I loved the ending here. Nice twist and it made me laugh out loud. I too didn't know Lady G's ride was about taxes. Learn something new everyday. Happy taxes and MM :)

mist1 said...

I love it when tax season is over. It means that my girlfriend who's a tax attorney can come out and play again.

lisa said...

Good info! and I love that drawing.

daddy papersurfer said...

This is not a word I am familiar with - it doesn't sound good though.

Matt-Man said...

Naked protesting!! I am up for to speak. Cheers Lizza!!

Natalie said...

I have to remember to file my state taxes when i get home.

Turnbaby said...

How did you know how i am gonna end my day sugar!


Prometheus said...

The way those morons in the Indian Ministry of Finance are running things, we all will have to run naked. Can't afford clothes, ya see?

Travis said...

It's a little catch 22 isn't it? On the one hand we want certain programs, but on the other it's a pain to pay for those programs with taxes.

iz said...

Lizza, I really enjoy your 55 word story. I think with most of us bloggers we're so caught up with what's going on in our blogger friends' lives, we forget that most of them are really excellent writers.

Sanni said...

So, where´s my horse?

Hugs from a charged with a 52.5% tax stay-at-home work-from-home German mom (not married yet) =)

Lizza said...

Odat: It would be great to see you dancing in the streets. :-D

HB: Sana ini-magine mo na lang yung teller na nakahubad. :-D

Jamie: I think Turnbaby ran off with it. :-D

ZI: That's right! Peeping Tom is in the story.

Mo: Godiva chocolate...mmmmm

Comedy+: Fun way to make an impact, huh? :-)

mist1: Ooohh, it's playtime for you and your girlfriend again! Go hit on someone.

Lisa: Thanks! I agree, it's a nice piece of artwork.

DaddyP: So many people are envious of you right now.

Matt: I'm not surprised. Cheers!

Natalie: Ugh. :-) Good luck!

Turnbaby: Alright, let others use the horse now. :-)

Prometheus: I feel for you, mon ami. It's pretty much the same here.

Travis: That's right. Especially when you never use some of the programs. Ah well, it's for the greater good.

Iz Thank you. You know you're one of the excellent writers you mentioned, don't you?

Sanni: Turnbaby should be relinquishing that poor horse soon. :-) Hugs to you too, you taxed German mom!

houseband00 said...

hindi pwede, lalaki e. =P

Sunrunner said...

Good one! Personally I think taxes should be sales tax and nothing else, kind of like Canada, although there's probably drawbacks to that system too. Can you imagine how much money we (as a country) would have if we went through the gov't and cut out a lot of the crap??? It boggles the mind.

Lizza said...

I'm afraid so. Sometimes it's a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't situation.