Friday, March 30, 2007

Yaarrrr, me mateys!

Just a short post, because I couldn't resist.

I've been meaning to catch up on some movie-watching, but the choices overwhelm me.

Click on the pic to get up close and personal.

Thirty-four! Full-length films! On four DVDs! Jack Sparrow never had it so good. These eight-in-ones and ten-in-one DVDs are crazy. I've seen some of the movies that they contain, but most of them I haven't laid eyes upon -- old as they are.

Such as:

The Transporter
The Big Bounce
The Arrival
The Pursuit of Happyness
Home of the Brave
The Night Listener
Flags of Our Fathers
We Are Marshall
Gridiron Gang
An Unfinished Life
Road to Perdition

Recommendations, mes amis?

I need a change of scenery occasionally. After real life is tucked in bed and sound asleep, I think about shifting go from staring at my computer screen to staring at my TV screen. Well, I can actually watch these DVDs on my PC but like I said, a change of scenery is needed sometimes. For the sake of sanity. Pathetic ass, me is.

Thanks, one and all.


Kiyotoe said...

Road to Perdition, Gridiron Gang, Domino and all four tonight!

by the way, thanks for all of the kudos on "The Dragon's Eye" and of course you can use the idea.

creativity is free Lovely!

Lizza said...

I can't watch all four today! (Tonight to you.) But thanks for the recommendations.

Your new site is looovely. Mind-ticklingly so. I'll surely do a post inspired by it soon.

Michael C said...

Oh, I wish I had the attention span for a good movie. And by good movie I mean the ones without Adam Sandler and Chris Farley...those are educational films.

Bond said...

i wish i could help but i haven't seen a new movie in about 200 years

Odat said...

The only one I've seen is Flags of Our Fathers...Altho Clint Eastward did a great job on it...wasn't my cut of tea...
I have heard that Road To Perdition was good!

Kyels said...

I wish I had the time to watch movie though!


Turnbaby said...

We Are Marshall is about my alma mater and was filmed in large part in the town in which I grew up. I was there when it happened and many of my classmates lost their families and know first hand how it marks the community to this day. I haven't been able to watch it yet but from what I know of it they did a fine job. Let me know if you watch it.

houseband00 said...

Oh, I think I should warn you that bulaga ang quality ng mga x-in-one na yan ha. =)

Prometheus said...

Snatch. Prometheus recommends you watch Snatch. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. We are referring to the movie starring Brad Pitt, the Transporter guy and Vinnie Jones.

SGT DUB said...

I am quite familiar with the dvds you are talking about as they get sold at the local bazzars. I try to stay away from anything larger than 4 on 1 since they get too compressed, however, Transporter, Pursuit of Happiness, Flags of our Fathers, Road to Perdition, and the Arrival aren't too bad.

Photo Cache said...

unfortunately none of those you mentioned are in my netflix queue. the last three i saw via netflix were: constant gardener, a good year, and fever pitch...three very different movies but equally interesting. i particularly enjoyed the russel crowe-starrer a good year. being a baseball fan i could easily relate to fever pitch. i'll try to see your list too. that is a lot of movies, you know. kudos to you

Sanni said...

My mind went blank when I read "Jack Sparrow" *DROOL* =)

(The only movie on your list I´ve watched - as far as I can remember - is The Transporter. Ah so-so movie... not too thrilling, not too bad. Nice passtime. Have fun while digging through the movies... maybe there will be a best-of review?!)

Matt-Man said...

I dont see it one the list but I would recommend a little known artsy film called, "The Plumber Always Comes Twice"....You'll thank me later. Cheers!!

Natalie said...

snatch is the only one i have seen and I loved it. It was no Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels though.

Natalie said...

I now realize it wasn't on the list but just in the comments. Duh.

Lizza said...

Michael: I learned quite a bit from Happy Gilmore. :-D

Bond: I'm slightly better, the last one I saw was a century ago. ;-)

Odat: I will watch Road to Perdition soon.

Kyels: So do I, but I'll make time for it.

Turnbaby: Really? That's intriguing. I'll let you know once I see it.

HB: Okay naman so far. I borrowed them from a friend and all that I've seen have been crystal-clear.

Prometheus: Awwww, and my mind was having such a great time wallowing in the gutter. Thanks for the recommendation, mon ami.

Sgt Dub: I'll keep those in mind, thanks! Have a great weekend.

Photo: Thanks for the heads-up. I hope to catch up on my movie-watching in this lifetime. Happy weekend!

Matt-man: Ooohhh, that sure sounds intriguing. I don't think I've ever even heard of that one. Thanks!

Natalie: Hmmm, it seems to come highly recommended. I'll keep a watch out for the DVD, though I don't really like Mr. Pitt. I enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Smith, though.

Lizza said...

Sanni: Jack Sparrow = Johnny Depp... drooling right along with you!

(Me, do a review? Gah. Nope.)

Travis said...

I just bought Flags of Our Fathers - looking forward to watching it this weekend.

I also picked up Man of the Year.

Haven't seen either one yet.

lizza said...

Happy watching and happy weekend, Travis. I hope you let me know what you think of the movie.

Mimi Lenox said...

I don't watch many movies, my dear, unless I'm with Bud (7 days, 3 hours, 23 minutes and panting....oops...I mean counting)

Go watch sans guilt. You deserve a break from blogging. We all need a change of scenery from time to time. (7 days, 3 hours and 22 minutes to pant...uh, I mean count)


Mimi Lenox said...

I'm so silly.
I'll try to control myself.
I hope Bud doesn't read this.

lizza said...

Hey Mims, don't control yourself. I hope Bud reads this; he'll be so touched at the thought of you panting...I mean, counting. :-D

Maryanne Moll said...

I hated The Road to Perdition. :)