Friday, March 09, 2007


No. It has not timed out, no matter what the powers that be might say, no matter how disjointed and fragmented the kaleidoscope seems to be. Thoughts are scattered, and feelings. But there is a rhyme and reason for all things, and time will tell what the pattern that the dregs of tea leaves in the bottom of the cup really means.

The cock may crow thrice, Atlas may shrug, the indecipherable handwriting on the wall may really bode doom this time, who the hell knows? But if, in spite of the best intentions, thoughts and deeds, you fall and are caught unawares when the shit hits the fan... then go shed the extraneous and the unnatural, and take a long, hot, fragrant bath.

And then try again.

Because the connection won't time out for too long if you really don't want it to. And if you don't let it.

[spewing, ranting just a teeny bit because my high-speed provider seems to be having PMS right now--it's been about a day-and-a-half now, actually--leaving me no choice but to use dial-up. Which is slower than how my brain cells work when it comes to trying to do math. Hence my almost maniacal state of mind, like a junkie going through withdrawal symptoms. But I'm thankful that I at least have a connection, though it isn't what I've (shamefacedly) become accustomed to.

Apologies, both for the cryptic post and for my (unwilling) absence. I will traipse once again through the blog world once things normalize. Right now, whatever Net access I'm privileged to have must be allocated for work. Which is fine, because I love my work. It's just that I miss reading your blogs so.]


Kyels said...

I hope that the connection will be okay again.


Natalie said...

it's ok, my computer blew up.

GhostRose said...

:-) Wow. I haven't been on your blog for a while and that messege gave me a bit of a turn. Stupid thing!

I hope normal service resumes soon. My computer is two years old, which is quite old for a pc, so it'll probably start exploding and spontaneously combusting on me soon. Oh well.

houseband00 said...

Patience, Liz, patience. =)

Odat said...

Glad to see you back...I've been LQQKing for ya!! Good things come to those who wait...hehe

Scott from Oregon said...

That's too bad, because I dedicated an ENTIRE POST to you...

My timing just sucks, that's all.

Mimi Lenox said...

That's so frustrating. But you always have a gracious spirit about things - after you RANT, that is. HA! Which is incredibly fun to read. I believe that is the most eloquent rant I ever read.

zeroimpact said...

Interesting interpretation
Connections will be for us to define and hope things will be well soon
Take care and stay safe

lizza said...

Kyels: I hope so too!

Natalie: Oh, good lord. That's even worse.

Ghostrose: Good to see you here again! You can probably wring a few more years out of your computer. I think my previous one lasted five years before it finally gave up the ghost.

HB: Not one of my strongest points. :-D Pero sige na nga.

Odat: And so wait I will. :-D Peace!

Scott: Hahahahahahahahaaa!
I loved it! But I wish I looked that good in my birthday suit.

Mimi: Thanks, lovely. I hope to catch up soon on what I've been missing over at Bloggingham Palace.

ZI: Yes, we make and keep connections, don't we? Thanks, hope you're feeling better now.

Sony said...

Amazing isn't it, what we get used to? At least you have dial-up... when my internet used to crash, I was screwed because up until last year, I didn't have a land-line. Oh the humanity.

ian said...

Stupid intarweb. Even though I'm swamped these days and barely have time to read a blog, much less comment, I still stop by yours daily, and miss you when you're gone.


H said...

Oh but it isn't cryptic!

It's just so replete with dignity, in the face of a bastard connection.

very poignant, my dear. I feel for you.

iz said...

Don't you know teh golden rule? One must never work at work. I certainly don't! Hoping you get connected again?

Turnbaby said...

Ugh Lizza! I am about to go into a four day journey of "unknown" connectability. It may well freak me out if I can't get a connection. I hope I can handle it with as much aplomb as you sugar.


it's the little things... said...

And we miss you!

Matt-Man said...

I need a Lizza Fix!! Hope all is well Cheers!!

Lizza said...

Sony: Amazing the things we take for granted now. To think we managed to thrive without the Internet, mobile phones, etc., a mere 20 years ago.

Ian: Thank you very much. I'm really touched, more than I can say.

H: Thanks, dear sis. I'm so looking forward to my date with your mind...

Iz: That is an excellent rule. The thing is, I work at home, and I can slack off whenever I want to... which happens a bit too often even though I love my work. :-D

Turnbaby: I am positive you'll do even better, sugar! Have a great time.

Marlayna: Aww, thanks. I will catch up on your writing soon. I always learn something from your posts, and I appreciate them.

Matt: Grazie mille, my friend. All is well, no worries.

CSL said...

Sometimes I am convinced that both the internet and blogger are evil.

Lizza said...

Ahhh, so am I.