Friday, February 16, 2007

Prelude... B.S., otherwise known to some of you as Blogworld Saturday.

Blogging under the influence is not good. But it is such fucking great fun. However, hitting backspace every now and then isn't that cool. (If I didn't, this post would read something like Geoaouroaeurh&%$*%*(% H665pq9348q7$(%^9))...and that would be so weird, even for me.

So, B.S. comes a bit later. I didn't do it for two weeks, but I'll make up for it. And don't worry, I wasn't BUI when I was catching up on all your posts after my hiatus.

In the meantime, here's a tidbit about me: I had a big crush on Shaun Cassidy when I was a little girl. I think I made my parents buy me all his LPs. Ahh, the memories.

Later, ladies and gentlemen.


Matt-Man said...

That's odd so did I...Cheers!!

Lizza said...

Matt: You had a big crush on Shaun Cassidy, too??? Amazing.


houseband00 said...

Lumalabas ang mga seeeeeeeecrets! =)

Painumin pa yan! =)

Lizza said...

HB, hahaha! Nope, they ran out of my beer. Jeeez.

Steven Novak said...

I still have a crush on Shaun Cassidy.

Go figure. ;)


Sanni said...

I confess I didn´t remember how he looked like, so I had to google.

WOW! I fell head over feet in love with Shaun´s hair-do. Are there any posters left at your place? May I have them? And a beer, please? =)

zeroimpact said...

Have a great weekend!
Catch up with you later too

Lizza said...

Steve: I certainly hope Tami knows. ;-)

Sanni: Alas, no more teeny-bopper posters here. But there's beer, so here you go. :-D

ZI: Thanks, and have a great one yourself.

Turnbaby said...

So does this mean I have to confess about a teeny crush I had on Donny Osmond?


Lizza said...

Oohh, baby! A Donny Osmond fan, were you? LOL!