Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

Halfway across February, we are. Time sure can zoom by, putting Speedy Gonzales to shame. (My typing's better now, thank you for asking).

And so we go on to Blogworld Saturday. As I mentioned before, I'm trying to make up for two weeks' worth of absence, but I'm failing dismally because there are literally hundreds of posts--both from my old blogger friends and new--that I've enjoyed while playing ketchup.

Here are but a few of those posts.

-Ian Healey, prolific writer, cartoonist, and sci-fi lover, has come out with a contest. He's calling for storyline submissions for his webcomic, The Adventures of the S-Team, a team of Lego superheroes and villains. Coool webcomic.

-Bud Weiser, he of WTIT Tape Radio fame, responds scathingly to email he regularly receives about his blog, his girlfriend Mimi, other bloggers, his blog, the things he writes about, his blog.

-Mist1 loves her electronic gadgets. In addition to her electric flosser, she's also devoted to B.O.B (battery-operated boyfriend). I just have no idea why she keeps the two of them together in the same drawer.

-I always learn about some of the strangest things from Michael C, most recently the idea of a talking urinal cake. Ohh, the possibilities for this one make me all giddy!

-That event known as Valentine's Day has come and gone, and a lot of people wrote about it, or what they think about it, or how they celebrated it--or didn't. Aileen has a cool idea about how single women can celebrate VD (and it seemed to have been more successful than she anticipated it would be). Migs wrote about being One even without an Other, while the amazingly hilarious Avery almost outdid himself with his VD lament. I never thought I'd laugh at a lament.

-I mentioned Mimi up there...she's the one-and-only Mimi Lenox, and her re-post of an earlier entry about a breast cancer scare she got is touching, frightening, and reassuring at the same time. The gentleness and humor of her soul always manage to come out in her writing.

-They say nothing in life is ever certain, save for death and taxes. Tainted in UAE wrote about how she somehow finds security in the certainty of death.

-Maybe we can add prostitution to the list of life's certainties. Anndi's poem about the world's oldest profession--her offering for Mo's Manic Monday multi-blogger meme--just hits the reader right in the gut. Her regular readers had some interesting ideas regarding prostitution's legalization.

-Each one of us has had a secret love at one time or another in our lives. Marlayna wrote about her "secret admire" for a family who shielded her in one of her darkest hours. One can only marvel at the kindness of people--and the evil that men do.

-People react differently to underdogs. They can inspire annoyance or pity. Natalie has a post that discusses underdogs and anti-heroes, people with the cards stacked against them, who have to struggle harder or seem to fail more often. It's comforting to think that many people cheer for the underdog--because someday we might find ourselves in a situation where we are the underdog.

-Bond paid tribute to someone I don't think I've ever even heard of, but who was a compelling presence in the music industry. Amazing how just one person can change so many lives and influence so many people throughout the years. We can thank him (well, not literally because he's dead) for much of the great music that we have listened to over the decades.

-Last, but certainly not the least, is my dear Indian soul sister H's tender-yet-enraged post about the unexpected passing of a beautiful, special person. It is a raw, heartfelt, gripping post. I could almost imagine the anger and sadness that were probably in her eyes as she was writing it. One journey's end, H? Or the start of another?

Oh, and if you happen to see any of these three bloggers, please tell them that I miss them a lot, but that I'm wishing them well.

Have a good weekend, everybody. And Happy Lunar New Year!


mist1 said...

This is my favorite feature. Thanks for the links.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I always enjoy your Saturday take. Thanks or the mention. Mimi s now exercising. I get enough exercise by just pushing my luck. So it is nearly 4AM there as I write these. Pleasant dreams...

Turnbaby said...

I missed this so much--not as much as you but.....*smiling*

CSL said...

Oh, did I miss the lunar new year? I can't believe, given how much I love the moon, that I don't know when that is.

Lizza said...

Mist1: You're welcome. Thanks for the laughs!

Bud: Haha! Pushing your luck, that's a good one. Please give Queen Mims my best regards.

Turnbaby: Aww, thanks. Smooches! :-)

CSL: Also known as the Chinese New Year. It's now the Year of the Boar. Happy New Year!

Julia Scissor said...

I'll pass on your message to Prom. He's simply too busy with work to be blogging.
Glad to have BS back! :-)

H said...

Lizza; thanks sis, I loved the talking urinal cake, the one about the BOB, the scathing email responses and the post that's dedicated to Mr. & Mrs Rodrigues.

also thank you for the mention! you generous girl. though I didn't realise that I sounded angry... makes me wonder if I've travelled any distance at all. :-(

Lizza said...

Julia: Thanks! Please tell that guy that we miss his cheekiness. Hope you're having a good weekend.

H: Well, you sounded angry mostly at the part when you learned about JR's death. Understandable, given the way the news was broken to you.

I'm guessing that you've already travelled quite a distance, sis. But the journey's far from over. :-)