Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

Heyyy, whaddya know, it's already Saturday morning where I am. First Saturday of the year.

Here are just a few of the many blog entries that I've read and enjoyed the past few days. Maybe you'll enjoy them, too.

Act Like a Professional

What's a new year without New Year resolutions? Still a new year, of course. The New Year non-resolutions of Wendz, Helen, and Dan made me chuckle. Then there's pretty Odat's wonderfully tongue-in-cheek New Year's resolutions. I could do the things on her list!

Storyteller par excellence Gale Martin (a.k.a. Gem) recently wrote her 200th post, and I have nothing but admiration for the way she sat down and analyzed the reasons for the growth of Gem-osophy. It's an entertaining look at how Gem makes the most out of SiteMeter's features, go check it out!

Another fine raconteur, Scott, shows how verisimilitude functions in storytelling through his highly exciting and hilarious account of a chainsaw battle that he fought naked with a would-be burglar. Believe it...or not.

It has been said that familiarity breeds contempt. But it can also evoke positive feelings like security and peace of mind. I liked reading Natalie's post on why she finds comfort in familiar objects around her.

Fellow Filipina blogger Nunu's Mum lives in Barnsley, England, with her family, but there are some reasons why they don't want to live there permanently. It took quite a while, but finally they're close to realizing their goal of moving to another country. They just need to see to three things in a breathtakingly beautiful setting in Turkey before they can finally bid Barnsley adieu. Maybe one of you could help them out! I certainly would if I could.

Being on the receiving end of unjustified contempt is a Very Bad Thing. I agree with Shadowfalcon's rant on prejudice and racism in England: personal wealth and race shouldn't be used to determine a person's place in society.

Maybe we should learn from the superheroes in Ian's webcomic, Adventures of the S-Team. These little Lego superheroes are wonderfully diverse, and their shenanigans always make me smile. So does crap in a hat. (I'm really beginning to like that expression, Ian!) Oh, and take a look at Ian's crowning glory. Coooool.

Some of you don't know this, but I'm a big crybaby. I cry at movies, TV shows, music. Heck, even just thinking about some songs and movie scenes is enough to start the waterworks. Reading Turnbaby's post about the movies that make her cry made me remember them and... damn this lump in my throat! I think I need a beer.


If I were a superhero, the only power I'd probably have would be the ability to drink copious amounts of beer. Oh, wait. I can do that already. Haha! But I also like to read poetry. It should come as no surprise then, that I adore Beer Haiku Daily. I loved the New Year haiku and the one about beer's healing powers. Gem, Mist1 and Aisby, I think you'll enjoy this site. You can even submit your own beer haikus!

Speaking of Aisby, she has a post about how troubled she is by school shootings. Who should be held accountable for teenagers' access to firearms? What drives kids to do these things? It's a terrible, terrible thing. An abomination. The issue is especially significant for Aisby because she has just embarked on her teaching career.

Thank heavens for teenagers like The Thinker. This young woman, who seems so wise at 16, is creating a reading list to help her improve her writing (which is already great, in my opinion). Which books should she read this year? She's asking for recommendations, so go and help her out. Her book list puts me to shame. I think I was reading Sweet Valley High when I was 16. Haha!

Maybe the people in Morgen's post about the latest Darwin Awards should be made to read self-help books. I know it isn't nice to laugh at stupid mistakes, but I couldn't help it. These people just take the cake. They're simply unbelievable.

I like the picture that Natalia posted for HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday) this week. No, she doesn't show any of her privates! HNT'ers aren't limited to showing just those. The concept of half-nekkid goes way beyond that. Some HNT pictures (ADULT CONTENT!!!) are very nicely done, though.

Children have imaginary friends; Mist1 dated an imaginary man--a most bittersweet experience for this wonderwoman. Damn, her story turned me off from wanting to try imaginary dating myself. Haha! Matt-man, on the other hand, describes what he'd look like and do if he were to release Matt-tilda, the woman trapped inside of him. If laughter is the best medicine, then Matt, Mist1, Dan, Michael, Odat, Steven, and many others are wonderful drugstores (and the "medicine" they supply is free).

Life is short, dwell not on shit, keep your chin up, embrace the stars. Have a great Saturday and Sunday everyone!

Weekend, you'd better be ready, baby. Because here I come!


Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich has started to say "crap in a hat" a lot recently. He thinks he needs to stop reading blogs. They make him say naughty words.

Arse. Nipple. Turd.


Lizza said...

Coming from Yaxlich, those words don't sound naughty at all! I think they sound kind of cute. :-)

Jessica said...

had to go check out Natalia's pic...she is beautiful!

Morgen said...

Wow -- Saturday already there -- you're amazing!
Thanks for the shout out for the Darwin Awards.
I'm still chuckling about the non-Darwin dumpster-diver in the trash truck though!

have a great weekend,
your professional booger friend,

Sanni said...

Saturday in Germany, too =)
Actually it´s 12:59 a.m. /00:59h!

Great Blogworld Saturday - you always mention such great places and posts that I´m happy to suffer from insomnia LOL

I enjoyed The Darwin Awards, too.
Oh, and:

"Hey! Matt-tilda, Matt-tilda, Matt-tilda, she take me money and
run Venezuela.
Once again now!"
Matt-tildas Matt-amorphosis was a great laugh =)

Have a great weekend and thanks a lot for getting me running!

kyels said...

Have a great weekend ahead Lizza!


Lizza said...

Jessica: Yes, she is. And so are you. Happy weekend!

Morgen: Haha! Yes, that was funny too. Have a good weekend.

sanni: Lovely picture! And don't be too happy about insomnia, it's a traitor. :-) Don't stop singing now, ok? Haha!

Kyels: Thanks! You have a great one, too.

Scott from Oregon said...

You do a woohoohoo amazing thing here, every Saturday (friday night highlights, to us Mericans...)

How you keep up with your long list is amzing in and of itself!

Lizza said...

Thank you, Scott. I enjoyed many other posts besides the ones mentioned. But I couldn't write about them all, there were too many!

Turnbaby said...

Lizza thank you so much for mentioning me. I'm glad you liked it! Here's a Kleenex. Have fun this weekend.

Turnbaby said...

Oh and have a beer for me--

Michael C said...

Thanks for equating me with funny and not idiocy ;-)
Have a great weekend!!

H said...

Lizza, I had fun reading Matt, and Scott and theory of thought and the rest... love your saturday features! thanks.

And I promise not to dwell on shit. tall order for a self-proclaimed a*** though. hmmm...

Natalia said...

Hehehe love the comic strip.

And thanks for the shoutout on my HNT. I sometimes flirt with the idea of something classy but a bit more risque but then I think about my students finding it. NOT GOOD.


Lizza said...

turnbaby: Thank YOU for your warm and friendly blog posts (and for the Kleenex, too. haha). Have a beer for you? My pleasure! :-)

Michael: You're probably many things, but I don't think idiot is one of them. :-) Happy weekend!

H: I'm glad you liked them. You are probably the most lovable a*** I've come across, my soul sister. I'm an a*** too, but that doesn't mean that we should allow shit to stick to us. Haha!

Natalia: Oooh, you sure have what it takes for a risque photo. You can do that (without showing your face) and submit it to the other HNT (just let me know which one is yours, I promise I won't tell). ;-)

Kiyotoe said...

That's right Lizza, go ahead and feeeeed the sickness.

I need a cough drop.

Anonymous said...

Boogers of the world unite! I love this column, lizza. I read turnbaby's column frequently, but had it not been for this post, I might have missed her extraordinary list. Thanks for including my piece because you always generate tons of traffic for me (and the link worked this time!)and always draw the blog-erati (that's the literati of the blog...does is work?)

The Lone Beader said...

You're right. Life is too short. That's why I don't make New Year's Resolutions. LOL!

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: *burp*

Gale: Woo hoo hoo! Another new word from the blogworld's Gem: blogerati. Me lovey!

Lone Beader: Neither do I, haha! Thank you for the Beer Haiku Daily site, which I found through a link over at your blog some time ago. And thank you for stopping by.

thethinker said...

There is nothing wrong with Sweet Valley High! I still pick up those books from time to time.

mist1 said...

Did somebody say
beer and haiku poetry?
Where do I submit?

Mimi Lenox said...

Another great Blog Synopsis, Lizza. You are the kindest of the kind in this sphere. Hats off to you. Have a great weekend full of frivolity.
Queen Mims

Lizza said...

Thinker: Good to know you do some light reading occasionally.

mist1: At the Beer Haiku Daily site. I just know you're going to come up with something classic!

Mimi: Thank you, Queen! Let's be frivolous together.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

sweet valley high lol ME TOO !

Lizza said...

Haha! You're a mixture of the Wakefield twins, I think.

zeroimpact said...

Aik, start of a new week edi
Have a great week ahead

Aisby said...

thanks for the shout-out!

HOW did I not know about Beer Haiku before? I LOVE it!!

nunu's mum said...

hey lurvly liz, thanks for the plug!

Sige pag may bumili through you may commission ka!

hope u had a lurvly weekend =)

Lizza said...

Aisby: I hope to see your haiku there someday! :-)

NM: Talaga ha! :-) Thanks, I hope you're having a lurvly one, too.

Lizza said...

ZI: Thanks! I hope your weekend went as smoothly as it could go. :-)

NanNan said...

I've been on a self-imposed blog hiatus,,,ok, i've been playing bejeweled morning, noon, night,-but I've missed so many great posts!!!! Won't happen again---- but just in case any of your readers are suffering from eproctophilia,,, I've got the perfect dog---

Lizza said...

Nannan: The bling bling game is addictive, no?

Hahahaha! Your dog would be a great sex symbol for those with eproctophilia.

Odat said...

Oh, crap in a hat, more blogs to read!!!!
You're wonderful for your reviews...constantly expanding my blogaverse!
Thank you my friend!

Lizza said...

Haha! You're welcome. I hope you're having a good weekend. :-)

mist1 said...

Have submitted my beer haiku. Thanks.

Lizza said...

You did?! Fantastic! I hope they publish it online soon; can't wait to read what you came up with!

ShadowFalcon said...

Thanks Lizza! Your always so nice to me, like a little ray of sunshine in my life.

Lizza said...

You're welcome, shadowfalcon. I liked what you wrote.