Monday, January 08, 2007

Beloved Bastards

their laughter
cradles the broken heart
and lifts
the broken spirit
and kisses away
the tears
that spring unbidden
at songs
that bring back
of moonlit moments
the sudden
of innocence

"I'll be moving to my new apartment on Saturday. Will you come? I just want you to see the place."
And we do come. One of us arrived late, but was forgiven after suffering some snide comments, and everything was hunky-dory again.

"Are you asleep? Can we talk?"
...said an SMS text. And they do, and reassurance, comfort, and much-needed advice were given, even though one of them was probably dead tired.

"I need to see you. Are you busy?"
Never too busy for a friend, it seems. An immediate response is given. Sensing the urgency of the situation, all the help that can be given, is. Even if it's just an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Oftentimes, it's more than enough.

"I sort of miss her, but I want to throw up when she's here."
"You are such a fool."
"I'll beat you up."
"You're a drunk bitch."
Only true friends are able to read and understand the love and affection within these statements.

"I said a prayer for your safety."
A text message received precisely at the moment it was needed most, coming when it was technically unlikely that it would.

The profound silence that precedes hysterical laughter and cursing when one of them farts in front of another---intentionally.

"I'll always be there for you, no matter where we go, no matter when."
How can one express the deep appreciation that one feels at reading such a message sent by someone who isn't a spouse or lover or family member? One feels eminently blessed at having such a person in his or her life.

Friends. We want to kill them sometimes, but somehow they end up saving us.

Happy Tree Friends - video powered by Metacafe


Photo Cache said...

Hi Lizza how've you been? Happy new year. Continue feeding us with great and relevant and funny posts.

Photo Cache said...

hahahaha, success...i got through.

houseband00 said...

Uuuy. Senti nanaman. =)

Friends are the best, really.

Lizza said...

Photo: Yay! Your comments are appearing. Happy New Year to you, too. Keep snapping away!

HB: Senti na naman ba ang dating? Even with Happy Tree Friends? :-D

Aisby said...

I'm so lucky. My girlfriends from high school and I are like that. None of us live in the same town, but the five of us are always connected.

Odat said...

You may be and have very good friends...cause you're very sick....(and funny)...that video was a bit shocking...lmao.....

kyels said...

I believe that when you've created the bond with someone, such as your friends, they'd automatically be there whenever you need them. Physicality does not matter; it's the ancient bond and understanding of each other that matters.


Witness Street said...

Haha. I LOVE that video, and I'm not being morbid here. I love it! Cheers! :)

Kiyotoe said...

Ahhh yes, friends.
"How many of us have them?
Friends. Ones we can depend on.
Before we get any further.....
let's be friends."

anybody know where I got that quote?

Please say yes.

Lizza said...

Aisby: You sound like a lucky lady indeed. Friends are a lot of fun.

Odat: If you think I'm sick, you should see them. I'm sweet and innocent compared to them. (uh-oh, I think I'm going to hear crap because of what I just wrote)

Kyels: That's true. :-)

Migs: Happy Tree Friends videos crack me up, too. Sick, but funny. Cheers!

Kiyotoe: Hmmmm. I can't say yes! Is it a song?

*runs off to weep*

zeroimpact said...

Happy tree friends!
Friends are great and they will always be there
I have such friends and I'm so grateful

Turnbaby said...

I am still laughing at the 'she makes me sick--drunk bitch " exchange--YUP I know that sort of deal. I have friends from law school---we've been friends for more than twenty years--and we'd all pull each other's fat from the fire in a second. I also have friends I've known for less than a year that would be the same. It's such a tremendous gift and responsibilty. LOL the video

Lizza said...

ZI: Good for you! They're a blessing (even though sometimes it seems like they're a curse). :-)

turnbaby: A big responsibility. Friends for more than 20 years? Wow! I wonder what my friends and I will look like and be doing 20 years from now. I won't complain if it's more of the same though. :-)

Sanni said...

@ Lizza: Abso-f*#king-lutely =)

@ Kiyotoe: Bone Thugs N Harmony, "How Many Of Us Have Them"

H said...

Man! I must be getting old or something. just can't keep up with blog!

late to comment yet again.


can't help but remark how APT "Beloved Bastards" is.

they are beloved. and they are bastards... cos you wouldn't have them any other way!!! Cos you're one big bastard all the time yourself [here I mean me, by 'you']

Lizza said...

Sanni: Oh, yeah. And you know the song!

H: Yes they are. No worries, I'm admittedly one big bastard myself! Haha!