Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Six and stones will break my bones...

...but words will never hurt me. Yeah, riiiight.

It's so great to be back! I have a ton of blogs and work to ketchup on, but first I'd like to thank my great blog buddies (and some newcomers) for taking the time to stop by and leave comments. You are all such wonderful people!

I was tagged by the snazzy Shadowfalcon (a great gal in London) to reveal Six Weird Things about me. I did a similar tag sometime ago, only that one called for nine weird things. So I'll just add seven more facts about me--judge for yourself whether or not they can be termed "weird." Or at least quirky. Right, Howie? ;-)

The toenail on my right foot's second toe grows unusually (a euphemism). A heavy piece of metal fell on it when I was a kid, which started the abnormality. Suffice it to say that it's a damn eyesore. Anyone with a foot fetish would be so repulsed by my right foot. Not that the left foot would win any beauty contests, either.

TWO: I used to have the hots for Robi Rosa when I was 14 or 15. He's Puerto Rican, a member of a disgustingly cutesy boy band called Menudo. And I had several of their vinyl records, including one or two hard-to-get ones.

Are you done throwing up yet?

Menudo came here several times to perform (and yes, I saved up my allowance to buy tickets. Okay, go retch again). Ricky Martin, who was also a member at the time, was only about 12 years old then. Robi's all grown up now, and there's one song of his that I do like: Mas y mas.
"Si te sueño mas, ya no podré dormir
Nunca jamas

Asi susurrándome
Tu, te vienes a mi

Y mi habitacion
se llenará de verde agua de mar
Verde, que me pierde

Mas y mas
Si más te quiero
Tu mucho mas

Mas y mas
Dentro de mi
Entrarás tu mas y mas"

I love the song, but hate the video.

THREE: I was in a fashion show for a local apparel company when I was eighteen. Ahh, those were the flat-belly days. Didn't like the fashion show scene all that much; the highlight of the event was when I bumped shoulders during rehearsals with the guy I had a crush on. He also gave me a brotherly peck on the cheek after the show was over. The bastard.

FOUR: I absolutely will NOT eat ice cream or chocolate that has nuts in it. I LOVE nuts (yeah, those kinds, too) but not when they're in ice cream or chocolate. (Hmmmm. On second thought...)

A twisted kind of purist, that's what I am.

FIVE: Tequila, vodka, and wine are the only non-beer alcoholic beverages that I can drink. Beer is the numero uno alcoholic drink for me, though.

SIX: I don't much enjoy watching porn, but I like reading erotica. 'Nuff said.

I won't be tagging anyone...this time. (And the world breathes a collective sigh of relief.)


Matt-Man said...

I dont know if you intended to do this, but you just told the entire world that you liked "Menudo". There may be time to edit that out of your post. I wont say anything. Tryin to be helpful, Cheers...

Lizza said...

Yes, I did. The cat is out of the bag, a skeleton in the closet has been revealed. *sigh*

Thanks for your concern, my friend. Now hold my hand as I brace myself for the coming ridicule.

gotocatsupplainrice said...

Dear LIz,

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! =)

Ok, back to retching. =)

Lizza said...

HB: You SHOULD retch. Goto ketchup plain rice? Anubayun?

houseband00 said...

*clears throat*

"Goto ketchup plain rice seven thirteeee
Why haven't you come to say goodbye..."


Lizza said...

*almost spews beer on the screen*

Utang ng loob HB!!! Hahahahaha!

houseband00 said...

Huy, baka monitor naman ipagawa mo. =)

Lizza said...

Don't say that! *knocks on wood*

You and your jokes!

Bond said...

I feel like I am missing the best jokes in the comment section...LOL
OK LIZZA...on the ice cream thing.. well it really wasn't about ice cream was it..well sort of.. am I blatthering?
LOL That made me sit up straight 0- YES, I said sit up
See we are very much alike, I love writing erotic..


terra shield said...

Ah... the toenail woe sounds familiar :(

Gumby said...

I've been thinking about you, hearing about all the death and destruction in the Phillipines. Sounds like you're ok, and that makes me a happy blogger boy.

mist1 said...

If I don't see a picture of your foot I might die. It will make me feel better about the tragic injury to my left pinky toe that I don't like to talk about very much. Every other year, I manage to knock the nail off. Is as repulsive as it sounds.

Julia Scissor ;-) said...

I received this corny joke on SMS once.
Why do women prefer chocolates to men? B'coz chocolates don't yell when you bite into the nuts.
Item 4 instantly reminded me of that joke. *grins*

ShadowFalcon said...

I've seen Menudo, its not pretty!

You don't like nuts in ice-cream but its sooooooo good?

I totally Agree on the reading but not watching of Erotic, I think your imagination is far better.

Anonymous said...

i lost my tonsils after retching ... didn't know you had a fascination for menudo!!

Wendz in France said...

Lizza my comment was eaten...*sigh*..I htink I said I loved reading erotica too....darn Blogger!

Anyway - also wanted to tell you that I have been trying to do the meme yo utagged me with...and I just can't do it right now...I keep starting and giving up..don't know why...so for now I am going to bow out of that one - maybe I will do it a bit later on...and I'll do the other meme you did on things I have done.

Sorry - and thanks for the tag!


kyels said...

Well, maybe this time they'd love you to tag them instead?



zeroimpact said...

Not that weird
Not that weird at all

Odat said...

Me too on Number six....
but I love nuts, no matter what they're in...(or on...he he)

Photo Cache said...

hey lizza, i too was crazy about the menudo...am sure there's plenty of us walking around pretending to be normal but really trying to get rid of the menudo residual in our system....is there a support group for us who should have known better?

Natalia said...

OMG! Menudo. They were huge in Argentina. And there was also that group Tremendo. So many memories are flooding me now. :) Glad you are back safely and don't work too hard playing ketchup! :)


Aisby said...

I think we should all hava a Menudo support group. I LOVED Menudo as a little girl (well, New Edition was my favorite, but Menudo was a close second).

My parents wouldn't buy me the tape, so I put my tape recorder up to the tv to record the songs when they came on video. So all of my Menudo recordings sounded static with my little brother's voice in the background.

I'm a total dork!!

Kiyotoe said...

I'm sure your feet can't be that bad. Take a picture, let me see!

Menudo? Menudo???? What about New Edition? Menudo?

And nuts ruin Brownies for me.....hate 'em.

p.s. - you know you'll never be replaced as one of my favorites. I just didn't want to make the rest of them jealous. :)

H said...

So you must obviously like Anais Nine eh? I like her writing.

And I can so imagine you in a fashion show you saucy sassy girl!

But none of these was even close to weird. Liz, you have to do this list againnnnnnn! ha hahaha.

H said...

Anais Nin

Lizza said...

I swear I replied to many of these comments last night. Jeez, Blogger gods, what's going on?

Bond: HB was teasing me about my Menudo past with a sort of a knock-knock joke about one of their songs. And yes, I was talking about nuts and ice cream (wink wink!)

Reading erotica is an interesting way to pass the time...

Terra: You too? Hope your toe looks normal. :-)

Gumby: You're such a thoughtful sweetheart. I'm happy that you're a happy blogger boy.

Mist1: You poor thing. So your left pinky toe is naked every other year then. Deal: I won't post a pic of my toe if you won't post one of yours.

Julia: Hahaha! Chocolate (or nuts) should be savored and eaten gently sometimes. Tastes and feels better that way. :-)

Shadowfalcon: Nuts are good, ice cream is good, but I don't like them together.

IM: Haha! Sorry for making you bulimic. :-)

Wendz: Darn Blogger is right! No worries about your tag; it wasn't meant to be. :-)

Kyels: I'm feeling pretty benevolent right now, so no tagging from me for a while. Haha!

ZI: Oh, thanks!

Odat: Well-written ones with good plots are enjoyable to read (while eating chocolate without nuts). Haha!

Photo: I guess that some of us had a weird, tasteless season when we were teenagers. Glad to know I'm in good company! That's enough of a support group for me.

Natalia: Tremendo? Didn't hear about that group, haha! Glad you're back, too, and that you had a wonderful holiday in Ireland.

Aisby: Those were funny times, haha! I'm just as dorky.

Kiyotoe: No, no pictures of The Toe!

The other 80's boy bands didn't register in my mind too much...I wonder why?

I can take nuts in brownies, just not in ice cream and chocolate.

P.S. Whew! Okay, I won't tell them. ;-)

H: Noooo, hahaha! This list will suffice. I haven't read much of Anais Nin's erotica (wasn't she known more for her diaries?)...thanks for the reminder, I'll try to find some copies!