Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nine-o weirdo

The witty and whimsical Queen of Memes herself, Mimi Lenox, cyber-slapped me with this tag. The rules are simple:

You simply list NINE weird things about yourself and then tag nine others.

There are only a few people who are unfortunate enough I feel comfortable enough with to show much of my weirdness. Heaven help those poor souls. However, the following are fit for public consumption (I think!).

-I can wiggle my scalp. (Well, not really wiggle. But whenever a friend of mine sees me doing it, her facial expression says "You are so weird."

-I find frogs repulsive. Snakes I can stand (I let a python wrap itself around my neck and shoulders at a zoo here...man, was it heavy!) but frogs just plain freak me out.

-I hate getting really angry -- not because of the negative vibes it causes -- but because being angry also makes me cry, and that really makes me look butt-ugly. "She was magnificent in her rage" certainly does NOT apply to moi.

-I'm afraid of heights. But strangely, one of the things I want to do someday is to go skydiving. That would be so sweeeeet.

-When I find myself surrounded by books (like when I'm in a bookstore or in a library) I feel an urge to go to the toilet and do Number Two. How's that for a manifestation of bibliophilia?

-I'm gallbladder-less. I underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure because of gallstones around 11 years ago. I have four teeny tiny scars around my belly button as a remembrance.

-I used to love dunking slices of white bread in Coca-Cola before eating them. I don't do that anymore, though.

-I don't like watching horror films. I like suspense movies, but I cover my eyes with my hands at the vital scenes. Then I peek through my fingers.

-I don't drink root beer. Can't stand the taste. Take away the root, just hit me with the beer.

I tag: Odat, Aisby, Houseband00, Marlayna, ZeroImpact, Matt-Man, SilverSabre, Scott, and Sunrunner.

Thank you again, Your Royal Highness!


Odat said...

You are weird! lol...only saying that because of the white bread and coke thing!!! Yuck!!! LOL
(Frogs are cute! Snakes are NOT!)

P.S. I'll do mine a little later..I have to limit it to 9????
Oh I do believe there's much more that that....;-)

houseband00 said...

Thanks, Lizza. Will comply.

Weird ka talaga. =)

eden said...

ha ha! we have thesame thing in common....wiggeling the scalp(with ear :)

and when watching suspense thriller i do thesame thing as you do :)

mist1 said...

Coca-Cola is okay. White bread is just weird.

Matt-Man said...

Wow, yoou ARE strange. But thanks, I will use this for tomorrow's post!!

H said...

Lizzaaaaa. I am scared shitless of heights. I am scared shitless of horror films... Any tiny bit of suspense in any damn piece of edited audio visual gets me all spooked. so sorry. that does NOT count. because I consider myself NORMAAAAAAAAAL.

Oh and. I can wiggle my scalp too.

so. girl. we need to redefine weird.

And isn't it strange how similar we are!

Come to think of it.. it's plain WEIRD.

Lizza said...

odat: Tee hee. White bread and Coke...yummy. I don't do it anymore, though. Too fattening. And yes, acts of weirdness go way beyond nine. I wanna see your list!

HB: I know, I admit it. Haha! Baka tamaan ako ng kidlat pag dineny ko na weird ako. Pero harmless naman ako, don't worry. :-D

eden: Oh, yes! The ears wiggle along with the scalp too. :-D Love your fall and Halloween decor pics. :-)

mist1: Well, this tag called for weird stuff, and the Coke-white bread combo sure is! :-D

Matt: But I'm nice strange. :-D I'll read your list when it's up.

H: Being normal is weird. Haha! Are you my emotional doppelganger? Am I yours? Either way, I'm not complaining.

zeroimpact said...

Done mine...
I like coke too... can actually dip anything in coke...
The weird is what makes you you...

Matt-Man said...

I went ahead and posted it today Lizza...And of course, niiiiice strange!!

Maryanne Moll said...

this is so much fun. you're actually the weirdest person i do NOT know. :)

linking you.

Aisby said...

Is this payback for stealing your last meme?? Just kidding, I'll have to think of 9 weird things about myself, maybe I should ask my husband??

Lizza said...

zeroimpact: Amen to that. Phew! I'm sort of glad I'm not the only one who dips something in Coke! Thanks for playing.

Matt: Thanks, you wonderful sometimes-left-handed shape shifter!

Maryanne: Hello! I'm pleased to meet you. I'll go read your blog more thoroughly. I'm liking what I'm reading so far! You write wonderfully.

aisby: Haha! I look forward to learning some weird things about one of my newest blogger buddies.

Aisby said...

I too am afraid of heights but want to go skydiving.

I don't get your frog v. snake thing. My kids go frog hunting every night from March through October, but the (one of the) day(s) I saw a snake in my carport I locked myself in the house and called the man next door to come kill it.

My bil goes to libraries when he's constipated, it always makes him go! (I thought he was the only one!)

oh yeah, and mine's up....

H said...

Oh AND I forgot to add... I get ugly and teary when I'm really really angry too. [though that doesn't stop me getting really really angry (and teary)]


Can I please just tell HB to look at this list instead of tagging me separately?

Lizza said...

aisby: Poisonous snakes, ugh. Frogs, ughhhh!!!

I had a big smile on my face reading your list. I just love learning new things about people, and I think your weirdness is lovable. But remind me not to dip my fries in ketchup if ever we find ourselves eating fast food together sometime. Haha! Thank you for playing.

H: Noooo, you aren't getting off that easily. Go make your list, girl! HB and I will be watching with arms akimbo. And don't you even try getting our guard down with those angry tears...they won't work on me. :-D

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Lizza, for completing the meme and tagging more weird people..er....bloggers. I forgot to say that I'm also afraid of heights and I hate root bear. The white bread cola things is just plain weird (!) but I do put mustard on my peanut butter sandwiches.

Tainted Female said...

-I used to love dunking slices of white bread in Coca-Cola before eating them. I don't do that anymore, though.

I thought I was the nut.

Lizza said...

Queen Mimi, mustard and peanut butter is mucho weirdo. What a wonderful world of weirdos we make. Thanks for the tag!

Tainted, you still are THE nut. I'm a nut too, but in a different way.

INAMINI said...

Now I'm not the only weird one out there, but soggy bread- bleeegly! I have horror nightmares if I see horror films. I'm ugly even without anger, so I'm allowed that emotion. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you....

Lizza said...

...getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. Did I get that right? Haha!

Coke-sodden bread is just about ten times weirder than hagelslag. (I hope I got that right, or else my tutor-who-doesn't-realize-he's-my-tutor will never forgive me.

Sunrunner said...

Hey, I just saw your meme and the tag! I did a meme like this except only with 5 back on the 13th. Sorry!