Thursday, November 09, 2006


This is a catch-up post of sorts: three tags in one. Let's play.

Lyn's blog challenge. Lyne didn't actually tag anyone, but I thought this was a nice idea.

She says: Would you all be willing to slow down for just one second, and find one or two material items in your house that bring you joy/memories/sentiment?

Will you photograph them and put them on your blog, or write about them, if you don't have a camera?

It's not that I want to place excess value on material items. It's just nice to slow down and acknowledge those things that put a smile on our face. We need not to rush by them.

So here is a photo of one of the many things in my house that I particularly like:

I probably think best when I'm in bed, in those moments of insomnia or just before I fall asleep. I read in bed (curling up with a good book and eating chocolate while it's, heaven.). All is peaceful and quiet--I can just lie there, indulge in joyful and/or sentimental thoughts and bask in memories--until my lovely invaders come to join me, either singly or en masse. Then all hell breaks loose. But it's fun.


4OUR tag, from HB. HB stands for Houseband, but it can also stand for hibang (insane). Hahaha!

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
receptionist, abstractor/indexer, editor, writer

B) Four TV shows I love to watch: I don't watch much TV but my current favorites are CSI (all three of them), Late Show with David Letterman, Amazing Race, The Jeff Corwin Experience

C) Four of my favourite foods (not by country, please):
inihaw na pusit (grilled squid), pasta (all kinds), sukiyaki

D) Four movies I would watch over and over (series are regarded as one):
Lord of the Rings, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, The Godfather

E) Four places I have lived:
Quezon City, Angeles City, ParaƱaque City

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
(You mean I can be in four places at once? How cool is that?) Rotterdam,
Coron Island, Osaka, Barcelona

G) Four people I think will respond:
I'm not tagging anyone this time :-)


Before and After tag, from Zeroimpact: The catch is to list down anything with the before and after effect. Now, there are no rules set on what you are to write about, so let your mind work…

ZI, this is hard!!!

-You were only movement and a heartbeat before you came into this world. After cradling you for the first time in my arms, you became my life.

-Before I started blogging, almost none of you knew me. After starting this blog, everyone now knows I'm crazy

-Before drinking alcohol make sure you eat something. Or else you'll get drunk faster and then throw up after.

Anyone who wants to play, go ahead! :-)


ShadowFalcon said...

To me my bed is the best place in the universe.

Irene said...

Our idea of heaven is the same, lovely Lizza. c",)

houseband00 said...

So, hibang, ha?
Kung di ka lang maganda... =)

Lizza said...

Shadowfalcon: Hey, that's great! :-)

Irene: Yep. Wonderful thing to do, isn't it? We can worry about the extra pounds later! :-)

HB: Hahaha! Salamat ha. :-D

Odat said...

That was great!!! Thank you!


Matt-Man said...

Take the SPAM out of the can before eating it, not after.

Michael C said...

Way to efficiently take care of a few smart of you. How could the rest of blogsville think you're crazy with efficiency like that?!

Wendz in France said...

I love your before/after tag and your bed looks fabulous - it's also my favourite place.

I may do this before/after one. Maybe. Very tired tonight. May just go to bed early.


Lizza said...

odat: Glad you liked it. :-)

Matt: Yep, sound advice!

Michael: Lazy ass, you mean. Too damn slothful to write three separate posts. :-D

Wendz: The tag awaits your post-beauty sleep patronage. Go get some rest, Winsome One--after you drink a beer and light up a Gauloise. Bonne nuit!

mist1 said...

How did you conceal your craziness before blogging? Everyone has always known that I'm completely nut.

kyels said...

Me love watching Late Show With David Letterman too.

Ya-ha! Great taggies by the way!


Bond said...

Before I met you, Now I like you...

OOOO Beds are fun places.. LOL

H said...

Lizzie Lizza you have got to be the funnnnnest mum out there.

admiration has just grown.

Lizza said...

mist1: Well, now even more people know I'm crazy, haha!

kyels: Thanks! Letterman's such a riot.

bond: Yes, they are. And so are couches! :-D

H: Aaaaaitch! I've missed your foxy presence. Maybe I am, or maybe funny as in a-few-screws-loose funny. :-)

Shoshana said...

Oh yeah, I love those moments before the kids comes running in and take over my bed, giggling and rolling around. I know I will miss these moments when they're grown.

I haven't gotten into CSI NY. Lizza, you don't watch Grey's Anatomy?

Ops..I just remember to check on my stew. Yep, that's me. cooking at 2AM! Up by 6AM.

Steven Novak said...

Inever would've pegged you for an Amazing Race watcher...

Thought you'd have better taste. ;)


Wendz in France said...

Right - I have done my Friday "I am off to London" post so the tag can wait a bit longer. :-)

Have a lovely weekend Lizza.

Lizza said...

shoshana: I've heard nothing but raves about Grey's Anatomy, but I haven't seen even one episode. Get some sleep, woman! :-D

Steve: Oh, you bastard! And I say that with affection. :-D

Wendz: You go have a great time in London! Jeez, I'm so envious. :-) I hope you tell us all about your weekend jaunt over the Channel.

INAMINI said...

I noticed that you would like to be in Rotterdam! Wow! What interests you about that city? Meet ya there.

Lizza said...

A great friend of mine. See the post "A windy life" below. :-) I'd love to see you there...if I ever get there!

zeroimpact said...

Great tags there
And greater the answers too

Lizza said...

Thanks, ZI!