Sunday, October 01, 2006

Checking in

Power was restored to my area this morning, yay! Three days of no electricity--it's an experience I do not want to go through again. The bad news is, I still don't have my Internet connection at home. I am typing this at an Internet cafe, where there are lots of people, and I'm not really comfortable here. So this is going to be a short post.

First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who emailed me, left comments, and SMS'ed me. Your well-wishes and concern are unspeakably heartwarming. I will reply properly to your comments once my Internet connection at home is up and running and where there's no one looking over my shoulder like what some people are doing here at the Net cafe! Grrr...

I never thought I'd say this about any kind of work, but...I miss my work terribly! (The online work I've been doing the past couple of months, I mean). Then again, they say that if you enjoy what you're doing, then it isn't really "work"--that you're not really "working" in the conventional sense of the word. True, true; I'm enjoying it very much. But for the reasons mentioned above, I can't do my work here. The crowd is freaking me out.

I miss visiting all my cyberbuddies' blogs. I can't blog-lurk comfortably here either. I know I have such a lot of reading and commenting to catch up on, and I'm highly anticipating it. I'm also eager to discover new blogs, and to visitors who left comments here for the first time, I'll be visiting your blogs once I'm able.

I hope everybody else is having a good weekend. Cheers!


H said...

Lizza. GOOD to know things are coming back to normal.

very pleased to hear that.

luck with the electricity situation.

Bazza said...

Hooray! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Just stand up at the net cafe and yell "I maintain the internet database for all of the taxes you pay and when I can't concentrate, things get ugly!!" That should give you some breathing room there.

ian said...

Hi Lizza!

You are one of EDog's Recommended blogs for October. :)


Bazza said...

Lizza, I have now linked here from my site.

INAMINI said...

lizza- I'm very glad that everything is okay. Welcome back!

Julie said...

Yay! Lizza's power's back on! Yeehah!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you like your work so much, what else could you wish for in life? Maybe a little bit more money? :-)

They say, if you do what our love the money will follow, so that means you don't have to worry really ;-)

I hope you get connection soon my dear.


Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich finds that when he is forced to use an internet cafe that talking loudly to yourself about the fact that it was the voices that made you do it whilst dribbling Starbucks out of your nose usually means that you have a wide selection of empty seats to choose from.

Lizza said...

H: Thanks, you foxy lady you. Electricity is fine, it's my internet connection that's driving me batty.

Bazza: Thank you, O Wise One. But I'm not really back 100%, as my normal Internet connection still isn't back on.

Michael: I'd do that, except for the fact that I'm such a chickenshit. Haha!

Ian: Thank you! I am humbled by your choice. I hope my Internet connection goes back to its normal state so I can start blogging again properly!

Inamini: Thanks, wonderwoman. I look forward to reading your blog again. LOKi is so interesting! I love your cat's is one of my favorite colors (the other color being black).

Julie: Hooray! And cable TV's back on too! But I still don't have my regular Internet connection. :-(

Victor: Thank you for your words of encouragement, my dear friend and boss. Between the two of us, you're the smart one, so I'll take your word for it. ;-) Talk to you again soon.

Yaxlich: I do hope no such situation arises again that I have to dribble Starbucks coffee out of my nose just to be able to use a computer comfortably at an Internet cafe. Only Yaxlich can do such an awesome thing, methinks.

Jessica said...

wow! sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time!!! being without power is NEVER good...but atleast it is still warm there. Usually when we lose power here it is in the dead of winter..brrrr...
Well, anyway, glad to hear it is back up! Hope you get your internet fixed!!!

Anonymous said...

lizza: glad to see you back online!
hope your electricity stays on and your internet ISP is back online soon.
thinking of you ~mo

Anonymous said...

Jessica: Ohh, losing power in the dead of winter sounds terrible. Thanks! I miss your posts, but page loading on dial up is so slow.

Morgen: Thank you! I need to catch up on your blogs, oh one of the MPDD!

Lizza said...

Okay, what happened with that comment? Anonymous??? Jeez. Thanks again, Jessica and Mo.