Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

The week went by so fast, and it's time once more to share some of the posts I've enjoyed from blogs old and new the past few days. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Silversabre, a young man who lives in Cape Town in South Africa, has created his own meme, requiring tagees to post pictures of things they think are amazing. He likes airplanes. He likes guitar babes. He loves Keira Knightley. SS, I'll do the one you tagged me with. I promise!

2. If you'd like to see more pictures and read descriptions of what some parts of Metro Manila looked like during the recent typhoon, as well as many other pictures showing slices of life here, you can find them on the photo sites/blogs of Henry Bateman and Sidney Snoeck. Both of them are writers/photographers, both are expats in the Philippines. I enjoy these sites a lot because they document both the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful aspects of Philippine life.

3. Mimi, the queen of memes, has an inspired idea about using blogs to spread peace: The Peace Globe. Go check it out guys, it's a great idea. Peace lovers, unite! Count me in, Mims.

4. Gem (a.k.a. Gale) is running Frantic Friday Flash, a flash fiction contest. I think these activities are a great idea; a venue for writers to showcase the fruits of their creative juices. Writers, Ink (by Janna and Morgen) is similarly cool, too!

5. Friday 13th is considered unlucky by many, but not me. I actually get a kick out of Fridays the 13th! Matt is just as irreverent when it comes to this traditional belief. His crazy, rambling Streaming Friday post--and many of his other blog entries--are hilarious! I'm enjoying his blog so much.

6. On a related note, Lyn has pictures of a highly unusual good luck charm that she found herself stroking yesterday. But she knows nothing beats the real thing. :-D

7. Death is oftentimes macabre, and most of us would like to postpone our date with it to the latest possible time. But the little death...well, that's another matter. It's simply to die for. :-D If you want to read stories (written by a man) about that wonderful thing called la petite mort, jump over to Edtime Stories. Adult content!

More great blogs and blog posts to share next week! Now I'm off to eat some instant pancit canton.

Have a great weekend!


gem said...

Thanks for the mention of the flash competition. Are you going to give it a whirl, lizza?

Lizza said...

You're welcome, gem. I'll give your flash competition a go soon. I'm still having too much fun reading your entries. :-)

Sidney said...

Thank you for the mention.
Henry Bateman is producing some amazing art. Nicely done!
And now I am heading to the serious stuff : the Edtime Stories! ;-)

Enjoy your pancit canton ! :-)

it's the little things said...

Interesting little side note at the end, about the Phillipine version of Top Ramen? :)

Are you from the Phillipines originally?

Kiyotoe said...

Is that what that is? The Phillipine version of Top Ramen??

Man, I ate so much of that stuff in college I think I developed some kind of chemical imbalance. If I just smell those damn noodles, I get sick.

Lizza said...

Sidney: You're welcome. Your photos are great, too! Hope you enjoyed Edtime Stories. :-D

little things: Yep. Born, bred, and raised in the Philippines. Hope you had a good weekend, M!

Kiyotoe: I know it's junk food. But it tastes so goooood. :-D

zeroimpact said...

Wow, it's like you do a review of your weekly reads
I must make time to read all your recommendations

Lizza said...

Hah, zeroimpact. I just like to share some of what I've enjoyed. There are lots, but I can't write about them all. I hope you like them, too.