Friday, September 01, 2006

On My Own

I'm sleepy as hell right now and should be in bed, but I couldn't get this song out of my mind. If you have four minutes or so to spare, and if you like love songs (especially those of the unrequited love ilk), watch the video in its entirety.

I blame this woman, Lea Salonga, for my total lack of ability to sing. She and I have the exact same birth date, and I have a sneaking suspicion she did something underhanded on that day to make me not pay attention when God was handing out singing voices.

Frances Ruffelle did an admirable job as Eponine in the musical Les Miserables, but Lea didn't do too badly either. I think she has a wonderful voice, and she's a talented actress too. Lea achieved international fame when she won a Tony Award and a Laurence Olivier Award for best actress -- among numerous other awards -- for her portrayal of Kim (a young Vietnamese prostitute who falls in love with an American GI) in the musical Miss Saigon, a tragic love story that didn't please a lot of theatrical critics. But I love some of the songs in that production. Les Miz, in which Lea played Eponine, is a musical that's more critically acclaimed than Miss Saigon, and her performance in it only enhanced her reputation even further.

I, along with the rest of my countrymen, am fiercely proud of Lea.
I love this song.
I love


Jessica said...

that has got to be the funniest way to explain not having a singing voice!! loved it!
i don't having a singing voice either...will have to find out who took mine...

INAMINI said...

Lizza- thank you for linking me! I'm a little slow in figuring it out. I read your blog everyday, and I would love to have you as my first Blog link!
Thanks for bringing something new into my life everday.

Corky said...

Hi Lizza,

Inamini isn't the only one who got linked it seems. Thanks! :D

Leah is incredible. Way back in elementary, our class had the opportunity to perform on stage with her singing "Thank you for the Music". She was but a child star at the time. But even then, she was already fantastic.

Unless you're tone deaf, I don't think that anyone really doesn't have a singing voice... you've just not found it yet. There was a time that when I sang, my mother thought that there was a cow in the house... a lot of singing lessons were needed to fix the problem.

I think that barring retardation or some serious ailment, the only reason that ANY of us are not good at something is because we've not given it enough time & effort.
Talent is good, but it will only take you so far. Hard work & practice - these things bring out the best in each of us.



Lizza said...

Haha, Jessica! Let me know when you find out.

Inamini, thank you. I enjoy your blog a lot too. :-)

Hi Juancho. Yep, she's fantastic. And yes to the part of your comment about serious ailments. I am genetically deficient. I am missing the gene that is responsible for a singing voice (I'm also missing the math gene and have a mutant dance gene, by the way).

Corky said...

Hahaha! You're funny... at least, we're sure you're not missing the Wit gene. Perhaps even an excess thereof? :D

Thalassa said...

This is one of my absolute, all-time favorite tunes. Thanks for linking to the great performance. My biggest disappointment in the vaunted "International Ensemble Cast" recording of Les Mis was that the girl they got for Eponine (while a talented singer) didn't speak English. So while she managed to sing the words to the tune in a technically correct fashion, because she didn't know what she was saying, her performance was flat and emotionless.

Interesting theory on how your singing voice was co-opted. :)

Lizza said...

Hi Thalassa,
I haven't seen any clip from the International Ensemble Cast version of the musical. Could you point me to a link if you know one? Thanks.

And thanks for stopping by. :-)