Sunday, September 17, 2006

The F word

Sure, I can type it. It's easy.

Fuck. See?

Readers of this blog will have noticed that I do use the F word from time to time (ignore the misspellings in the video). I think it's a great word, especially when you use it to make a point. There are many, many blogs I've read, which use the word fuck like there's no tomorrow. It's usually okay by me, I'm not offended by profanity. However, if profanity is used JUST to "look cool" or something like that, I think it's a turnoff.

But in my offline world (a phrase that's NOT interchangeable with real world, IMO, because offline can be very real in a sense--but that's the topic for another post altogether) I rarely use the F word. When I stub my toe or when I undergo an otherwise unexpected and painful experience, I can find myself saying "Oh FUCK! Man, oh fucking shit! Owww, FUCK!!!" Or variations thereof.

I should say this, though. To my offline pals (who prefer not to comment), do not get your knickers in a twist. Yes, I do say fuck when I'm with you guys. But when I find myself amongst a group of strangers (which doesn't happen a lot, thank heavens) I don't use the F word. Why? Because my use of the F word is something personal, something that reveals what I'm feeling or thinking at that very moment. So whenever I say fuck in my blog entries, you can be sure that it's something that I feel strongly about... something that gives a glimpse of the real me at that moment. I know, it's pathetic that I sometimes can't come up with a better word to describe my frustrations. But this four-letter-word is just so apt in certain cases.

The Tagalog equivalent of fuck sounds so rude, so profane. But in the same way that "Aww, fuck you, man" can be said lovingly and with affection to a friend, depending on the context and inflection, then one could say Putang ina mo kang bwakanabitch kang hayup ka to another person here, and he or she would probably hug you for it--or at the very least laugh at it (assuming that the person to whom it is being said is just as foul-mouthed). As long as you say it to a friend, who understands it's a cuss phrase that's said with the sincerest affection, then all is fine. Just remember that TONE is vital.


Kiyotoe said...

lol. You sound like a cool person to hang out with. It's weird because in my "offline" life, I can curse with the best of 'em.

But here in blog world I kind of keep a lid on it because I don't ever want my message to get lost amid the f, s, b, and a-words. And like you said, taken the wrong way or used in the wrong place, it can be a turn off.

Wouldn't want to turn you "off".

gem said...

The f-bomb is one powerful word. I love it in pink neon script, Liza. I recently used it in a story and my husband said, "You had to use the f-bomb didn't you?" Well, as a matter of fact I did. It was totally freakin' funny that way. Great post. I'd be anxious to know how you stumbled on the idea for this post.

NanNan said...

That's the scary part of blog writing- TONE is vital, and so impossible to type!! The F word has passed through my lips,in rarefied ugly moments of pain or anger-- still can't bring myself to even type it out!!!!

Michael C said...

I think I would pass out dead if I tried to write it, but I sure say it a lot. Sometimes it's just that extra kicker to turn a decent anecdote into a great anecdote. We'll call those the elite "F-Class Stories."

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: I like your blog, no turn off there. I guess it's a matter of preference. Some people are totally disgusted with profanity, others don't give a f... well, you know. :-)

Gale: Haha! Sometimes you just gotta use it. I got the picture from somewhere off the Internet, it ain't mine. :-) This post was inspired by one of Yaxlich's (The World of Yaxlich) some weeks back I think. He linked to this entry at Little Red Boat. Got me thinking about the use of profanity by blog writers.

nannan: Sometimes the message of what we write doesn't come across the way we want it to because of the damn lack of tone. :-(

Michael: Yep, it's a versatile little word. Used in the right place and at the right time, it does pack a punch.

Jessica said...

fuck--i don't understand why that word is ever used in a bad way...i mean, don't we all like to fuck? so, why in the world when someone is angry at someone do they say "Go fuck yourself!" ....hmmmm, aren't you kind of wishing a good thing on that person...?

Prometheus said...

Hmph! Prometheus shalt refrain from commenting on this one. He, however, would like to inform Jess that THAT phrase isn't a good wish. It means the f thing is so good and you need two to erm.. tango, so the wisher wishes the wishee is all alone and has to engage in autoerotic activities, thereby wishing that the wishee doesn't enjoy the f-.

There is another phrase that people say may actually be a good thing but is wished when one wants to insult the other. The phrase being Sick my Duck.

Lizza said...

Jessica: Haha! Maybe wishing that on someone who can't score some WOULD be rubbing salt in the wound.

Prometheus: Now, Sick My Duck is just plain mean. Ducks are cute, lovely creatures. Why would anyone want to say...oooohhh.

Fantastic insult!

ian said...

In my daily work environment, the word "fuck" is probably used in variations dozens of times a day, some of which by myself. I've been known to type it once or thrice as well, usually for emphasis. Sometimes it makes a huge world of difference in a single phrase.

"He's just so stupid."


"He's just so...fucking...stupid."

Which one carries more weight?

It's a rare thing that such a small word can add such power with the right timing.


Justin said...

Curse words are interesting when you think about them. I think I'll post my own experience with them for today.

H said...


And I had started Shout with the best intention. the intention of never ever ever defiling it with a single prafanity.

but can water stop flowing? can roads lead nowhere? can a mind stop thinking? Can H express without swearing?

yes. perhaps. sometimes. under extreme circumstances. But to change the very nature of things is, well, difficult.

I hear you Lizza. I FEEEEL what you say.

The F word is an insidious bastard. creeps into even the most refined vocabulalry like a mongrel mobster. But one that I sadly cannot live without anymore.

Lizza said...

Ian: Yes, it depends on how it's used. Sometimes, though, you see it at the start, middle, and end of nearly every sentence and it doesn't make sense anymore. :-)

Justin: Hey, good to see you hear again. I look forward to reading your post.

H: I think you express yourself excellently. If the F word helps you do that, no problem.

Julie said...

So funny you mention that, because that's the only phrase I know in Tagalog (my best friend in jr. high was filipino). "Putang ina mo" --- which I was always under the impression meant, "Fuck your mother!". (in a very bad way) Am I right?

Julie said...
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Lizza said...

Haha, Julie! Putang ina mo can mean that if said in a certain way. But the accurate translation would be "Your mother is a whore." :-D

Paul said...

A fine state of affairs to come across in my first visit. Hurrruuuummmppphhh!!! ;)

Lizza said...

Hahaha! Welcome to this part of the Web. Offline, I'm really a nice gal who doesn't have a potty mouth. Well, not often anyway. ;-)