Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

Once again, it's Sabado (Saturday) in my part of the world. Here are links to some of the posts and blogs I've enjoyed over the past week (by the way, there have been a LOT of them...and I couldn't possibly post them all now, so I'll try to share the others next week. But I will have read more great posts by that time. Good lord, when will the discovery of great blogs and blog postings end???)

Here's the rundown. It's a mix of old and new blogs that I've been reading.

1. Over at AussiesNan, nannan tells a chilling (haha) tale of a residential serial killer that's been victimizing cute furry creatures. A tale of carnage, so charmingly told.

2. I always enjoy MD's entries at Funky-Ass Randomness. She has a way with words that is so heart rending. Her post about falling in love (and the accompanying picture) is striking.

3. Mimi gives us a pretty thoughtful look at her take on the evolution of some of her favorite blogs. Her postings at Mimi Writes are always lovely and reader-friendly.

4. I'm ecstatic to learn about Shout, the blog of H. She's Indian, she's smart, she's funny. Don't use the acronym LOL in her presence, she gets Very Irritated. She also has a monster in her head. Prometheus, hear that? If we can find any more, our Medusas can have a damn tea party.

5. Osman is a young man who lives in Turkey. His blog posts at Estranged Love show mature sensitivity, I think. The one about how to love is bittersweet.

6. inamini has an interesting post about her plans for covert, nocturnal gardening. She also has many other wonderful blog entries that tie her life with history and her ancestry. I like her.

7. I was recently introduced to the blog My Life with D. And to the person who did this, thank you (you know who you are). :-) Houseband00's blog, which chronicles what it's like for a man to raise his child by himself, dealing with loss, getting back into the dating game, etc., are very touching. They are real, they are personal.

8. Sidney, who does My Sarisari Store, is currently showcasing a photo series about cockfighting, which is a very popular "sport" here in the Philippines. (And no, Gumby & Morgen, and to all other gay readers out there, it ain't THAT type of cock!) It's a cruel pasttime in my opinion, so animal lovers, be warned.

9. Bruno is a Hollywood actor. He has appeared in a number of TV shows, one of the most recent of which is House (very funny show!). He's asking for feedback about which proof he should use for auditions for detective roles. Go here to help him out!

10. ...The Other HNT is an adult-oriented site, but it ain't porn, okay? HNT stands for Half-Nekkid Thursdays, and it's very graphic. Some of the pictures there are actually quite good, I think (but I'm no professional photographer, so my opinion doesn't really pull a lot of weight). Go submit a picture of your own body part if you are so inclined (I'm not).

Blog stalking is so much fun! Right, Terra?

Uh-oh, time to get back to work, I think. Hark! Do I hear the sound of a whip cracking from the land of the cheerful Caridean crustaceans?

Have a great weekend everybody!


Osman said...

i love your blogging style! I am glad you enjoyed my post. I will come back to see here around!

Superb work ;)


Prometheus said...

Prometheus was gonna send that vulture your way, Liz, for not having mentioned his amazing blog in last week's roundup.

As regards that tea party, I'm sure those wenches would end up doing unmentionable (those that rhyme with 'thespian') acts once they substitute the tea for a stronger brew.

NanNan said...

Thanks for the mention, and for pointing me in new directions-----and HB, just in case you land here, of the two suspects, it wasn't H !!! Going trolling!!

Lizza said...

Osman: Thank you! You're welcome to stop by this blog anytime.

Prometheus: Mon ami, please do not send that vulture my way. My liver is in a pathetic enough condition already.

The Medusas can do thespian-rhyming things, who cares? The rest of us can chitchat and play Scrabble or Pictionary.

nannan: You're welcome! Go stalk some blogs and let us know if you find any new good ones.

Reeholio said...

Hi Lizza,

And I wonder where I find the time to visit so many blogs ;) I think you still beat me hands down.

Another assortment of great blogs for us to check out, even if some do have a bit of nekkidness :P

I think the one that moved me the most was 'My life with D'. I imagine it would be hard enough to raise a child by oneself, but even harder to right about as eloquently as he does. Good on him.

terra shield said...

You bet! Stalking is fun.
(insert evil grin)

houseband00 said...

Hi Lizza,

Thanks for the props. =)

You should visit this blog: If you remember The Goodbye Girl from the 80s, this blog is by the child actress who played Marsha Mason's daughter. It's both funny and touching.

Irene Tuazon said...

I agree. Blogstalking is so much fun!

And I sure am happy I discovered your blog of a treasure and can now stalk YOU! Haha!

Yo got me I linked your page to mine. Keep at it. c",)

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

dude. thanks for sharing the other HNT. i love it. at least now i know where to post my naughty pics.. oh wait did i just say that out loud :|

H said...


thankeeeyoooo. the admiration, I assure you is bloooody mutual. am absolutely thrilled to bits to discover your blog.

And prometheus is a cheeky bwoy I have decided. "rhymes with thespian" indeed!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza....Great Saturday post, as usual. I just discovered Irene's blog (Pregnant Pauses) from a comment she left on Mimi Writes via YOUR blog this morning. She's from your part of the world. Love her blog. Thanks again. In between all the writing I'm doing, my personal reward is to visit your blog and see what's up! Have a great weekend.

Lizza said...

:Rhys: I learn about some blogs from you, you learn about some from me. It's fun. :-)

Terra: Mwahahahaha!

HB: You're welcome. Wishing you and D nothing but the best. :-)

Irene: Wowowowow, welcome! I'm so pleased to meet a fellow Pinay blogger!

H: I'm enjoying your blog postings very much! Prometheus is cheeky, aye, but he's also very smart...and not in just the geeky sort of way.

Mimi: I love your blog posts, if you haven't noticed by now. :-)

Lizza said...

Universe: You're welcome. Somehow I'm not surprised that the Other HNT would appeal to you, haha! You seem like the nekkid (but tasteful) kinda gal. Maybe I'll send 'em a photo of my nekkid big toe someday,

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